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What’s going on with BattleBlock Theater?
posted on 01.09.13 at 01:31 PM EST by (@salromano)
A status update from the team at The Behemoth.

BattleBlock Theater has been in development since March 2009, at least. So what’s going on with it? The Behemoth took to PlayXBLA for a status update.

  • ESRB still keeping us as “Teen,” but now you can find “Crude humor” on the list too. Not surprising and nothing new, right? A few fart sounds here and there and poo coils once in a while…
  • Something we’re hoping to showcase in a future blog post are our story cinematics. We’ve successfully finished of all the videos for the story mode and we’re ready to delight you with our good natured crude humor.
  • Level designers are double checking and triple checking all 450+ levels in BattleBlock Theater to make sure they are perfectly challenging and playable. They’ve been making adjustments based on the numerous playtests we’ve had the past year and also after our most recent internal group playtest.

At the end of 2012, the team at The Behemoth gathered to play the latest build of BattleBlock Theater. Read more about that here.

Stay tuned. BattleBlock Theater is still to be dated.

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  • Duc PC-QB

    For a moment I read it as “BlackRock Shooter” lol

  • This is definitely a day one buy. Castle Crashers is such a great game. They understand how couch co-op works.