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Killzone: Mercenary detailed, release date set
posted on 01.30.13 at 07:37 PM EST by (@salromano)
Guerrilla Cambridge-developed Killzone due out in September.

Killzone: Mercenary, Guerrilla Cambridge’s August-announced Killzone title for PS Vita, will launch in North America on September 17 and in Europe in September.

The game is set after the events of the first Killzone and revisits many of the events from the Killzone trilogy. It runs on the Killzone 3 engine. It puts players in the boots of mercenary and former UCA-soldier Arran Danner, commissioned to do work for both the ISA and Helghast. He doesn’t pick sides, so long as he’s paid. But after a mission to evacuate the Vektan Ambassador and his family in Pyrrhus goes wrong, Danner realizes the war’s outcome is dependent on the fate of the Ambassador’s young son, who both the ISA and Helghast are trying to seize.

Single-player in Mercenary consists of nine missions that each last about an hour long. Each mission is fully replayable with challenges and special goals. Every level has three difficulty settings (Recruit, Veteran, and Elite) and four contract types, three of which (Precision, Covert, and Demolition) are unlocked after your initial play-through.

Multiplayer mode supports up to eight players (4 vs. 4) and offers six maps and three gameplay modes (Warzone, Team Deathmatch, and Free-For-All).

Every kill and objective completed in Killzone: Mercenary is rewarded. The better you play, the higher amount of Vectan dollars you’re awarded. Money earned applies to both single and multiplayer modes. Your dollars can be spent on weapons and gear at Blackjack’s equipment shop, which will have daily specials, primary weapons, secondary weapons, grenades, armor, and other equipment.

Being a first-person shooter, Killzone: Mercenary will utilize the dual-stick FPS control scheme. It will use the PS Vita touch screen for brutal melee attacks, and the system’s gyro capabilities for accurate sniper aiming.

For more detailed information, read VG247’s single and multiplayer previews.

View the first screenshots and artwork at the gallery. Watch a new gameplay trailer and weapon guide below.

Gameplay Trailer

Guide to Weaponry

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  • Prodigy-X

    Yes!!! this game is going to be awesome. Keep the games coming Sony.

  • almostautumn

    Awesome!!!! I actually just got the KZ3 multiplayer plat about a month ago; I friggin’ love this series.

    But! Those swipes on the melee— I swear that if Sony trashes another one of their top series by riddling it with gimmick… ffffffuuuuuu. For real; is it honestly necessary, as a gameplay element, to make that little swipe? Does it really make someone “feel” as if they’re sliding the blade into an enemy/other player? I think not, and I really hope they make the wise move of not utilizing respectable series as tech-pieces any further for the Vita. They built Welcome Park into the thing; it’s time to let their teams make the decision whether or not any touch or microphone or light features actually benefit the project they’re building (which I’m almost certain that unless a game is built around these new features, then physical buttons and known controls offer the most immersive experience available).

    • Skerj

      Yeah touch mechanics for the sake of adding a touch mechanics should be done away with. When a game is built with the input in mind then we get something good, I remember Folklore being one of the few games that would feel incomplete without motion controls. Tearaway looks to do the same for touch controls on Vita.

      But I grow weary of being forced to do things that are more efficient with buttons, like having to slice bamboo with the god damn screen like Uncharted.

      • almostautumn

        You said it. And yeah; Games like The World Ends with You, No More Heroes, Knights in the Nightmare; all games built with the intention of utilizing new age features in either meaningful, revolutionary, or at the very least thoughtful ways, and they’re amazing games for it. But when it’s there just to be there (bad memories of Dawn of Sorrow stylus nonsense), or to “oblige” the hardware it’s on for some inept reason— bleh! It’s such a rookie mistake that’s been made hundreds of times before; just don’t do it!

        • Sevyne

          Oh god…Dawn of Sorrow was such a great game, but the stupid stylus nonsense to finish a boss off was so amazingly bad and just not needed. So glad Portrait or Ruin and Order of Ecclesia didn’t do stuff like that.

  • Skerj

    It was funny during Gamescom when Black Ops Declassified was shown and then this. Reactions were like “WTF!?” and Nihilistic were still trying to defend their game. Maybe the shame fueled their name change. Whatever the case, I’m actually pretty excited for this one and I normally don’t care for FPS titles as of late.

  • Darkmaster

    True”Console quality on the go”.

