Open Forum #029 - Gematsu
Open Forum #029
posted on 01.30.13 at 12:00 PM EST by (@salromano)
Open, off-topic discussion

Our twenty-ninth Open Forum is ready for discussion.

The Open Forum is your domain for anything and everything. Whatever you feel is inappropriate to discuss in other threads, you can discuss here. Want to talk about sports? You’re in the right place. Have a random question? Ask it here. Want to poll the community? Do it here. The Open Forum is what you make it.

Discuss away.

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  • devovit

    superbowl weekend. any niners or ravens in here? im a giants fan so im not rooting for anyone

    • I’m Welsh, but I make it a yearly event to always watch the Super Bowl, so I can’t wait! My dad used to follow the Niners back in the day when they dominated, and so I’m gonna root for them in the final since it’s been so long since they won.

      • devovit

        good luck to your team then. i just love the atmosphere

        • Totally! Obviously it’s a true American sport that really isn’t played massively around the world, but the actual event itself is a global event. It’s like something that you just have to watch every year. Looking forward to it!

          • devovit

            i didnt know its a global event, i guess football got some exposures. i always thought the uefa champions league final is a global event.

            • Ah you’re right. I checked figures. 2012 Champions League final had like 300m viewers on TV and streams online. Super Bowl had average 160m+ or something? It sure feels like one of those events that a heck of a lot of people make sure to watch, though. Even if it’s not as big as other sporting events.

              • devovit

                they broadcast sb on tv or you have to stream it?

                • TV and stream. I think BBC has the rights to it currently and they had it on TV and their website last year. So that definitely helps make it more accessible to people over here.

    • uhawww

      I’ll preface by saying I’m a still salty Falcons fan here.
      I think it’s a toss-up. Both teams have flexible defenses and the ability to ramp up their passing games when ground schemes gets tied up (see Kaep passing like a maniac when the Falcons stalled his run game in the NFC championship, and see Flacco exploiting the Pats secondary and never letting off the gas in the AFC championship). In the end, I think the Ravens have a slightly higher capacity to rise to the occasion, and a bit more emotional capital to work with. I predict a close and exciting match.

      • devovit

        im not a big fan of scramble QBs. I still believe pocket qbs are far superior but this kid kap looks so dangerous. NFL teams eventually going to expose those crazy legs, they can’t let these guys running around like its a college game.

      • devovit

        same prediction here also

    • AnimusVox

      I’m not a fan of any teams per se but I’m surprised the niners made it, I’m rooting for them sorta. Won’t be watching it though I work that day.

      • devovit

        damn dude, working on sunday blows but then again it’s money. this sb is way less stress for me than last year because i dont care who wins

  • almostautumn

    Just finished E.X. Troopers yesterday; wild game! Also, very glad to see that the first EX mission post-credits is absolutely womping me when I stick with A.I. Looking forward to the challenges ahead!
    よし! 行きましょ!

    • You have no Idea how much I want that game localized.

      Goddammit Capcom.

      • almostautumn

        I know it’s a bummer when you can’t understand the language, but for real E.X. Troopers is absolutely 100% accessible to those who don’t know even a lick of Japanese. Everything has a marker as to what to do, weapon upgrades are blatant with needed materials, and how to get those materials are all based off the four elements (human, fire, pulse, ice) and beating obliging creatures/bosses. The only thing someone who doesn’t know Japanese might have an issue with is the sub-objectives for missions, but even then there are seriously only about 7 varieties, so if you just familiarize yourself with their look and what you did to obtain them, you’re good.
        Furthermore, the game is pretty much 60% katakana, and so if you know katakana you will be able to play and understand the game 100%, with probably gripping the overall plot as well. And I’m not kidding; friggin’ everything is katakana; it’s essentially already localized, you just need to read it with the Japanese accent.

        *It’s definitely what Capcom set out to achieve; this is definitely the lightest Hunting genre game I’ve ever played, and is certainly designed around an overall social-focus. For language-barrier purposes, this game is just golden.*

        • Belenger

          Even the titles are in english, not even kata just plain already done ENGLISH, do it makes any sense? NOPE, but you can easily read it anyways.

          In Example: Ep 03 Gin-gira-gira is coming!

