Tales of Hearts R costume and attachment video - Gematsu
Tales of Hearts R costume and attachment video
posted on 01.30.13 at 09:21 PM EST by (@salromano)
Cat ears, bunny ears, pink PJs, and more highlighted.

Namco Bandai has published a new costume and attachment video for Tales of Hearts R. You’ll see Jadeite and Amber wearing cat ears, Galando wearing bunny ears and pink PJs, Beryl wearing a school outfit, and Innes with a rose in her hair. Watch it below.

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  • fireemblembeast

    lol Beryl looks like a different person
    And at first, I thought Jadeite was wearing an underwear on his head XD
    Yeah, that’d be a pretty stylish attachment…

  • Blaz


    Please localize it!

    • refrain

      But Jesus doesn’t know Japanese…

      • fireemblembeast

        Or does he?

  • gulabjamal

    I thought Beryl was Milla for a second. got so excited..

  • PrinceHeir

    yummy :D

  • Elvick

    Come on Namco, we need these Tales games. D:<

    It's bad enough that you do a lot of work on Vita in Japan… the least you can do is give us some Tales out of it. Since we probably won't see much of anything else. I want that Gundam game. D:<