El Shaddai is $2.99 on Xbox LIVE - Gematsu
El Shaddai is $2.99 on Xbox LIVE
posted on 02.27.13 at 09:36 PM EST by (@salromano)
Purify the fallen angels and save the world.

El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron, Ignition’s 2011-launched action platformer from a “dream team” of Japanese developers, is $2.99 for a limited time on Xbox LIVE.

We didn’t quite like the game, but at $2.99, it’s worth the risk if you’re curious.

Purchase the game here.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • MosquitoLemon

    -_- I don’t need any more reasons to regret not having a 360

    • Dean Winchester

      A mediocre game on sale for $3 makes you regret not having the fee laden, ad ridden gameless wasteland of waggle dance sims that is the xbox?

      Did you know this game is multiplat and can be had on disc for less than $10?

      • MosquitoLemon

        #1 – Dance Central is the only dance game that doesn’t have ‘waggle’. You’re confusing Kinect with the Wiimote and Playstation thing. And yes, Dance Central is the only good thing to come out of Kinect, sadly.

        #2 – El Shaddai is a pretty cool game. I’d love to have it for $3. I’d also love Rez HD, a decent version of JSR HD (protip – the PS3 version jerks every 5 seconds), and god forbid a decent racing game that isn’t Gran Turismo. One of my favorite titles of all time, Shotokou Battle X, is a 360 exclusive – yet I’m hoping Yakuza 4 and 5 outweigh not having that gem. But sure, find me a $5 copy that’s not from scamville Ebay and I’ll grab it.

        #3 – I’m not poor, I’m just cheap. I could pay for decent online, but I don’t really play games online. Luckily for me, the one fighter that has halfway decent online play is Tekken, and that’s the only game I dare venture online with. PS3 wins this round, I guess?

        But let’s be honest- your opinions are all terribly negative, completely biased, and frankly, even when I agree with you, really rude and misinformed. Please go back to Kotaku or wherever you came from. I like most of the posters here, even when they are talking crap about DmC, but you are insufferable.

        • Dean Winchester

          No no. The pleasure is all mine.

  • DesmaX

    Oh, so you did reviews in the old days? cool
    And, yeah, seems worthy for US$2,99

  • I enjoyed it. It’s not the greatest game ever made, but the combat is solid and the art direction was interesting. Definitely worth $2.99 if you like fighting games.

    • ddsfan2

      I am also in the same boat. I’d hardly consider it mediocre though. It has a minimalist style, but the gameplay is fairly polished.

      My main gripe with the game is that there isn’t much narrative, especially considering all of the painstaking efforts the developers went to in order to develop a distinctive atmosphere for the game.

      I would love to play a Final Fantasy game with a similar atmosphere though.

      I completed the PS3 version, but this is the lucky day of a small niche of 360 users.

  • Dean Winchester

    I reread the review and thought it was spot on.

    My buddy loved the game and swore it was great.

    I played the demo and was glad they saved me $60 at the time.

    Personally for $3 Iwould buy this.
    For xbox only gamers this must be like Xmas!
    A mediocre game is still a game and thats better than what normally releases on the 360 which is a choice between Kinect garbage and well…..nothing.

    • Acidicsam

      ITT: Multiplatform games don’t exist.

      And I know your response already…

      “Multiplatforms don’t count because they can be played on more than one console and don’t give any reason to buy more than one console. Also something about ads and subscription fees.”

      I even spell checked it and corrected some of the grammar so it makes some logical sense.

      My response to your upcoming statement is this: multiplatform games consistently outshine exclusives in terms of quality and give much more value to this hobby as a whole than most exclusives do. Journey and LittleBigPlanet notably bring quite a bit of value to the hobby, and Uncharted at least tries to mask its lackluster shooting (in a shooter) mechanics with a finely crafted narrative.

      If you want to base success of gaming on exclusives alone, then you should own a gaming PC: http://images.lazygamer.net/2012/12/UTBPj.jpg

      If you want to be a true, nail-grinding hardcore gamer, you should own every available console, because a true, nail-grinding hardcore gamer doesn’t draw allegiances to companies that don’t even know or care that you, as an individual, exist.

      • Dean Winchester

        IRL only having multiplatform games doesnt justify the existence of said platform.

        Thanks for playing ;)

        • Acidicsam

          Aw man, I had a really long post in which I edited my original post saying you were going to respond with that word for word…and the posting system didn’t save it.

