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Lightning Returns: first look at Lumina
posted on 01.16.13 at 08:05 AM EST by (@salromano)
Hey, Lumina. Have we meet somewhere before?

Jump this week has the first look at Lumina, the new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII character we detailed last night, as well as a couple of Lightning’s new outfits, which are referred to in the game as “Wear.”

Thanks, @Kazu4281.

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  • Heartless ㅤ

    Lightning + Serah = Lumina?

    • Maybe she’s Snow/Serah’s daughter in this twisted reality?

      • Budgiecat

        the whole XIII series is twisted. Like a twisted turd from Toriyama’s tush

        • Calm down, it’s not that bad. You are truly making the series sound more worse than it is. And I didn’t mean “twisted” in a negative way.

          • Budgiecat

            This series is an abomination. I think I speak for hundreds of thousands of people that just want FF to move on already.

            • CassidyCantafio

              Those hundreds of thousands of people actually don’t care about how clusterfucked it’s getting because they all have faith that square enix will end it in a good way.

            • zakou

              Lmao if you(and this isn’t only for you as there are alot of people like you as you mentioned) own all platforms then you shouldn’t be angry at the franchise. Consider this “moving on” and think why games like Crisis Core, Type-Zero, A Real Reborn were created along the way of FFXIII trilogy.

              Also Versus XIII will probably get a new name so it won’t be anything “FFXIII” we all know this and yeah let’s not forget the nice FFVII; Advent Children Complete movie, it added to the FF franchise experience as a whole not as a game.

              Not to mention one fact that i haven’t seen anyone mention yet. FFIV: the After Years/ FFIV: Complete.

              This new FFIV game was something the nostalgians begged for, it i were a FFIV fan, a fan of the old 2D FF games or just fun of FF then this game is a dream come true however nobody played it xD

              People bi**h and say how the good old days used to be better then square remakes alot of older FF games keeping them in 2D and even making a continuation story for the FFIV! but no nobody cares a FF franchise is doomed.

              Indeed if they make one more FFXIII (4th) then obviously it means that they are milking the FFXIII universe.

              However if you played the games i mentioned along the way then you shouldn’t be so angry, FF as a franchise isn’t doing as good as it use to but FFXIII isn’t the only FF game.

              TL;DR: People want back their childhood memories, the first experiences they had with FF but that is impossible move on.

            • You are correct. Many people want to move on. But that does not mean that the series is an abomination.

              If you’re so bothered by XIII and its spin-offs, then I don’t think an article about it is the place for you.

      • this is impossible if they are following the same timeline as FFXIII-2.

  • Well that mean serah(Lumina) is back with new personality !

  • Seems like I got the idea of the twist.

    • Budgiecat

      Aunt Lightning

      • YangTerlupakan

        she must be 500 years old in LR: XIII

  • Gigus

    I’m sorely confused. It also seems like they’ve added more changes to combat mechanics because of lightning’s wardrobe change. Seems like a throwback to FFX-2’s combat mechanics.

  • EspadaKiller

    I got a feeling Lumina would be my fav character in this game lmao

  • Neutron15

    she looks sexier than Serah, lol

  • Oh I see she is Serah.. maybe ..I love it!

  • DesmaX

    … Yeah, Square is just reusing the Serah model from previous games

    • DarthBrian

      I’m not seeing the similarities at all.

      • Neutron15

        agree, plus shes sexier

      • DesmaX

        But it is the same model (With some tweaks here and there)

        • DarthBrian

          I don’t see it at…


          Are you talking about everything except the face? o_O

          Cuz I’m just looking at the face. O_o

          • DesmaX


            • DarthBrian

              I think I need a better picture.
              I covered up her face with my thumb to see if it looked like her without her face, but not really seeing it.
              Maybe if someone photoshops in Serah’s face or something that could help. :p

              • DesmaX

                C’mon. Ripping off the face too would be way too shameless.

                Or too obvious

      • Budgiecat

        Try opening your eyes

    • Himiko

      They aren’t.

  • DarthBrian

    Why is everybody saying that looks like Serah?
    It looks nothing like Serah. o_O

    • Neutron15

      they must have a Serah obsession

    • Raiyu

      Are you serious? >_>

      • DarthBrian

        I am super serial.

        • Budgiecat

          not super sentai?

    • zakou

      She looks like could + serah + lightning combined

      • Budgiecat

        product of Wincest?

  • new_tradition

    Lol, the long lost Farron sister. Or something trolling Lightning big time. I can see Lumina latching onto Lightning’s arm, tearfully crying “oneechan!” and playing up her sister complex or something xD

    • Budgiecat

      ugh….the scary part is you’re probably right. Stupid Anime memes

    • if she says dat phrase in da english release, i will break da disc.

