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“Surprise scoop” on “long awaited title” in next Famitsu
posted on 01.08.13 at 10:42 PM EST by (@salromano)
Is it Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Or perhaps The Last Guardian?

Next week’s issue of Famitsu will have a “surprise scoop” on a “long awaited title,” the back-pages of this week’s issue teases.

“The silence is broken on a long awaited title,” reads the magazine. “Information will be revealed at last.”

Additionally, the magazine will also have a “Huge Capcom Project” and Sony Computer Entertainment interview.

Before discovering this information at Game Nyarth, I was drafting a different post on a Final Fantasy Versus XIII rumor. I was still debating publishing it, considering the lack of credibility it has, but with Famitsu teasing a surprise scoop next week, I suppose it doesn’t do any harm to attach the almost standalone story below.

An anonymous post on 2ch claims an update on Final Fantasy Versus XIII will arrive via Weekly Jump (presumably in two weeks, on January 21), followed by a Versus XIII presentation on January 22.

Considering the source (anonymous, 2ch, etc.), the rumor’s credibility is weak. Jump usually leaks a week in advance, and there is no flying get (early magazine leaks) for Jump this week as the next issue isn’t scheduled for release until January 21. So if the rumor is true, we would likely find out next Wednesday, January 16.

But while we wait, don’t get excited. (You’re smarter than that.) There are grains of salt to take with this. Lots of them. So take a handful, at least.

A rumor similar to this one popped up in November, which mentioned a presentation between January 15 and 17. I would take it something like this would be held off until E3, especially with Lightning Returns being Square Enix’s main focus right now. But hey, we’re just reporting what we come across.

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  • It was posted on 2ch? Then it’s definitely not Versus 13

    • Lots of 2ch rumors come true, believe it or not: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=442135

      • Guest

        Actually, I remember some mentions that Versus XIII’ news will surface in 2013. I have high expectation for this.

        If it’s not, I will enjoy Ni no Kuni and another great RPG like Xillia which will come out later this year and fold my hand waiting for another year to come.

  • Looking forward it. Hope that I won’t be disappointed as MGS tease last time.

  • i seriously hope do finally say somefin’,….been hopin’ fer Versus……so much potential.

  • bebestorm117

    I really hope its Versus XIII…. or maybe its Final Fantasy X HD!

  • Eclipse

    I’m hoping it’ll be Persona 5.
    Then again, this could end up being Versus XIII.

    • KurisuMakise

      Both of what you’re hoping for is honestly fair game =3 I’d be happy with either, bring next week!

  • MosquitoLemon

    Huge Capcom Project?! Rival Schools 3!

    • This brought some tears to my eyes. Not kidding. I want this so badly.

  • DesmaX

    Well, time to watch that 2011 trailer again

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      *cries a little

      • KingOptimusOrigins111

        I’m going to cry if its Versus as well.

        • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

          I would for sure XD

          • KingOptimusOrigins111

            7 years of development and with next gen coming E3 they know they got to start the hype machine now.

            • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

              yeah they really do,if Next gen comes around it will hurt sales and make it look less impressive.

  • Kurai Warrior

    Well it’s only been two years….>___>

    It’s pretty sad that we still can’t get our hopes up after 2 years of pure silence.

  • PrinceHeir

    Final Fantasy Versus XIII, The Last Guardian, Dragon’s Crown, Killer is Dead, Zwei!

  • Himiko

    Persona 5. Anything else can go wait for the next one.

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Senran Kagura on consoles!…… Oh I guess that’s just me >_>

    • Haku_Luvs_You

      “So if the rumor is true, we would likely find out next Wednesday, January 16” Oh hey, that’s my Birthday. Now I really hope it’s a new Senran Kagura lol.

    • ShinAsura

      Import it

  • PersonaBull

    Can’t wait for that FFX HD news!! <3 (I am seriously hoping it's FFX related rather than Versus) Either way, I should probably skip the comment section of the article for this "surprise scoop." You guys~ :P

  • Aldridge517

    My oldest “long awaited title” is Bushido Blade 3. What are my chances? Lol

  • In my dream world it’s Genso Suikoden VI.

  • Himiko

    Please be Persona 5. Yes I know I said this twice. :P

  • EspadaKiller


  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    I’m going to cry with joy if its Versus XIII.

  • new_tradition

    Famitsu covers a lot of publishers (lol, understatement, I know). I’d love for it to be Versus, but I don’t want people who also want it to be Versus news to lose their shit if it isn’t.

    • That’s why I made it crucial to include this paragraph: “But while we wait, don’t get excited. (You’re smarter than that.) There are grains of salt to take with this. Lots of them. So take a handful, at least.”

      Hopefully, if it’s not Versus, people won’t go nuts.

      • new_tradition

        Ah, my bad. I just skimmed it real quick. Well, I agree with you! xD

  • Let cross are fingers! Are Long waited game will be showing!

  • Don’t get your hopes up.

  • ShinAsura

    Probably Last Guardian

  • You better not be full of BS about this, Famitsu…

    Also, “Huge Capcom Project” = Monster Hunter?
    Sony Computer Entertainment = Last Guardian?
    I can dream, can’t I?

  • The huge Capcom project might be Dead Rising 3. (Apparently Blur studio already finished working on a possible trailer for it.)


    While I’d love to see more information on Versus… I’m not getting my hopes up. (Still trying to catch up on comments posted while I was away from home.)

  • My dream is come true <3 *cry*,I love you #FFVXIII

  • crossing fingers and hoping its gonna be persona 5. not holding my breath tho.

  • We are already getting new Pokemon games… VS needs to be shown FFS.

  • Bloodios

    Maybe it’s just some extensive coverage on Bayonetta 2. It is, after all, also a “long awaited title” and through this scoop, its “information will be revealed at last.” Seriously, we have more details about Versus XIII and Trico than we do Bayonetta 2 (aside from it being a Wii U exclusive title, what else do we actually know about it?)

  • Duc PC-QB

    Versus, TLG, VC3, KH3, SO5, P5.

    Make it happen eh …. Famitsu

  • Ali

    Get back in line everyone! I hope this is Suikoden 6!!! Chances are extremely low though :(

  • if it’s no the last guardian I’ll set my ps3 on fire

  • jeb

    Episode 3.
    Come on guys,you know that would be a “surprise”.
    Gabe would probably troll us like that.
    *Secretly wishes Persona 5*

  • Ace

    Persona 5 please.

  • Obviously Shenmue III, exclusively for Dreamcast and Xbox 360.

  • Persona 4


  • Better be Versus XIII
    SE their excuses are full of lies and BS excuses.

  • Nirvanes

    A remake of Final Fantasy VII has more chances than being Versus! :P

  • Willgaea

    Maybe Secret of mana 2? It would be nice to play another multiplayer rpg with my gf. Or maybe even a sequel to Chrono trigger.

    • I would literally freak out if they announced either one of these. I guess we just have to keep dreaming… =/

  • when does the mag come out?

  • Amy

    So what game was this article about then?

  • Amy

    What game was this then?

  • Amy

    I hope we hear ff versus news soon…