Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monsters: Zinogre - Gematsu
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monsters: Zinogre
posted on 01.09.13 at 05:08 PM EST by (@salromano)
Meet the Fanged Wyvern-type thunder beast.

Another week, another Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monster profile. This time, we meet Zinogre, the Fanged Wyvern-type, who most recently starred on the cover of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in Japan. Read the full profile below, courtesy of Capcom Unity.

Zinogre (Fanged Wyvern)

If you’ve been keeping up with the international Monster Hunter releases, you’ll soon recognize the Zinogre as the monster in the cover of the Japan-only Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. This fanged wyvern is back in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to terrorize your hunts with its electricity packed moves and crazy acrobatics. New to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is the addition of the Stygian Zinogre – Zinogre’s darker Dragon-element fueled cousin (or subspecies, as described in the game).

But let’s focus on the Thunder-based Zinogre for now. By the time you first encounter this monster, you shouldn’t be surprised that it has some contact moves, such as a running attack, a shoulder tackle and series of stomps that do a good job at tracking its prey. What’s really new and unique to the Zinogre is its incredible acrobatics. It can jump while spinning which results in a sweeping of the area with its long tail. Additionally, he does unexpected backflips – which occasionally catch me off-guard since I try to attack monsters as they’re facing away from me.

Also unique to the Zinogre is the ability to charge up its thunder power! It can charge it up to different levels to enhance its thunder attacks, which can cause some serious damage. While charging up, the Zinogre leaves his guard down for a short period of time, so be sure to make good use of that time. But I wouldn’t be too close to it when it’s getting ready for a full charge… the electricity is quite powerful.

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