          • almostautumn

            A lot of Japanese games have that actually. I mean, Aquapazza is fully in english except for the story mode script. All menus and, if I’m remembering right, even the Settings, are just plain ol’ English.

            But for real; アッサトライフル = Assat(o) raif(u)l(u) – Assault Rifle. Literally everything is written in this style, from character names, weapons, locations, and yes, even the mission objectives. The dialogue isn’t, but even then the dialogue surrounds the katakana, so it isn’t hard to follow even if you are truly a total beginner to Japanese.

    • I’m glad to hear it’s good. I want to get it soon. I hope I can find some people to co-op it with. I found a great amount of friends on gamefaqs to play gundam 0081 but the forum for EX Troopers is dead.

      • almostautumn

        Well if you ever fetch it mention so in one of these forums; I’m sure I have a long way to go before I 100% the game. Gotta say though; you’ll definitely need to finish the campaign before having human buddies rather than just using the A.I; easy-peasy throughout, and only lets loose after the 20 hour story.

    • MosquitoLemon

      I’m definitely gonna grab it when there’s a budget version.

  • So many great PS Vita News. I’m so excited !

    • Which one has you the most excited?

    • Steve519

      What news??

  • Finished Ni No Kuni Before Yesterday,Was a Best jRPG Game in 2013,Most Level-5 Make Games like Ni No Kuni(Well Done.)

    Cant Wait For Dead Space 3 & Other..

  • At the risk of sounding creepy… any UK girls on here? Having a hard time trying to find a girl with the same interests as me lately, for some company, to get to know, etc. Longshot and probably gonna get some stick for it, but whatevs, a guy’s gotta try lol

    ANYWAY. Playing through Conker’s Bad Fur Day on N64 for first time ever this week and omg I love it so much. It’s pretty hilarious to be fair. And I was ecstatic when I heard the music in the club for the first time. I dig that kinda music so bad, and have had it on repeat on YouTube too much. God I miss old Rare.

    Some other games I’m trying to get through:

    – Started Xenoblade for the first time last week. Gonna get through it properly once I get a couple of other games finished.
    – Started Sly Cooper 3 after finishing Sly 2 last week. Might hold off finishing it for a while, though. Kinda burnt out on Sly atm lol
    – Need to finish all stories in BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend. Only beat the main story so far, but still got all optional character stories left.
    – Tales of the Abyss, Tokyo Jungle, Agarest Generations of War 2, FF 4 Heroes of Light and Banjo Tooie are all on the list and incomplete too. DX So many! But getting through the backlog very well.

  • Beaten Dragon’s Dogma today. Awesome game, the final boss battle sequence is so epic. I hope they’re making sequel for next gen console. These are few things that I want them to add.
    1. Ability to transform into dragonoid like Breath of Fire, add some limit break bar and when it’s full, you can transform for short time.
    2. Flesh out important NPC’s story and more distinctive design.
    3. island and towns with unique design. Like one town are European style and the other are Japanese.
    4. More combo, XXX and X pause XXX aren’t enough
    5. Weather system, like Final Fantasy XIII-2 but randomized.
    6. More color!
    7. Mount system.

    Most important is number 1 :D

    • They are talking about Dragon’s Dogma 2. I have yet to play the first as I’m working to finish some of my Backlog.

    • why just European an’ Japanese? dose are used to much.

      Why not Roman, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Korean, something fresh or used…..less.

      • I’m not counting those out, it’s just when I posted it those were only one on my head :D

    • Kobracon

      Honestly the only thing stopping me is the whole ‘Annoying follower’ thing. Is it as bad as I’ve heard? I feel like I shouldn’t miss this game but that sounds like a deal breaker….

      • They never bothered me and they’re actually useful and clever.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Here’s Johnny.

  • Clyde Jones

    Has anyone noticed this: Looks like gamestop is taking pre-orders for tales of xillia, although they don’t have a release date up yet.

  • I’m excited for E3 this year big time for the new consoles, but part of me always looks more forward to TGS and the new Gundam Announcements. Maybe Dynasty Warriors Gundam 4 this year or Extreme Vs sequel for ps3.

