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Resident Evil: Revelations HD ‘not just a simple port’
posted on 01.23.13 at 12:24 AM EST by (@salromano)
Every step you take in the game is like a veil being lifted.

Famitsu this week has a follow-up report on Resident Evil: Revelations for console and PC, announced by publisher Capcom yesterday morning.

The magazine boasts that the game is “not a simple port!” The levels have been upgraded, so hardly any of them resemble the original edition. There are vivid bloodstains on the floor, and the tempo has new creatures have given the tempo a great shift. Encounters with the original enemies now take place in different situations. When original enemies come out, it’s a situation where you’re pressed for a divergence of some sort.

Players can also sell weapons obtained in Raid Mode that they don’t need.

Of course, the game’s resolution has been upgraded. The imagery is more dramatic than the original 3DS release. The 3D models and lighting have been edited, as well, and the character CGs have been revised.

In Japan, the game is dubbed the “Unveiled Edition,” because every step you take in the game is like a veil being lifted, according to producer Tsukasa Takenaka.

Capcom is also looking into incorporating an element similar to the StreetPass features from the 3DS version. There is an additional character, too (Hunk, confirmed yesterday). Capcom says if you enjoyed Resident Evil 6, you’ll also enjoy Revelations.

Note: I think this is Famitu’s “surprise new scoop” teased last week.

Thanks, Game Nyarth.

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  • MrKappa

    Very nice, makes me glad I don’t own a 3DS or I would have to buy this again.

  • PrinceHeir

    ” There is an additional character, too. Capcom says if you enjoyed Resident Evil 6, you’ll also enjoy Revelations.”

    already confirmed to be Hunk :P

    can we get a full Mercenaries games please capcom!!!!!!

    • DrForbidden

      But HUNK is nowhere in RE6…

      • PrinceHeir

        a similar character named “Agent” is there.

        heck he even has Hunks neck breaker XD

        silly capcom

        • DrForbidden

          Yes, but that’s just a generic agent character. If Capcom wanted HUNK in RE6 they would have just named the character HUNK instead…

          • KurisuMakise

            Just idle speculation on that but perhaps there just wasn’t enough time to write his storyline in with Ada and do cutscenes and all. Thus having them be a generic agent and not a significant portion of Ada’s campaign instead? Also I’m glad some effort went into this.

            • DrForbidden

              It’s not about time, IMO. Ada always works alone. That’s the point. ‘The Agent’ was just a cashgrab attempt to turn the Ada missions in the game co-op to appeal to people who only play MO shooters.

              • KurisuMakise

                Well yes of course but his implementation is REALLY bad. Like he can’t even open doors. Though I admit he’s a boss in Mercenaries Mode. Oh and he can’t do any of the cutscenes to move along I think if they were a little more genuine he’d have had something.

          • PrinceHeir

            don’t ask me O___O

            heck i actually wanted Hunk in Re6.

            him teaming up with Ada makes sense than the generic “Agent” character(he’s not bad tbh)

            both are not freelancers, and will do anything to achieve their goal/mission(whatever that is)

            heck i actually think they have the same voice O____O

    • Oh right. Hunk!

  • I just hope they fixed Jill’s face.

  • MrRobbyM

    “Capcom says if you enjoyed Resident Evil 6, you’ll also enjoy Revelations.”

    That’s weird, because Revelations looks miles better than RE6 if you ask me. I hope this doesn’t mean they’re making it MORE like RE6.

    • YangTerlupakan

      maybe in multiplayer IMO
      after play RE 6 & watch some revelation gameplay, i know both game have different taste
      RE 6 is like COD with TPS camera
      revelation like Code Veronica meet RE 4