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Diablo III has offline play on PlayStation
posted on 02.25.13 at 03:00 PM EST by (@salromano)
Also, 3D character representations and new evade ability.

The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of Diablo III will have offline play among a number of other new features, Blizzard has said in a post-PlayStation Meeting interview with GameTrailers

“You can have four people on the same screen—no split-screen, we just zoom the camera out. Or if you’re offline,” said Blizzard production director John Hight.

The PC version of Diablo III requires players to be online when they play.

Also new to the PlayStation versions are direct control—you no longer move around by clicking the mouse—and an evade capability to quickly dodge demon attacks.

The PlayStation interface has also been reworked. The inventory screen’s paper doll character representations have been replaced by full 3D models, for example.

According to Hight, Blizzard is “much further along” on the PlayStation 3 version than the PlayStation 4 version.

“We finally got to see the [PlayStation 4] controller yesterday, so we already have a lot of thoughts about how we’re going to use the touch bar,” said Hight. “And we want to take full advantage of the social aspects, so that it feels natural for console gamers. They can go into PlayStation Network, they can go through their friends list—we’re going to have full matchmaking through that.”

Currently, all of the content in the PlayStation version of Diablo III is up to version 1.07, so PvP brawling will be there

“We’re going to do updates on the console side just as we’ve been doing along on the PC side,” said Hight.

The PlayStation 3 version of Diablo III will be playable at PAX East next month.

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  • Locksus

    That’s awesome news! I’d love if they made this feature for the PC version also.

  • rockman29


    Every since Jay left the Diablo 3 team they also admitted that AH wasn’t necessarily good for the game.

  • Kou

    “Also new to the PlayStation versions are direct control—you no longer
    move around by clicking the mouse—and an evade capability to quickly
    dodge demon attacks.” This sounds so bizarre. They said on the PC forums that they INTENDED for players to NOT be able to dodge attacks with just their movements all the time–that the game would be too easy if they allowed that. Seems like for console players that’s not the case?

    To specify what I mean, is there’s a short delay (not lag) that lets enemies hit you from across the screen if you move fast to evade them. teleporting is a valid way to escape this but cooldown is long on that, which is how people knew it wasn’t lag.

    UI looks terrible. I still am very curious as to how the controls “work”. Can’t wait ot here actual details on this. As for the offline thing, honestly… for hte most part it has stopped cheaters. There’s still cheaters and such but definitely not as much as there would be if there was offline mode on PC.

    • I’ll play it when I go to PAX next month and let you know. But then, I haven’t played the PC version, so don’t expect any comparisons from me. xD

      I should probably start making appointments.

    • rockman29

      Sounds fun though.

      Different way of playing. I want to try it. Always though ARPGs would work well on consoles.

      Definitely want to try it out.

  • I’ll be getting the PS3 version then. Diablo is one of the few western rpg series i like. Also I tried game on the PC with the DS3, it works pretty well.

  • Holy crap! For real? Looks like the video was disabled or something.

    This is a pretty big deal to be honest. I think this mode alone will sell copies of the PlayStation version of the game.

    I’ll be interested to see the response from the PC only crowd, who still want to play the game on PC, but they also wan’t to play it offline. They might not really care to be honest, maybe they moved on to torchlight 2, or have finished it and returned to more LoL?

    As for the controls, it sounds like traditional movement with analog stick, and possibly the addition of a dodge button. Interesting…

    (Note – I haven’t played much of D3 since it launched.)

    • DesmaX

      Yeah, didn’t really played Diablo III that much. It doesn’t really that “Diablo 2” feel.

      • I had issues getting the game to run properly for me, which kinda killed my drive to play it.

        • Dean Winchester

          Said no console gamwr ever!

          • This one was more on me though. I just moved on and had other games take priority. I got it working pretty quickly, but sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for a specific type of game.

            • Dean Winchester

              I was just messing with you Zero.
              The PC elite try to pretend that issue isnt valid but it most definitely is.
              Either way I was just kidding around with you as you are definitely able to take a joke :)

              • (lol) True enough. I won’t deny that some people post comments like that. The truth is, PC gaming is pretty much all about the tweaking and modding, that’s the biggest factor that sets it apart from console gaming.

                • Dean Winchester

                  Yeah and that is respectable. What isn’t though is the mentality that console gamers are somehow beneath the PC elitists when truly a console gamer is just there to play the best selection of games on the market.

                  Apparently the better version of Diablo 3 will be on consoles as well. Who woulda thunk it?


                  • Locksus

                    Except that the PC version will probably look and run better :>

                    • Dean Winchester

                      It didnt run at all for Zero.