    • aside from that I hope for PS4 announcement.
      The Last Guardian
      Final Fantasy Versus XIII with an official Release date.
      and more.

      • Are you thinking those at E3 or TGS. I’m definitely feeling a ps4 announcement at E3. Whether they show it in action is another thing.

  • On the topic of anime, anyone watch anything good nowadays?

    I got my hands on Birdy The Mighty Decode DVD and currently watching Tsurataima and Magi on Crunchyroll.

    Pretty good stuff.

    • AnimusVox

      Last anime I watched and finished was ‘Black Butler’. Anime was pretty good but the manga is much better, and longer since it’s on going.
      I hear ‘Magoka Magick’ is really good, haven’t had the pleasure of watching it though.

    • Sword Art Online was good. I did a podcast on it recently.

      • Hooo boy…. Good luck bro.

        • I’ve already seen and did a podcast with friends.

    • Kobracon

      I recently started watching Nazo no Kanojo X and I gotta say….its certainly interesting to say the least. Also still watching JoJo and Medaka Box 2. Waiting for Senran Kagura to collect a bit more and watch it all.

  • Deadly Premonition picture for the open forum this week! =)–the-director-s-cut-return-to-greenvale-interview

    I just watched this interview with SWERY on GT, it’s about 8 or 9 minutes long, but he goes into detail about the game. He also says “I love you all” at the end, lol. (It’s subtitled.)

  • I just got some Subway man this food is amazing yum FOOT LONG GET IN MA BELLY!!

    • MosquitoLemon

      I went to visit one of my friends and he just had a random free Subway and gave it to me.

  • devovit

    How is the new jojo anime? anyone saw it?

    • The Co-host of Gundamn loves it.

      • MosquitoLemon

        Gundamn is awesome. And yes, the show is great, though I got bored with it since I read the comic recently.

        • Hey cool its nice to see a gundamn fan! ^_^ I’m NastyNate on

    • Kobracon

      Its fantastic. A good an adaptation if not better than any we could hope for. Its definitely better than the OVA at least.

      • devovit

        thanks im going to check it out

      • devovit

        just finished the first episode, my God its great! i love the old school feeling

        • Kobracon

          Right? Its awesome and it only gets better. The VA for Dio is just perfect!

          • devovit

            i know, it’s too good.

  • Im game hopping at the moment. I’m almost Done with “Tales of Vesperia” PS3 version at the Tower of Tarquaron but have left to try and get the other Hi Ougi such as Yuri/Flynn’s “Bushin Soutenha”, and Patty’s Hi Ougi.

    A few other Games I’m also playing are “Ni No KunI(That game ROX), Legasista(Fun but challenging), and Gundam Extreme Vs. which has a lot of Single Player content. I’ll get through the Online matches when I can.

    • Are you playing the english patch hack version of Vesperia?

  • Been playing Tales of Vesperia PS3 version though I once owned the 360 version. At Tarquaron and working on getting Yuri/Flynn’s “Bushin Soutenha”, and after finishing Duke I’ll load up the game go to the Extra Dungeon fight Kratos, then go to Zaude where at the last place like the 2nd bonus Dungeon the “Telescopic Graveyard” with the most powerful Super Boss Spiral Draco King of the Entelexia at level 200.

    Aside from that I’m game hopping playing “Ni NO Kuni” that game is Awesome, and also playing Legasista and Gundam Extreme Vs. Man Extreme Vs. has a lot of Single Player content. I’ll get to the Online match ASAP.

  • So Many games I’ll be buying this year for PS3.
    Tales of Xillia
    Dragon’s Crown
    The Last of Us
    The God and The Fate Revolution Paradox
    Disgaea D2
    Time & Eternity
    and more.

    • Kobracon

      YEAH Dragons Crown. I hope its good! We need more trailers…

    • Fuse and Star Trek look really fun.

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    You know, there has been tons of Senran Kagura news, and yet not a hint of Kazziyan! I miss that guy.

    • Did something happen to him?

      • MosquitoLemon

        Not necessarily, but if there’s a pervy game and he doesn’t post anything, chances are something horrible has happened to him.

        • Well, in all seriousness, I hope nothing bad has happened. I hope he is okay.