          Damn. It was like I was psychic.

          • Dean Winchester

            I read your post twice sister Cleo.
            You werent even minutely close.

            Your crystal ball must have been made by MS b/c it is clearly broken.

            • Acidicsam

              Dude, let it go. You’re predictable. XD

        • Acidicsam


          DUDE! I AM ****ING PSYCHIC!

      • Acidicsam

        And your response is going to be something along the lines of:

        “Wow, Microsoft fanboy has been brainwashed by ads. PC isn’t a console, so it doesn’t count. Go back to playing your dance games and bullshit timed exclusive content that Microsoft has to buy to get any hope of people buying their consoles while I play my blockbuster hits that make me orgasm at every turn and have timed exclusive content because Sony loves their customers. I don’t see the double standard and close minded thinking in that at all, but, hey! I’m living a dull sad life in which I pledge allegiance to my glorious Sony!”

        Okay, maybe you won’t say that second half…but you really should. Admitting it is the first step to getting better.

      • Dean Winchester

        And yet Ive owned 5 xbox 360’s that have all fell victim to MS shitty quality control.

        Funny my launch PS3 lasted 5.5 yrs before succumbing to a HW failure.

        I now own my 3rd PS3.
        The 2nd was a limited editon FF13 white slim imported from Japan in 2010 and is still doing just fine upstairs in my bedroom.

        Multiplats are often amazing. In fact Im finishing up Lords of Shadow as we speak and enjoying Xcom as well.
        The funny thing is, multplats are availble on MULTIPLE platforms so if exclusives dont matter Stephen Hawkings, what in Sam Hell sets consoles apart from one another?

        Is it the Live fees or the free online of PSN?
        Is it X game chat or the lack thereof?

        I anxiously await your answer b/c if I’m not supposed to enjoy stellar exclusives like God of War, Heavy Rain, Ni No Kuni, Uncharted, Killzone, inFamous, Ratchet, MGS4, MLB the Show, The upcoming Last of Us, Beyond and the myriad JRPG’s (my favorite genre) then I must be doing it all wrong.

        Apparently you dont go where you can get a varietous selection of multiplats and the best exclusives….you just need to flock to the system that has the best advertisements and is most popular in frat houses nationwide.

        A TRUE GAMER would be disappointed in the lack of quality exclusives and new IP on the xbox. A true gamer would be upset with the shift in focus from core games to kinect drivel these last few years.
        A true gamer would rather spend his money on GAMES instead of LIVE fees and Replacement consoles but I guess with 30+ consoles and 649 games at my last count I am not a true gamer like you.

        I bow at your feet Halo God for I am not worthy.
        May the Gears be with you my son. Tell not any Fables and go Forza into the wilderness for ye have fought valiantly this day.

        I’d continue my “punny” story but I ran out of MS exclusives for which to tell it with.
        You would think in their 8th year on the market they would bring something of value to gaming but they brought the loyalist defenders like you instead.

        • Acidicsam

          Lol you’re trying so hard, it almost makes me feel bad.

          I’ve played literally every game you listed, plus a few more you didn’t list (Resistance, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Modnation Racers, Sly Cooper, LittleBigPlanet, Journey, Trials Evolution, Viva Pinata, Crackdown, PGR4, Magna Carta 2, LoZ: Skyward Sword, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Xenoblade Chronicles) and I did it without pledging allegiance to the United States of a Single Manufacturer.

          Would you look at that? A wider portfolio of gaming, a more rational approach to our wondrous hobby, and I’m psychic. Who would’ve thunk?

          • Dean Winchester

            Oh your allegience is quite clear.
            Enjoy Dance central 4.

            Also, thanks for answering my questions by completely avoiding them.

            Very typical.

            • Acidicsam

              Dude, you’re so bad at this it isn’t even funny.

              You can at least try to troll correctly.

              • Dean Winchester

                Still at it I see?

                Still taking thefocus away from the horrid lack of games on your preferred platform and trying to keep the focus personally on me?

                Somebody has a crush.
                I’m flattered.

                Night night sugar lips.

  • hush404

    At $2.99, even if this was the worst game I’ve ever played, I think it’d be worth it.

  • I actually bought this last night. It was so cheap, I figured… why not?

    • I bought it as well.

    • Budgiecat

      wuts the download size? Just curious

      • It’s around 4.8GB.

        • Budgiecat

          lol the PS3 disc version has a mandatory near 4gb install…..sigh…

  • Budgiecat