Tomb Raider multiplayer detailed in OXM
posted on 01.03.13 at 12:32 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Team Deathmatch and Rescue modes confirmed.

First details on Tomb Raider‘s new multiplayer mode have come out of the Official Xbox Magazine. A forum poster has provided the breakdown. According to the mag, Crystal Dynamics acknowledges fans wil be wary of changes, but, as previewed by the mag, the “creation and execution are coming from the right place.”

At least two modes are confirmed. Team Deathmatch pits a team of Lara’s surviving allies against a group of hostile natives known as “scavengers.” The winner is the best of three matches, which alternates between sides. The maps are said to be not very wide open, but feature traps such as “spikes out of walls, climbable surfaces, destroyable environmental elements (like bridges), and weaponry like Lara’s now trademark bow and arrow.”

The second mode, Rescue, sees survivors collect a certain amount of medical packs to deliver to rotating destinations. Scavengers are tasked with reaching a certain kill count. The mode gives survivors a “bleed-out” time, which you can cut short with a “brutal” melee finisher.

A third game type, “Cry for Help,” is hinted in the mag. It will apparently place strong emphasis on “discovery any collection,” and adventure as opposed to combat.

It is unclear if there are other modes.

Other details include:

  • Players can select from a “deep roster of characters” with “different states and loadouts.” Weapons include “primary firearm/bow, sidearm, grenade style projectile, climbing axe that serves as a melee.”
  • XP gained can be applied to stats and purchasing more advanced characters.
  • There is a map called “Wind Chasm,” a tropical environment with traps and vantage points.
  • Lara doesn’t appear to be a playable character in multiplayer. Though, players can choose multiple of the same character.
  • Some single-player actions have been sped up.
  • The bow can be used to distract enemies.
  • There are quick-time events.
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  • it sounds like its going to play a bit like Uncharted 3’s multiplayer. hope thats the case

    • Luna Kazemaru

      seems like the old xbox version of far cry to me.

  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    I am tired of choosing from characters for Multi-Player,lets us create our own,it is far better that way.

  • Lame

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Retarded, I wasn’t planning on getting the game till it drops but come on SE now you just made a potential buy to a no buy. :(

    Love it when people disagree LOL!!!

    • Luna Kazemaru

      so a game mode you aren’t force to play is a deciding factor now?

      • KingOptimusOrigins111

        Yes I want it out the disc.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Be right back calling the roflcopter

          • KingOptimusOrigins111

            Be right back calling the lmfaocopter

  • Budgiecat

    Why? Whats the point? People aren’t going to be playing this online It’ll be dead like all the other tacked on MP

    • zakou

      Yes because in true hardcore gamers eyes, this is nothing but an add-on to the overall experince, true we haven’t played the MP yet but we all know what it will be about.

      There are far to many games to continue playing the new TR game after you beat it, the main message is in the main gameplay/story in SP so unless TR will be the only game people have then i understand play the MP ^^ and this goes to most of the games these day, MP just isn’t as fun, unless it’s MMORPG game.

    • The hardest part of implementing competitive MP is how long will the online community last for other people to play against?

      So yes… It will probably be dead sooner or later once it’s released…

  • zakou

    I won’t even play the multiplayer lol. Games like this are meant for SP, MP is something everyone puts there just to get a better rating score.

    Mostly the reviwers complain “oh this game doesn’t have MP so lower replay value” but ignoring the fact that not every game needs MP.

    I know that there are fans of the MP and they love playing online even if the MP in one game is shitty because it never was meant to be there in the first place xD watch Lightning Returns will have some sort of MP/Online connectivity.

    It kinda sucks how this is turning into a rant but soon we will see every game have MP, but the fact remains, if you make a story heavy, single player, gameplay heavy game and not add multi player to it you can use that time you spent for making MP and add it into SP for better overall experience.

    • KurisuMakise

      Honestly it’s because single player games aren’t priced that well. If you can easily put a single player game into the “rental” category or purchase used for cheap, then that’s detrimental to the publisher/developer. Thus, Multiplayer. Forget review scores, that’s the real reason right there. Still, I was hoping for Co-Op =( Co-Op Survival would have been amazing vs Team Death Match.

  • PrinceHeir

    ehh Uncharted 3 has more action and setpieces, that’s why the multiplayer was well made.

    if they’re gonna make it like Uncharted 3, they should at least show some originality like adding more booby traps where enemies can fall to pitfalls or falling logs and all.

    that would be awesome!

  • Ramza Beoulve

    ill play the singleplayer only here dont need multiplayer
    This is Tomb Raider no need for multiplayer :P