  • paperclichepixel

    Man, I feel something huge is going to happen the games industry. I think a few companies are gonna get a rude awakening.
    I want to be positive, but the energy seems to be flowing that way.

  • Skerj

    Since DmC was released on PC last week I finally got around to playing it since I wasn’t even going to bother with 30fps. Better than I thought it’d be but a lot still doesn’t sit well with me. What the hell happened to the puzzles and my taunts!?

    • MosquitoLemon

      I’m actually glad the puzzles are gone, because that’s my least favorite part of an action game, but dang, you have to enjoy those ultra settings. I’m actually scared to get the game for console knowing how badass it is on PC.

    • Kobracon

      You…actually want puzzles like that dice rolling game from DMC4 back?

  • almostautumn

    Just wondering— did anyone else absolutely hate Uncharted: Golden? I have three chapters to go now and man I can’t wait for the thing to end. At this point I’m finishing because I’m so close, but throughout the whole thing I’ve just been, “Oh my god screw you gimmick!” Not to mention that every-single-fucking-torquoise opens up a laggy, long-load pause where it shows me the friggin’ card for the Uncharted card game that I will not ever be buying…
    I am really dissapointed. I mean, I’m not a big Uncharted guy outside of U2, but this game really is just featureless. It may “have” what sets Uncharted apart from other videogames, but it is just not any “good,” from the (imo) bland, static treasure-hunt story, set-piece reuse, and absolute crushing utility of gimmick; I bought the Vita; I don’t need a 20 hour tutorial in the form of something I should have enjoyed to inform that, indeed, this screen is touch-enabled. At least use it in a meaningful way, like masturbation practice in Monpiece or something, ya’ know? Not cutting tarps, or having me drag my ass out of bed to slam my vita up against a light I’d have rather not turned on.

    • DrForbidden

      I didn’t hate it, but I certainly thought it paled in comparison to the PS3 games. Endless shooting, limited platforming moves, all enemies are the same, little environment diversity, crap plot. I liked the Vita-specific gameplay elements like charcoal-painting, cleaning artifacts, and even holding your Vita camera to a light source. Other than that, the saving grace would be the expectedly-strong cast performances. In summary, not Nathan Drake’s finest moment, but not terrible either.

    • Kobracon

      I didn’t hate it. I’m not sure what card game thing your talking about. I never got something like that. However yes it doesn’t hold up to its console counterparts. The setpieces were meh, the story was…uhm…what was it about again? Sullivan made me keep playing and at least the shooting was still fun, albeit too much of it.

      Yeah alot of the Vita functions were way too gimmicky in the game.

  • Dean Winchester

    Getting pretty fecking sick of Mario-U freezing up every other time I try to save it.
    Losing an hour of progress that me the wife and kid have put in over and over is very frustrating.

    Get your crap together Nintardo. Why was I there, money in hand on launch day just to put up with you working out the network bugs that shouldve been worked out since 2006 had you launched the Wii-U then like you should have.

    A frustrated customer

  • It’s Kind of Pathetic, You get All Erratic, About Dirty Dishes Congesting the Sink. I’m Tired of your Bothers, Remember our Fathers, They Dwelled in a World filled with Garbage and Stink. But when all hope Was Lost, Someone Raised from the Dust, He was Handsome and Cunning, His Haircut had Style! Courage was shining in his eyes, As he said Screw You Guys, Mind your own business I’m off now goodbye!

    Huzzah Hes off Now Goodbye!

    ……I don’t get many opportunities ta Sing dat in public humies.

    • Kobracon

      ….I had to google that whole sentence.

      ….now I have to play Deponia…..

      • it woz my favorite game of 2012……which is odd cause i have never been much of a Point and Click fan.

  • apparently Nintendo iz gonna help Third Parties bring over gamez from Japan to da west.

    ……….iz it me? or did Nintendo become awesome again all o’ a sudden over da month?

  • I really like Nintendo’s attitude lately.

    First, there was the Nintendo Direct.
    1) Zelda is our most popular series next to Mario. We’re working on the all new one, rest assured it is no secret. It will have many changes and it will take some time. But because we hate to keep you waiting, we’re going to completely remake The Wind Waker in HD and ship it to you this fall.

