Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monsters: Plesioth - Gematsu
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monsters: Plesioth
posted on 01.11.13 at 02:24 PM EST by (@salromano)
Battle this Piscine Wyvern both on land and underwater.

The Piscine Wyvern Plesioth is the latest Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monster to get the profile treatment. Capcom Unity has detailed the beast, who is one of the few monsters that first appeared in the original Monster Hunter on PS2.

Plesioth (Piscine Wyvern)

Plesioth is one of the few monsters that dates all the way back to the very first Monster Hunter game. And now it’s back to cause trouble again in MH3U with a few underwater twists! BTW, the Green Plesioth is coming along too.

Back in the first few games, there was no underwater combat, so this Piscine Wyvern was always safe from melee attacks when it was submerged – and this turned out to annoy many hunters worldwide and drag out many quests as they often went out of reach of Blademasters. Well, no more of that! Now we jump into the water and keep the fight going without interruptions. Of course, the Plesioth knows we’re coming now, so it has prepared an interesting set of moves for the underwater battle.

Aside from the regular tail swipes and water jet moves, which it also performs on land, the Plesioth can now charge at its targets at full speed underwater, jump out of the water vertically (which causes some pretty decent splash damage on its way down) and it occasionally tries to catch you with a single tail slap that is really fast and strong.

Another interesting feature of the Plesioth is that it will often shoot water at you if you take too long to jump in the water. This is one of the moves that was present in past MH games and returns now as a reminder of past nightmares. Speaking of which, the infamous “hip-check” move is back too!

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • PrinceHeir


  • Azure

    I’ve been waiting for this moment.. Plesioth.. i can swim now..

    • Ragiacrus

      yeah, in past iterations of the game, he was just annoying. In the water he would swim around till you threw a sonic bomb and on land he was slow and wasn’t much of a challenge (imo). Getting to encounter this creature in the water will bring a new dimension to fighting Plesioth

      • Azure

        Yeah :) can’t wait to fight him.

  • This guy is a tough one to fight