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Destiny confirmed for PS4 with exclusive content
posted on 02.20.13 at 08:18 PM EST by (@salromano)
PS3 and PS4 versions to launch together.

Destiny, Bungie’s new IP from Activision, will ship on PlayStation 4 alongside PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the developer announced at PlayStation Meeting 2013 in New York City tonight.

Destiny is being developed for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, with both versions available at Destiny’s launch,” said Bungie co-founder Jason Jones in a video message. “Destiny will also feature exclusive in-game content, only available on PlayStation.”

Watch the video below.

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  • KurisuMakise

    Coming for the exclusive content, nice work Sony.

  • PrinceHeir

    ehh don’t like exclusive content, prefer everyone experience the same game and content

  • ShinAsura

    Today’s footage made it look more interesting to be honest

  • Dean Winchester

    LOL MS!

    They cant even keep their timed exclusives now!

    • Locksus

      Dat flamebait! But I wonder if they even had a contract about this being timed exclusive? Because if they had, wouldn’t it be illegal to release this to the PS platform at the same time as the Xbox version releases?

      Aaanywaays, pretty stoked for the online feature. I like MMOs :3

      • Dean Winchester

        I watched one of IGN’s resident bots basically shed tears about it as the same question came up in their V-log about it.
        The devout bot basically said that the contract existed but was obviously changed in light of new circumstances. He then said with vitriol “obviously Sony’s check cleared”.

        I laughed b/c I know his world is in dire straights now and I think he deserves it.
        Anyone that says they’re a gamer but ignores what Sony brings to gaming and only focuses on xbox is far from an actual gamer.

        A marketed to corporate shill….but not a gamer.

        Its ironic especially when considering MS focus the last 3 years has been on everything BUT gaming.

        • Locksus

          My understanding of a “gamer” is a tad bit different than yours, but this year’s E3 will no doubt be interesting. Even MS has to understand that they simply cannot sell their next console with entertainment applications alone. Die hard fans will get it regardless, but I know I won’t if they can’t manage to impress me with a solid lineup.

          • Dean Winchester

            Well dont crash your ship on the rocks just for the launch year sirens Locksus.
            MS typical comes out of the gate with solid and diverse games the first 2-3 years. The problem with MS is that they can’t sustain worthwhile content any longer that that.

            I wont be taking the bait this time.

            • Locksus

              And after those few years, they keep making the games that sell the best. For example, they wanted Lost Odyssey to rival Final Fantasy, but unfortunately it didn’t sell as well as they wanted it to, so they just buried all plans of producing more LO games.

              This is especially sad considering that LO had more soul than any FF game this gen.

              • Dean Winchester

                Right. After those launch years its Halo, Forza, Fable ad hominem.
                Its a shit practice.
                Sony doesnt do this which is why in the PS3’s 7th year I’m playing classic franchises like God of War (series that sell the best) while also getting new IP like Last of Us, Beyond 2 Souls and Ni No Kuni etc.
                As a JRPG fan theres the new Atelier, HDNV, Tales of Xillia, Time and Eternity, Guided Fate Paradox, Disgaea D2, the aforementioned Ni No Kuni and I think even Witch and the hundred soldiers is this year.
                Thats 8 jrpg’s exclusive to PS3 off the top of my head for 2013 alone and I may have missed some.

                MS practices are a damn joke and Sony platforms make that statement more than true with each passing day.

                Lots of people will call me a fanboy and thats okay. I’m a fanboy of games. Good games.
                Sony and to a lesser extent Nintendo are the only 2 of the 3 that provide games after the first year.

                • Locksus

                  Good for you that you’re able to enjoy all of those JRPGs because only 2 of the games you mentiones look interesting to me (ToX and Ni No Kuni). The others just look fairly mediocre, in my opinion, of course.

                  I’d love to get a Wii U for the games I haven’t played on Wii. I.E. The Last Story, Xenoblade and TLoZ games.

                  I’m also excited to see how the new Zelda will look on Wii U.

                  But anyhow, this isn’t actually the place to discuss this, even though I like discussing and talking about games.