  • zakou
    • Neutron15

      whats the point of that

      • zakou

        I was going to post how Lumina reminded me of cloud in the bottom shot angle but somehow i couldn’t edit my post because i didn’t see it xD “it didn’t show in the comment section” now it does.

  • what a piss pour looking game

  • Aldridge517


    Serah’s dead :/

    • DesmaX

      Nice spoiler

      • Revorse

        Well, anyone looking in the section about a sequel to a game should expect that, right?

      • I added a spoiler warning to the comment. Disqus still doesn’t have spoiler tags… Sorry about that. =/

        • DesmaX

          No prob. I’ve beated XIII-2 a long time ago

          • I’m glad it wasn’t a real bad spoiler then. ^^

        • Aldridge517

          Thanks for that Lol

          • You’re welcome.

      • Aldridge517

        Thank you very much *takes a bow*

  • Ragiacrus

    appealing character for me. wonder what her role is in the game also nice name for a char.

  • Akira_Tenshi

    Why do they all have the same colour hair? If you don’t think she looks like Serah you are an idiot, maybe it was intentional though.

  • Guest

    Damn, her name totally reminds me a sword with the same name in Brave Fencer Musashi. (an old Squaresoft / Square Enix game)

  • Damn, her name has the same name of a sword in Brave Fencer Musashi. (an old Squaresoft/Square Enix game)

  • ShinAsura

    She’s cute

  • MrKappa

    Knowing Toriyama there is no way this Lumina is not connected to Serah if she isn’t in fact Serah.

    • Budgiecat

      She is the “Yuel” of Serah! reborn into this new world! Only to tragically die again! multiple times!

  • Bloodios

    Bah! I’d wager that anyone whose hair is naturally pink is a Farron.

  • Himiko

    Really cute. :3 I like her.

  • xMCXx

    She looks like any other female character in FF13.
    Serah and Vanille also look like this!

    • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

      All of 13’s models are generic,oddly enough the art wasnt :

  • Ratsuki

    This game screams FFX-2 all over again for me, with dress change, doppelganger and all
    And whatever name they decide to call that dress change system, i know i will end up referring it as Lightning Cosplaying XD
    What next SE? Maid costume dlc? Nekomimi?
    Will Lightning become next Aya Brea? Or she already is?

  • TensaiBaka

    Alright, she’s sexy. But I bet her voice acting for the english version would make her a total bitch, but I expect alot from this new character.

  • Anime10121

    Well color me intrigued, let me take a bet that this is an older Serah (even though she doesnt really look like Serah to me) that actually aged a little through the times (and is the only one to do so) and has become a “slave to the Gods” much like her sister, who ironically fought so hard for her freedom in the first game.

  • AnimusVox

    This is like the sister the Farron family kept locked up in the attic.

  • zakou

    The more i look at Lumia the more i like her o,o in this game Lights story will come to an end however, what if a new FFXIII will start with Lumia as main character! I really can’t wait for this game! O_O

    • Budgiecat

      AW HELL NAW!

    • Himiko

      Lumina Returns! :D

  • Lenne

    Just saying this again… Lumina looks like Serah Kappa.

  • paperclichepixel

    She’s cute, but looks strangely mischievous.

  • Prodigy-X

    LMFAO!!!!! they got lazy and made the character look just like Serah.

    • Himiko

      because there’s a reason.

      • Guest

        A reason that stems from laziness.

        • Himiko

          Nope. Plot reason. Not that hard to figure out.

          • Guest

            A plot reason that was created in order to make the blatant laziness seems less obvious.

            • Himiko

              Nope. You can be a bit more positive and think its the other way around, but I highly doubt it. Plot reason is obvious, not always laziness.

              The same can be said for Versus and many titles after FF1.

              • Guest

                I was just joking. Currently feeling a bit too jolly (or maybe trolly.)

                • Himiko

                  Lol no harm done then. Hard to tell when there’s so many who’d say that. :p

  • Budgiecat

    What the flying ****???

  • Eclipse

    Love the design.
    She looks very cute & mischievous.

  • Still looks like Serah… Turn that innocent look into a mischievous look and you got yourself a new Serah lookalike…

  • Just a guess here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lumina is like only someone that Lightning can see. Possibly even a fake character her mind has created, perhaps from the guilt she has in regards to Serah’s fate at the end of 13-2.

    I know, I’m really reaching here. Just an interesting theory I have.

    • Guest

      Kinda like Ninja Ninja from Afro Samurai?

  • oh look, a 18-early 20 somefin’ wit pink hair that lookz just like Serah. Either it’z Serah in disguise or dey iz gettin’ lazy.

  • PrinceHeir

    oh square you!

  • KurisuMakise

    So uh…duck lips? Not seeing it?