  • Dean Winchester

    Looks very impressive.
    Destroys any visuals the 3DS could ever hope to muster in 10 generations but the lowest common denominator that is our populace will continue to buy the lowest common denominator in handheld gaming.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Power means nothing without games though. Being a more powerful system says nothing of the quality or quantity of its games.

      As a Vita owner who doesn’t even have a 3DS, I find it pretty ridiculous that you’d insinuate that people who are enticed by the 3DS’ offerings over the Vita’s are somehow the lesser for it.

      The 3DS’ library has both quantity and quality and while the Vita library may have both to some extent, it’s not in the same magnitude. If you count each and every Vita game, yes, there’s a number of them. But I doubt there’s a single Vita owner who’d wager that every game we have is good. The 3DS, by simple virtue of having more games overall, also has more good games for the Vita. If good is too subjective a term then, more vaguely, we can simply say it has more to offer someone looking to keep their device in use. I use my Vita every day, but it’s certainly not for all of the games we’re getting.

      I can understand if you dislike the 3DS, you’re not alone in that, but placing those who do on a lower level in some kind of gamer caste system seems pointless. Different people like different things.

      • Sevyne

        Saying the 3DS has more quality games because it has more games is quite subjective. For some that may be true, but as an owner of both portables I’m really having a hard time finding games worth a damn on my 3DS. It’s library is so poor to me that I mostly play regular DS games on it. Meanwhile I actually have plenty of games on my Vita that I quite enjoy.

        It all comes down to your personal tastes really.

        • Solomon_Kano

          As I said, if good is too subjective there are at least more games on offer, so there are at least more choices. For most, they probably have a better chance of finding something to fit their tastes if there are more options to begin with. I’m speaking as someone who doesn’t own one, so that’s just how I see it looking from the outside. If you have more stuff on your Vita that you enjoy on 3DS, then that’s great.

          I’m not really speaking on any one person in particular or anything, so I’d agree that it comes down to personal taste.

          • Sevyne

            Well think of it this way. The Wii has a TON of games, but how many do you think were actually worth a second glance (or a first for that matter)? 3DS is really giving me Wii vibes where it has a few great quality first party games and then bucketloads of shovelware. Vita has less games overall, but at least I find a good majority of them are at least average to good. Looking at it this way it kind of evens out as far as quality of games goes.

            I like both of them and hope the Vita gets a little more love as well as hope the 3DS keeps up it’s success. Though I’d like to see a bit more effort on both of them.

            • Solomon_Kano

              You have a point on the Wii comparison, but the PS2 had tons of games as well. Generally speaking, I’m just saying one would expect to have a higher chance of finding more to their taste on the platform with more overall. Is that always the case? No, but I’m not looking at specific cases. Just the expectation.

              It should also be taken into account that people can make informed decisions when buying these systems, so it isn’t as if they are leaving it up to chance. Unless they bought their systems before they knew if it had anything worth buying to them. People do that, I suppose.

              • Sevyne

                PS2 had an amazing push of quality games though and the wii very much did not. You would also think the chance would be higher to find a good game to suit your tastes with more games, but when some of them can hardly be called games I wouldn’t really count on it.

                As far as buying systems; Some people just have money to throw around, others have confidence that a brand will deliver (even if it never does). Whatever the reason may be, blind purchases happen a lot more often than one would think.

                Anyway, I have no clue why someone downvoted you. Not like you were trashing anything or anybody. If anything, you’ve been pretty reasonable even if I am not in full agreement. Glad someone can go a round or two without it becoming a flamefest, so thumbs up man.

                • Solomon_Kano

                  I guess it’s easier for people to downvote stuff than to actually discuss things. I like to keep things civil whether people agree with me or not. I feel like that’s the only way to have a meaningful discussion.

                  As for the quality of the Wii’s games, that takes us back into the realm of subjectivity. I thought most of the system’s games were poor, but I’m sure some kids probably enjoyed its library. I think it was a system skewed too low for Nintendo’s usual audience, so the majority of its games ended up coming from barrel scraping devs out to make something of that install base. But, again, that’s just how you and I (and lots of others feel). Stepping away from the Wii, even removing this from the realm of games, just based on numbers that would be the expectation. I’ve already conceded that this doesn’t always hold true, though.It’s just what I personally would expect. Of course, I’m actually an exception to my own expectation seeing as I own a Vita and not a 3DS lol.

