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Nintendo to help Japanese devs bring 3DS games overseas
posted on 01.31.13 at 12:01 AM EST by (@salromano)
'We will increase the number of such games in the U.S. and Europe.'

Nintendo will help Japanese game developers bring their 3DS titles to the overseas market, company president Satoru Iwata has said during the company’s latest financial results briefing.

“As the handheld devices occupy a large share of the video game market and software for handheld devices is important in the video game business in Japan, Japanese software developers are eagerly assigning their top teams to develop key titles for Nintendo 3DS,” said Iwata.

He continued, “We therefore plan to more actively support the Japanese software developers in distributing their key titles overseas this year.”

Among those games developed and published in Japan, there have been some games Nintendo has already published in Europe, such as the Professor Layton series.

“We will increase the number of such games for the U.S. market as well as in Europe,” he said. “We are also willing to flexibly assist third-party developers in distributing their valuable games overseas.”

What 3DS games would you like to see Nintendo help localize?

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  • ragnarok989

    Please bring over Danball Senki Baku Boost, it’s a crime that the rest of the world hasn’t gotten to enjoy it’s greatness since the PSP version was ignored here. Not to mention other RPGs that look great like Bravely Default, Terry’s Wonderland 3D and of course the DQ7 remake

  • surakian

    Bravely Default (because it looks like SE is just sitting on it), Time Travelers, Fantasy Life, EX Troopers, DQ7, DQM Terry’s Wonderland (because it had fantastic sales in Japan and yet it is still MIA.)

    • Belenger

      Of that list, DQ-Bravely-Fantasy Life had good sales, enough to warrant a localization, Time Travelers barely sold anything along with Ex Troopers so these two should be already out of any realm of possibility :/

      • surakian

        That is true, but we’re getting Project X Zone so anything seems possible now.

    • PrinceHeir

      how could i forgotten Time Travelers :(

      which is better though Vita or 3DS?

      • surakian

        I would say the Vita version is superior if only for the better graphics and it is Region Free.

        • PrinceHeir

          i see.

          but mostly they’re the same huh?

  • Bravely Default should be on the top of the list then, I’m waiting for that so I can buy a 3DS

  • EspadaKiller

    Bravely Default, thanks.

  • Pyrofrost

    BRAVELY DEFAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    EDIT: and Dragon Quest VII please!

  • as others have said bravely default, dq7 most likely will come over I really hope ex troopers does also but that might be more of a hassle since someone at capcom decided to put the text as artwork so they would have to redo art instead of just translating text. Still boggles my mind as to why they did that.

  • So far, gaming wise, Nintendo is the only one who seems to have a good sounding gaming plan. I’m tired of hearing about all of the stupid mobile/casual gaming BS

  • neku

    Beyond the Labyrinth..

  • Blaz

    “We are also willing to flexibly assist third-party developers in distributing their valuable games overseas.”

    That part made me exceptionally happy!

  • Sevyne

    Well it looks like Nintendo is finally taking that step nobody else seems to be willing to take. Gotta show em some respect for that. Can’t wait to see where this leads. A lot of games never leave Japan and it really sucks, but this could be a big turning point (for the better) if they really push this hard.

    Oh, and Bravely Default please?

  • Guest

    Ah, so THIS is why they locked the 3DS. So the smaller developers have to pay Nintendo more for their ‘help’ in distributing their game globally. Granted, parallel importations and localisations aren’t equivalent, but it’s not like niche titles sell big even when localised anyway.

  • all of them.. jrpgs

  • dunno, but dere iz alot o’ games they could do i’m sure.

    Sony could learn a thing or 2 from dem.

  • Luffink

    Hatsune Miku Project Mirai… yeah, I know, impossible

  • So Nintendo is helping the Japanese devs, huh? They deserve a praise all right….

    However, I can’t help but think what they said actually means “We are helping Japanese Devs on localization to fill in huge gaps in our US and EU bare-boned releases”… Now that I think about it, I don’t recall any well-known western made titles on the 3DS…

  • This is great news. Nintendo, I’ve been very impressed with you lately, please, keep it up!

    Bravery Default comes to mind right away, make it happen! I’d also gladly accept the 3DS version of EX Troopers. Especially since it seems like a PS3 localization is not happening.

    If you get Square-Enix to work on Bravery Default, how about giving them a push to localize Dragon Quest X? Pretty please? I’ll buy a Wii U if you do, I’m serious. ^^

  • Type-0 and Bravely Default …. If SE does not give us the games now.. they hate US. The 3DS can handle Type-0 just put it on that system millions already have it.

    • I seriously doubt Nintendo cares about getting a PSP game localized.

      • TwinTails

        He means port it to 3DS so Nintendo will want to localize it.

        • I guess so? I thought it was all kind of a joke. I wasn’t really taking it serious. Fair enough, that would be kinda hard to do though.

  • YangTerlupakan

    with this sony lost so many change to help vita

  • Mar Mar

    “Sony to help Japanese devs bring PS3 and Vita games overseas” is what I would like to hear as well.

    Hopefully this will catch their eye.

  • Honk

    How about trying to get games that are coming out soon an actual release date in Europe? Etrian Odyssey 4 doesn’t even have a European release date and the 3DS is region locked. Why do you hate us so much Nintendo?

    • TwinTails

      One word: Atlus.

  • Guest

    I would love to see them bring over Culdcept 3DS.

  • Julian Darkdawn

    I’m still hoping for Culdcept 3DS.

  • Prof Layton Vs. Ace Attorney (finally?)

  • dez-e-ray112

    Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney.

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    New Love Plus………. I mean, Bravely Default >.>

  • PrinceHeir

    Bravery Default, Professor X Layton, Senran Kagura Burst!

    please i want all of these!!!!!

  • Why someone not bring any Inazuma Eleven titles here? Oww please Nintendo and Level-5, you should localize Inazuma Eleven Go and Go 2: Chrono Stone for 3DS. Nintendo know how to please their fans, cool!

    • Tsurugi

      Agree with you, they need to bring Inazuma Eleven GO 1 and 2 to the US and EU, the version for DS was amazing, the version for the 3DS will be the best game for 3DS!

  • bisco

    Bravely Default, Fantasy Life and Ni No Kuni DS pls