    2) And of course, Mario. Obviously, we’re making a new 3D Mario and Mario Kart. Rest assured, you’ll be able to play it at E3.

    3) Super Smizzash? We got that going, too. E3, you’ll see it.

    4) Okay, we realize we should’ve been quicker to jump on Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade in the overseas market. Monolith is currently developing an epic new RPG for Wii U. It’s coming out everywhere. Watch this sexy trailer and say “ooooo.”

    5) Collaboration is our new middle name. Nintcollaboendo. We already brought Bayonetta 2 back to life and are developing the new Super Smash Bros. with Namco Bandai, but boom, check this: Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. But wait, there’s more. We’re also working on other third-party collaborations. Why? Because “we are willing to actively cooperate with software developers to produce something new beyond the traditional licensing business. We believe that this is possible because Nintendo is not only a platform holder but has a powerful in-house software development team.” This is probably the most important bullet, because it paves the way for new games or sequels from third-party studios that might have otherwise never been created.

    6) How long’s it been since we made a Yoshi game? Seven years? Shoot, our bad. Here. Have this sexy-looking Yarn Yoshi.

    And then of course, there’s today’s announcement:

    7) Got a Japanese game you want to bring overseas? Just call 1-888-NINT-FIX, and we’ll help you get it out there.

    I just hope Monster Hunter 4 and Bravely Default, at least, are able to make it here.

    • i know, it’s like da woke up one day an’ woz like “Whoa, we have really been sucking lately, let’s fix that!” an’ Dey did.

    • Kobracon

      Let’s hope they stick to what they say. If this keeps, a Wii U may actually be a good investment…

  • PrinceHeir

    okay just finished Saya no Uta at this hour(4:40AM)

    and wow what a ending O__O

    im guessing i got the normal one since i’ve pretty much chose the default options.

    i remember this has 3 endings, so it’s a good thing i saved from the very first major decision, so i could always load them.

    wow playing this game at this hour made my heart beat faster O__O

    i want MORE of these games!!!

    • Good thing we don’t have Sibyl in our world lol. I’ve heard some pretty infamous stuff abt it… And I will never play it…

      Say, will you watch a SnU anime?

      • PrinceHeir

        why not :(

        try playing it!!!!

        is there even one?

        will do if they do make one :)

  • Kobracon

    I am starved for some Basara news….when’s 4 coming out T_T

    This year’s definitely a good year for Musou-style beat’em ups! Kaizoku Musou 2, Ken’s Rage 2, DW8, Kamen Rider Battleride and Senran Kagura. Woot!

    Even the RPG front is looking good what with Dragon’s Crown, Ni No Kuni, Yakuza 5, and more.

    On the fighter front we have Injustice looking good so far.

    Action has MGR:R, ’nuff said.

    It’s a good year! If I hear some Basara news somewhere this year its gonna be a friggin FANTASTIC year!

  • Any Killzone fans? The vita game coming out might be a system seller.

  • PrinceHeir

    okay is gamestop really BS me or not?

    it says the page you also get the “Artbook” in addition to the “Gray Fox” DLC.

    so i went to my local gamestop and asked about the preorder, but the guy told me that you only get the artbook if you pre order the Limited Edition Lamp.

    i say wtf O____O

    it says in their regular page that the artbook is available for pre order.

    no where i see the artbook is Limited Edition exclusive and such.

    so anyone here can ask their local gamestop if it’s true as well?

    already pre ordered mine just in case, since i wanted the Gray Fox DLC badly and amazon only gets the Inferno Armor(which is okay)

    just as when i was starting to like gamestop a little bit(especially after the Ni No Kuni fiasco) this thing comes up.

    the guy is cool, i mean he’s the same guy that took my pre order of Tekken Tag 2 last september 2012 and gave everything from the list(including the Nina/Anna Wallpaper)

    so i mean what gives now?

    also i asked about the Fire Emblem Awakening pre order, and they say their done taking pre orders.

    WTF, but when i pre ordered Anarchy Reigns it was coming up tuesday(pre ordered at saturday)

    granted it was only a dlc code(Bayonetta) but wow :(

    i should have pre ordered 3 weeks ago, not to mention i didn’t even know there was a mini artbook coming O____O

    lastly there were ONLY 4 people who pre ordered Ni No Kuni, so they only shipped 4 steelbook cases.

    i could have gotten those instead!

