Macross 30 has a swimsuit slip event - Gematsu
Macross 30 has a swimsuit slip event
posted on 01.23.13 at 12:39 AM EST by (@salromano)
There is a sea bathing scene, too. Fan service, yo.

Macross 30: Ginga o Tsunagu Utagoe, Namco Bandai’s upcoming Macross 30th anniversary game for PlayStation 3, will have an event where someone’s swimsuit slips or falls off, Famitsu reveals this week.

There will also be a sea bathing scene with Alto Saotome, Sheryl Nome, Ranka Lee, and Macross 30‘s original characters.

The game will make use of a new anime cut design.

Macross 30 is due out for PlayStation 3 in Japan on February 28.

Thanks, Game Nyarth.

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  • PrinceHeir

    it’s bundle with the movie right?

    can’t wait!!!!!!

    Macross goodness :)

    • Not a movie bundle this time. It’s a full game.

      • PrinceHeir

        ehh no movie O___O

        that’s weird, Namco has been doing Hybrid’s throughout the Macross Films.

        why stop now :(

  • ‘headesks repeatedly, then brandishes a newspaper and proceeds to start swinging’

    Seriously! The Gameplay and story should be the selling points, not this!

    • fyi1191

      Agreed. They are ruining the Macross series.
      Macross = Awesome Music and transformable fighter planes.

    • Ecchi fanservice stuff is very popular in Japan. Lots of Otaku wait to buy the uncensored versions of shows just for this type of material.

      That leads to selling more copies, which = more money. It shouldn’t be surprising to see this practice being used to sell video games. It’s been happening for quite a while now.

      I do understand your frustration. I’ve found myself being turned off from some anime series because of this. I don’t think this formula fits with every genre. Some would beg to differ, but it comes down to personal taste, and also what sells better.

      • yes, but they are too reliant on it.

        what happens when people stop buying it as much due to being sick and tired of it, what happens when they are all done with it?

        They won’t know what to do, leading to a collapse.

        • I think they will just replace it with something else. Some new thing will become super popular, and it will click with fans, people will buy stuff because of it.

          If something happens to create a lull period between this, the industries will fall back on the sure things. Sequels to long running popular franchises.

          I’m hoping that the writing and stories will continue to improve, regardless of what is currently popular.

    • DrForbidden

      No offense intended, but I think you may be a little off about the term ‘fanservice’. It does NOT just refer to ecchi fanservice. ‘Fanservice’, on a whole, are elements which are a ‘service to fans’, like cameos, guest characters, and the stuff you are referring to, to reward the fans who bought it. In that sense, this ENTIRE game is a Macross fanservice game, because it brings together characters and mecha from the different series. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with fanservice, in general. That’s the entire reason why any Macross fan would buy this, and adding another subset of fanservice doesn’t really change anything.

    • You know, you can just pretend the fanservice doesn’t exist…. That’s how I managed to get across them…

  • ShinAsura

    I don’t know enough about Macross so probably wouldn’t enjoy this

  • “Fan service, yo.”

    Ha! Stay classy Sal,

  • new_tradition

    Never mind it actually happening, I just think it’s kind of funny Famitsu went out of their way to let readers know there’s a single scene about it. Way to ruin a surprise, lol.

  • Tochiro

    Famitsu didnt go out of their way to say anything. The above piece is based on blog comments which were, in turn, based on a single image in the bottom corner of a larger 2 page spread

    Way to check your Japanese sources guys. Maybe look at the actual issue of famitsu yourselves next time?

    • Hi, Tochiro.

      Famitsu leaks on Tuesday nights (Wednesday morning in Japan). The actual issue doesn’t come out until Wednesday night (Thursday morning in Japan) and specialized shops like Kinokuniya in the U.S. don’t get it until Thursday afternoon (or Friday morning in Japan).

      Because the magazine leaks Tuesday night, we cover it when it leaks. Game Nyarth, our source, is usually very reliable when it comes to covering these leaks. And looking at the photo from this week’s Famitsu, it doesn’t seem to be inaccurate. I see an event scene, someone’s top has slipped, and they’re in a bathing in the sea. The only inaccurate information I see is Game Nyarth’s classifying it as two separate events when it appears to be just one. I’ll fix that in the article.

      As far as getting the magazine myself, by the time it hits in U.S. special shops, its contents are irrelevant and have already been covered online. Plus, that’s $5 for the train ride back and forth, and $10 for the mag. No way I’m spending $15 a week on a magazine! Used to do it. Not anymore, my friend. =P

      • Tochiro

        Thanks for the reply and kudos for taking the time out to do so.
        My main issue with the original piece was that Famitsu didnt really reveal or go out of its way to point the bathing scene out, whereas the article reads like it did. It also doesnt mention the valks in famitsu which, if anything, were the only thing that were actually ‘revealed’ in the issue since there had been pictures of the new characters bathing previously. Theres also nothing that indicates that the image showed is anything more than a single still image – whether that constitutes a ‘scene’…well its a matter of interpretation I guess.

        As for Famitsu – maybe having a contact in Japan scan it for you would be an idea? Overkill perhaps, but the idea of comments by bloggers being translated as ‘news’ is not something I find too appealing. But hey, maybe thats just my own bia/sensitivitys as someone who has a journalism degree and works in the Japanese gaming industry ^^;

        • “Thanks for the reply and kudos for taking the time out to do so.”

          No worries. =) Would’ve done so earlier, but I just saw it tonight.

          “My main issue with the original piece… new characters bathing previously.”

          Apologies for that. I don’t recall seeing any bathing pictures before. We have a gallery of all the officially released images here:

          The reason the article is about the bathing scene is because at the time (and up until the “Famitsu leak” had ended, IIRC), all Game Nyarth had typed up on Macross 30 from Famitsu’s latest coverage of the game were the slip and bathing details, so I figured they were the only new details to come out this week. It certainly didn’t mention anything about new valk(yries, right? I’m not too familiar with Macross), unfortunately.

          “Maybe having a contact in Japan scan it for you would be an idea… appealing.”

          Having a contact would be nice, but usually these scans tend to come out as the Famitsu leak rolls out. As far as “comments by bloggers” go, they’re not so much comments, but more so bullet summaries of Famitsu’s coverage that week. Game Nyarth’s bullet summary of Fami’s coverage on RE: Revelations HD this week powered this story, for example:

          “works in the Japanese gaming industry”

          That’s pretty neat! :D Can I ask what you do?

          • Tochiro

            As for Game Nyarth, its not a site that I usually read exactly because of cases like this where they have written up a personal comment without any context or clarification. Seemed like they were trying to scrounge some clicks due to this weeks Famitsu being fairly low on newsworthy content. But hey, to each their own.
            More importantly, heres hoping Macross 30 is a great game :-)

            As for me, nothing I’m willing to disclose in a public forum, sorry. Suffice to say I’ve been living and working in Japan for over a decade.