Tales of Hearts R's latest Dual Mystic Artes revealed - Gematsu
Tales of Hearts R’s latest Dual Mystic Artes revealed
posted on 01.08.13 at 07:36 PM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, formal attire for Calcedny and cat ears for Jadeite.

Famitsu this week has new details on some of Tales of Hearts R‘s new Dual Mystic Artes, characters, costumes, and attachments. 

Dual Mystic Artes (English names not official)

  • Shing and Amber: Shining Phoenix (麟凰天翔駆)
  • Amber and Beryl: Crimson Blue Waltz (青紅円舞曲) – Amber and Beryl create a swirl of fire and water and simultaneously fire it at the enemy.


  • Kornerupine (コーネルピン)
  • Labrado Arcome (ラブラド・アーカム)
  • Chlorseraph (クロアセラフ)
  • Clinoseraph (クリノセラフ)
  • Corundum (コランダーム)

Costumes and Attachments

Screenshots in Famitsu show Calcedny wearing a “Formal Attire” costume, and Jadeite wearing a “Cat Ears” attachment.

Thanks, Tale Tale Source.

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