                  I understand that people make blind purchases, I’d just think that would happen less with more expensive things like consoles. But then again, that would be under the assumption that every person who buys a console stays as informed as those of us who frequent gaming sites. I certainly recognize that’s not the case, so I guess that’s that.

                  • Sevyne

                    You do bring up a good point (especially with what the target audience ended up as with the Wii), though I feel the same has happened to the 3DS. However, in light of the most recent news about Nintendo making a bigger effort to work with 3rd parties to get more games localized that normally would not, I’ll for the moment just see how things play out and hope for the best.

                    Now if only Sony could get off their collective butts and do the same. Vita has a ton of games in Japan that will never see the light of day anywhere else. Sony should take a page from Nintendo’s book on this and make the effort themselves to get those games overseas.

                    • Solomon_Kano

                      The problem on Sony’s side is that they’ve managed to personify the catch-22 in making the Vita. The publishers haven’t been given much reason to want to spread their titles to other regions because of the Vita’s slow adoption rate, but the adoption rate won’t pick up if we don’t have more games.

                      More than localizing the existing content, I feel that they need to take note of Nintendo’s other initiative — establishing partnerships to drive exclusive development. They got that started before Ninty with Soul Sacrifice, but that’s the only title they’ve done that for. The Vita has a nice-sized catalogue, but it doesn’t have that steady stream of releases that the 3DS has. If Sony can secure partnerships for exclusives from Capcom, Squenix, and Atlus they can get the Vita some momentum. Once that happens, we’ll have more developers willing to work on the system and then they can start helping bring publishers’ games overseas.

                      The Vita’s releases, be they good, bad, or mediocre are few and far between. That’s got to change. Also, for goodness sakes, once they get more titles they need to market them better. The Vita as a whole just needs to be marketed better. It’s a great piece of kit, but changed need to be made to things around it.

                    • Sevyne

                      Oh absolutely agree with everything here. The only way I see things picking up for Vita in terms of third party support are partnerships with Sony. With the way sales have been for Vita, nobody wants to take the risk and if Sony wants to turn it’s portable around they need to realize that THEY have to take those risks first. It’s not the responsibility of third party developers to make the system profitable, it’s Sony’s and they so far have not taken the initiative to make it so.

                      And yeah, they really need to take some lessons in marketing. A lot of people I know don’t even know what the hell a Vita even is. It’s an amazing portable with great potential, but if Sony doesn’t take the risks first then it’s never going see it’s true potential. This is one thing Nintendo has been a master of. When it comes to marketing, they can sell a steak to a vegetarian.

                    • Solomon_Kano

                      Nintendo is the Apple of gaming in the marketing space. Sony’s more MS. Strokes of brilliance, but idiotic choices in key places to punctuate that.

                      If Soul Sacrifice doss well, and Sony’s clearly betting the farm on it, I think we’ll see them try for more partnerships.

                    • Sevyne

                      Well I sure hope so.

                    • Solomon_Kano

                      You and me both.

      • “Power means nothing without games though. Being a more powerful system says nothing of the quality or quantity of its games.”
        Try telling that to people who spent a fortune on their powerful gaming rig and declared old tech holds back gaming….

        As a Vita owner, 3DS is a neat hardware except for the 3D feature… There are a lot of games on it but I’m only interested in a few sadly… I’m waiting for those games before I decide on purchasing a 3DS…

        • Solomon_Kano

          Meh. I don’t have time for the PC, folks.

          And that’s what it should be. Purchase the system after it has enough games you want. I plan to get a 3DS eventually. But I need to know that I’ll be playing more than the handful of games I’m interested in on it right now.

          • Dean Winchester

            You seem a very reasonable poster here.

            I think the 1 thing you and many others forget though is that as far as the library is concerned the 3DS had a year headstart to build that library. Even though it took 9 months for it to get its first worthwhile game.

            Now the last time I did the research back in Q4 of 2012 I used metacritic and game rankings as a source and if you took games rated at 70% or higher as a benchmark of “quality” the 3DS did have a higher quantity by a total of about 5 games between all three categories of 70% and above, 80% and above, and 90% and above.

            Divide that by the time on the market and sheer quantity of games and the actual chance of finding a “quality” game on the Vita is actually >that of the 3DS in terms of percentage.

            In lamans terms, if I threw 3 darts at a wall of Vita games chances are higher that I would hit 3 quality games in that library than I would when throwing those same darts at a wall of 3DS games.