    • PrinceHeir

      btw the Fire Emblem Awakening mini artbook is still available for pre order from the Bundle edition.


    • MosquitoLemon

      I have heard a lot of BS about Gamestop and preorders. Like some employees straight up deny preorder bonuses to some people and give them to others. I like their business, but only for used games.. preorders have been hit or miss.

      • PrinceHeir

        okay i just called customer service(just now in fact) and they said they do include the exclusive “Pre order” mini artbook.

        im guessing the guy i talked to mixed up things since the Limited Edition also comes with an artbook(much thicker) on its own.

        but then why the hell did he say i only will be getting Gray Fox DLC?

        any way she did say it is included, so time will tell.

        and yeah i hope i do received it in the coming weeks.

        i pre order this because of the Gray Fox DLC and i can just pick it up instead of waiting it for amazon(the Inferno Armor is okay)

        though if i don’t received the artbook i would be pissed. since all their other branches will received there’s but not in my store.

        well i only buy games from gamestop New cause i know they haven’t gotten their hands on it.

        they’re used games are a freaking joke, too many tears, soo dirty, manuals are crumpled and the discs are scratched as hell.

        in any case i just hope i won’t get fucked this time around i had enough of bullshit this year(Looking at you Digital River for Ni No Kuni Wizard’s Edition)

        and it’s only Q1 2013, seriously don’t do this to me gamestop.

    • Man, let me tell you this, Gamestop is weird when it comes to pre-orders and stuff. I’ve been told multiple things from different employees before, sometimes I truly believe they are just uninformed. I remember back when I worked at GS, they had these like little mini reports to read each day we clocked in. It usually had all the deals and stuff listed on them, but most people didn’t read them, they just sat them close to the counter, you know, in case they had to remember what was on them.

      Is it still the same today? I’m not sure, but I know most GS stores have a binder thing on the fron desk someplace, my guess is that it hasn’t changed all too much.

      I place my orders online sometimes, just to be sure I’m getting what they promise. I know, it’s silly.

      Looking at the way over priced Rising Lamp Edition thing, I don’t see any art books listed. I do see 24 page book listed as a pre-order bonus, and it’s listed for both versions of the game. I’ll probably be reserving my normal sku of the game at GS, just for the art book.

      • PrinceHeir

        it seems i can confirm that the preorder is indeed exclusive to the Limited Edition.

        i confirmed it on facebook on someone who works there directly.

        also the artbook is separate from the Limited Edition, but in the japanese version it’s the Premium edition.

        soo much bullshit. SERIOUSLY this is plain fucking wrong.

        • Trust me when I tell you this. I don’t plan on buying the $150 limited edition. (Perhaps if the price lowers quite a bit.) But! — I will be getting that art book one way or another. =)

          • PrinceHeir

            NOOO :(

            anyways at least you have it :P

            damn false advertising gamestop

  • Locksus

    I haven’t really posted or commented here anything in a while. I am getting a new gaming rig in a month or two so I’m super excited for that and I’ve been playing lots of WoW lately and I am getting the MMO feeling from it that I wasn’t able to get from GW2, unfortunately.
    As a result of my PC gaming activity, I haven’t touched any of the consoles for a long time now. I wanted to get Ni No Kuni but I haven’t got around to that yet.
    One thing I’d like to do is keep journal of my gaming experiences in WoW but as it stands, I’m not that great of a writes so I couldn’t make my journeys sound interesting.
    Plus I think this game is more focused on Japanese gaming rather than western MMOs. So, yeah.

    Just wanted to add my favourite song from WoW :p brings back memories from a few years back when I used to raid these epic dungeons with 24 other people from my guild. Good times.

    • Sounds like you are having fun, which is the most important thing. =)

      I’d be interested in reading about experiences in WoW, even though it’s not really my type of game.

      • Locksus

        Yeah, I am! I miss my old friends from old servers and guilds. Sometimes I wonder where they might be. Some have quit, moved on with their lives and some may be on other servers.
        I enjoy socializing with new people, though.

