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Skyrim DLC dated for PlayStation 3, PC
posted on 01.18.13 at 11:04 AM EST by (@salromano)
Get 'Dragonborn', 'Hearthfire', and 'Dawnguard' next month.

Bethesda Softworks has dated The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘s three expansion packs for PlayStation 3, and the ‘Dragonborn’ expansion for PC.

‘Dragonborn’ will be released the first PlayStation 3 add-on to be released next month, followed by ‘Hearthfire’ and ‘Dawnguard’. All three add-ons will launch in February. Each expansion will be 50 percent off during their launch week on PlayStation Network. The 1.8 update will also be released in February, just prior to ‘Dragonborn’.

PC users will get ‘Dragonborn’ via Steam on February 5.

Watch a trailer for ‘Dragonborn’ below.

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  • adhesive

    Oh man, the DLC is 50% off for a week! Bethesda is so kind!

    Yeah, sorry, that’s a terrible deal considering PS3 users were always screwed over with BethSoft games.

    • I’m sure there are Skyrim PS3 owners who still want to play it. And 50 percent off isn’t so bad a way of apologizing for the long wait. Especially if you plan on buying all three, you’re only paying $22.50, whereas they’d normally cost $45.

      I still haven’t played Skyrim. =( Will probably get the eventual GOTY.

      • rockman29

        Get the PC version!

      • adhesive

        It wouldn’t be as bad if this was the first time it happened, but Bethesda has showed time and time again that their games are worst on the PS3 by far. A simple temporary discount won’t make up for their overall failures, in my opinion at least.

        • Could have make the temporary discount permanent… Sure, it might not help with profits but it helps with publicity in the long term…

      • I’m sure a lot of PS3 owners have already traded their copies for something else… Besthesda has to be lucky to see this discount pays off…

  • zakou

    There you go, GOTY version pertty much confirmed, a lot of people will get the Skyrim GOTY edition with all the DLC for the PS3 as it sucked on it’s release day.

  • paperclichepixel


  • Guest

    Can’t wait for GOTY Edition, aka when this pay-to-join β testing is finally over and we get to play an actual game.

  • xMCXx

    Only problem is that Ni No Kuni comes out in February and Storm 3 and GoW:Ascension in March. And The Last of Us in May, I think.
    There is no time for Skyrim, anymore. : P

    • ShinAsura

      It’s the kind of game you can go back to whenever, I’ll buy the dlc so it’s cheaper but play something else

  • :D

  • I’m glad they finally managed to get it fixed.