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Yarn Yoshi announced for Wii U
posted on 01.23.13 at 10:09 AM EST by (@salromano)
From the team behind Kirby's Epic Yarn.

The team behind Kirby’s Epic Yarn is working on a new Yoshi game for Wii U, Nintendo announced during today’s Nintendo Direct presentation.

Takashi Tezuka, director of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island on Super Nintendo and Yoshi’s Story on Nintendo 64, is supervising the new game’s development, which is set in a “fanciful world of yarn and textiles.”

A title and release date was not announced. Though, Nintendo headlined this as Yarn Yoshi in their press release, so that’s what we’ll be calling it until it gets a real name.

View the first three screenshots at the gallery. Watch some gameplay below.

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  • rockman29


  • Akira_Tenshi

    I hope it is harder than Kirbys epic yarn, was a great game but it was so easy It got boring. I can’t resist that amazing art style though,

  • Looks nice and no Mario in it is a plus for me :p

  • Screeeeeeeenshots added.

  • Guest

    NONONOOOO please not a yearn game -_- …full 3D like mario please!! and I mean Mario64 and galaxy not NEW NEW NEW NEW SUPWR MARIO style.

    • xMCXx

      I yearn for a yarn game. : P

  • YangTerlupakan

    umm……….. look like LBP come to Wii U LOL

    • Prodigy-X

      No just no

    • *looks at game*
      *game looks nothing like LittleBigPlanet*

      Where are you drawing this comparison? -__-

      • YangTerlupakan

        I mean in graphic not gameplay (actually both game is platformer)
        yarn and textiles-style graphic is remind me about LBP, sal!!!

        even yoshi now like a yarn-doll just like sack boy!!!

        • RyanOClock

          Seems like the Nintendo fans will get angry at you, for comparing a good platformer to Yoshi’s Epic Yarn.
          Come on Nintendo are you high, can I have what you’re smoking?!

          • YangTerlupakan

            “….even yoshi now like a yarn-doll just like sack boy….”

            is this the reason i make comment like that, people can agree or disagree, that normal

            and I not smoker

    • Looks like I’m not the only one as well….

  • *sigh* and I was hoping this ‘yarn’ thing was just a one-time schtick.

    • I have to disagree. I rather like it. It’s cute and charming. And Yoshi’s cute, so it mixes well.

      • Ah well, I’m sure i’ll prob think differently once I get my hands on it.

    • Elvick

      I half agree. I think if they were going to do it multiple times, it should have remained the new IP that it was intended to be originally.

      If it was a one off, then doing it for Kirby was fine. But since it’s not, I would have rather it just been a new IP and this could have been the sequel to that IP.

  • HeatPhoenix

    I hope this game features actual difficulty.

  • PrinceHeir

    looks fun as hell ^^