  • This is from Kojima’s twitter –

    “Amazing present had arrived from figurine team of Square Enix.”

    • Kobracon

      HAH! That made my day XD

    • PrinceHeir

      fucking awesome :D

      i don’t know why MGS1 Solid Snake is weilding a sword(he hates blades)

      want to play Hideo Kojima!!!

      • Kojima swapped the heads on the figures. He put Snakes head on the Raiden figure for fun. That is why its holding a sword still, the body is still Raiden.

        • PrinceHeir

          yeah both bodies are BIG O____O

  • LordKaiser

    I dint realized that Tecmo-Koei bought Gust till these days. Now that I see that NISA will not longer localize Gust games I feel something similar to the death of a close friend…

    I don’t trust Tecmo-Koei one bit or any company that gives more preference to Japanese costumers.

    • NISA is still localizing them. Well, they localized Ayesha, at least. Not sure about future games. But Tecmo Koei is publishing.

  • PrinceHeir

    anyone wants to exchange friend codes with me?

    also any recommendation on what multiplayer games we should play?? :D

  • PrinceHeir

    I NEED HELP!!!!!!!

    i can’t remove the stupid memory card on my white PS Vita AC Liberation bundle.

    wtf sony!!!!

    im scared of being stuck there FOREVER :(

    • PrinceHeir

      okay i managed to remove it.

      so freaking stupid you have to hold it by the sides and not the front.

  • z_merquise

    Sal, can we have this pic for the next Open Forum? Just a good way to remind others the release of Fire Emblem: Awakening.

    • Sounds good. Will save it for next week!

  • MosquitoLemon

    We finally finished DMC, and it was pretty incredible. My friend gives it a 9/10 and says the only action game he likes more is Bayonetta. Even though I’ve seen the whole story mode, I’ve probably only played a third of it, so I’m reluctant to give it a rating.

    Also, the higher difficulties actually make the game challenging and allow you to utilize larger combos (on the lower levels, most enemies die too quickly for you to do a cool combo). There is quite a bit of replay in this one, probably even more if you play Bloody Palace (though I don’t know if that’s out for the PC version yet?)

  • Belenger

    I guess is that time of the month again for “Sili….”, was posting on the miku dlc thread bam, comment gone within the first two minutes, guess Spencer is still pissed about having no clue on the Silver Vita vs White on that whole other discussion, oh well, at least people here are far more understanding.

    Dont leave us gematsu like andriasang did, couldn’t stomach losing two sites that I daily check T_T.

    • What happened exactly? I’m confused.

      • Belenger

        On that site, there’s a clear hatred of anything related sony so whenever they post something incorrectly and the comments laugh about it they get a bit riled and on the mood to moderate stuff.

        Two news later there was this news about Project Diva f dlc,, in which I posted a comment to the cross-region-dlc on consoles following another post, pointing that Ridge Racer 7(Ps3) and Senko no Ronde (360), had this feature intented or not, my post got deleted within minutes, tried to post again “Your post has been moved to moderation”.

        That’s what it had me pissed about, It wasnt a harmful or trollish post, I was just posting information.

        • Rather than the whole staff, I think it’s mostly Ishaan… I saw a tweet from him with a very strong aura of “Anti-Sony” and “Anti-Tales” a long time ago…

        • That sucks. I’m sorry that happened.
          I don’t like to see comments get removed. We don’t like to remove comments here at gematsu. It has to be something really awful, something directed at another individual that crosses the guidelines. We also remove spam/bot comments, but that’s normal.

          Even then, we prefer to edit the comments before removing them. I think removing a comment should be a last resort. (With temp ban following right after that.)

          I don’t know what guidelines they follow over there, but I can say that I frown upon deleting large amounts of comments. People should be able to post opinions, without worrying about the comment getting removed.

  • Ever since that Playstation Meeting 2013 came up, someone went and made this…

  • Woah… I’m starting to see why some people don’t like Siliconera… Just got my comment deleted just because of a legitimate question… Would have given me an answer than quickly delete it, I appreciate it so we can move on…

  • new_tradition

    Farewell Canadian penny. We’ve had our ups and downs, but it wouldn’t have been the same without you ;A;