                      The PC version may look better than the PS3 version but I doubt it will top the PS4 version.

                      Im betting the Console versions that dont require online just to boot up and are as simple as dropping the disc in the tray to play will be infinitely more appealing than the version you are championing for no real reason other than elitism.

                    • Locksus

                      “Than elitism”. Because everyone who like things you don’t is simply wrong or an elitist. Guess what? Being overly defensive about the console versions makes you, surprise, surprise, a console elitist which is pretty ironic, don’t you think?

                    • Dean Winchester

                      actually you are here defending the PC version.
                      The same version my PC only friends detest due to the faults being addressed with the console version.

                      Wither way as my PC only buddy said last night….this is Blizzard we are talking about so the console port may take another 10 years!

                      As for me personally…I couldnt care less about Diablo 3 as I am not a fan of this style of gameplay in the slightest.

                      You seem heavily invested though.

                    • Locksus

                      Hm, I like to think I was just stating facts. No need to take it that seriously and go on a defensive stance shouting that I am a PC elitist. Just as you said that the console version does something better (i.e. offline play, which is fantastic), I simply mentioned that the PC version will probably look and run better than the console version.

                      No need to get hotheaded about it.

                    • Dean Winchester

                      im not sure how you can make that blanket statement when we have barely seen what PS4 can do.

                      I have heard the new Killzone only uses about 25% of the PS4’s power.

                      I’d be willing to bet the PS4 version of Diablo 3 is going to look and run pretty damn fine.

                    • Locksus

                      Fine point. I should’ve clarified that I was talking about the PS3, but yeah, the PS4 version will most likely be identical to the PC version.


                    • Dean Winchester

                      Of course there is peace Locksus old chum. We were never at war sir.
                      I thought it was just two peoplewith differing opinions debating!

                    • Locksus

                      Well, that’s exactly what it was!

    • MrRobbyM

      You’re completely right. I was going to totally disregard this game until now.

      • I was considering it for the 4 player co-op thing, but offline mode is far more appealing to me.

    • 浪黒雷 (Roland G.)

      Haha, I knew that was coming. Wrote on an earlier article already that the console version will probably be playable offline as they can’t force gamers to sty online with the console all the time. So now the console version is officially superior to the PC version. I’m not interested in the title but it’s kinda bitter irony, isn’t it.

      • I honestly didn’t think it would happen.

        • 浪黒雷 (Roland Gmyrek)

          It makes kinda sense if it’s true that the AH and RMAH have been slashed as well as any battle.net connectivity. As I said, I’m not interested in the title but should NCSoft give ANet enough time and money to port GW2 to PS4 then I’m there d1.

          Now it’s actually feasible and controls would work well on DS4. I can imagine GW2 to be profitable on PS4 but I’ll take a wait and see approach to DIII.

  • DesmaX

    “and an evade capability to quickly dodge demon attacks.”

    Oh, that’s nice. Hope it doesn’t break the game

  • Emiliano Ramos

    HAHAHAHA. This is just too funny.

  • ShinAsura

    Hopefully there’s a security check because offline play usually means people edit the characters and take them online

  • Vita port with offline mode pls

  • Budgiecat

    Diablo III? Really? I’m supposed to all of a sudden give a crap about that game now? cmon…

  • Something I actually prefer on console than on PC… Offline Play!!!

  • methinks it will be controlled like baldur’s gate dark alliance and champions of norrath from the ps2 last time.

    but meh, this game is a little too late. bored with the pc version already, don’t see myself getting this again.

    now, a new champions of norrath game by snowblind, i would buy!

    • Heavenly_King

      If there is way to use the battle.net character I am buying this :D

  • Now that this is confirmed, I will buy it. That’s why I didn’t bother with the it in the first place. I have little desire to play online, let alone be required to be online just to play alone.

  • This was posted by a Blizzard Community Manager.

    While we think cross-platform play would be awesome, there are currently no plans to allow connectivity between PlayStation Network and Battle.net (this is pretty standard for most games that have PC and console support). As a result, the characters on your Battle.net account and PlayStation account will also remain separate.

    In terms of allowing an analog controller hookup for the PC, we don’t have any plans for that kind of support right now. Similarly, since Diablo III for console was designed with a controller in mind, the PlayStation version of Diablo III will not support USB mice or keyboards.


    • Well, considering all the restrictions with battle.net and Diablo 3, I’m not surprised at all.

      It would have been really nice though. Is there at least cross platform play between PS3/PS4?

      • It would have been nice, I agree. Not sure about PS3/PS4, but If the game connects your character to your PSN account, then the answer is most likely yes.