            BTW I own both a 3DS and a Vita and in physical form I own exactly 5 games on the 3DS with plans to get at least 2 more this year depending on if they release bravely default in NA, and I own 6 games on the Vita with plans to buy at least four more this year as it stands.

            That said, I dont think you should negate the fact that 3DS can play DS games which expands its library both in quality titles and in a plethora of even more shovelware and the PSVita has the digital offerings of the PSP and the PSOne which to me, both of those libraries offer far more games that fit the definition of quality and also cater to my personal tastes more.

            Like you said though, quality is subjective but America has proven with their undying support of the exclusiveless wagglefest box known as the 360 that a system doesnt need games, dependability or any inherent ROI to be the most popular choice it simply needs to release first.

            That to me is jackassery and tomfoolery.

        • Sevyne

          I do feel a little burned by both of them. Vita games are spread too far apart and some of the ones I am really looking forward to (warrior’s lair for example) have had no news about release or anything in ages.

          3DS naturally has a larger library due to the amazingly large amount of shovelware games and then the AAA first party titles you come to expect from Nintendo. Problem is that i lost interest in Mario years ago because they release like 5 Mario games a year. In a mass of really bad games you will find a few gems though. RE:Reveleations was fantastic and I did enjoy Code of Princess. Fire Emblem Awakening should be a good one as well. For being out for like 2 years now, I feel the 3DS should have more good games than it does right now.

      • Elvick

        I use my Vita all the time and it is because of all the games it has.

        If you have a narrow interest then any system, 3DS included, will not be very great to you. The only genre the Vita has a lot of right now are fighters.

        Otherwise, you need a large interest range to be happy. And you don’t have to stoop to buying bargain bin games either like I’m sure some troll will respond with.

        Games are subjective. Don’t pretend it’s not. And I have a 3DS, and I have enough on there to be happy with having one, but I don’t use it anywhere near as much as my Vita.

        • Solomon_Kano


          Not really getting you saying “Don’t pretend it’s not.”

          I never said games weren’t subjective. I actually acknowledged that quality is subjective in my post, so I’m not really sure where you’re going with this. If you use your Vita more than your 3DS, cool. So I do, since I don’t have a 3DS. I use my Vita daily. I don’t really know what you were trying to say.

    • Haku_Luvs_You

      Woah! A comment from you only about graphics! Who’d a thunk it?!

      • Dean Winchester

        ok. Killzone. A real FPS of console quality and dual analog stick control.

        Something the 3DS will never be able to do without scads of add ons.

        I dont even charge my 3DS anymore :-/

        Oh, and the fact that I have put in over 10 hours this week on Chrono Trigger certainly puts a slight kink in your argument that I am only a “graphics whore”.
        Try agaIn champ.

        • Haku_Luvs_You

          How so? I mean I play Chorno Trigger because it’s a classic. Saying you play it only to prove you don’t have an obsession over graphics is pretty insulting to a terrific game.

          “I dont even charge my 3DS anymore :-/” Why would I care?

          • Dean Winchester

            How so?

            You insinuate that I am “obsessed” with graphics so I mentioned the fact that my current game of interest that I’ll be playing to completion is an 18yr old SNES game which by todays standards has crap graphics no matter how charming those little sprites may be thus negating your insinuations that the only thing I care about in my games is amazing graphics.

            You see, you proceed to get all riled up of a statement of fact about the limitations of the 3DS hardware in comparison to the Vita. You then chase me around from topic to topic hoping to pounce on any opportunity to peg me into this neanderthal uninformed graphics whore gamer persona that you have apparently created for a random stranger on the internet.

            When given evidence that your perspective is wrong about me, in typical ass hat liberal fashion you try and distract, distort, and spin anything I say to somehow force me back into this scenario you have created instead of admitting you are clearly off base in your pathetic assessment.

            Next, you proceed to insinuate that the only reason I am currently playing Chrono Trigger is in some mongoloidal attempt to use that as proof to YOU that I am not simply a graphics whore and that you are somehow above me b/c you “play CT b/c its a classic”.

            How self centered, egotistical, and megalomaniacaldoes one have to be in order to continually teeter on the precipice between insanity and stupidity while still being able to somewhat function on a day to day basis?

            I’m not sure why you are so angry that the Vita has more horsepower under its hood…..why you think that mentioning that fact is such a crime against humanity but I would suggest that if your personal feelings are that embedded in whether or not people worship one piece of plastic over another, you should step away from the computer for a minute or two.

            I suppose the fact that the next game on my to do list after CT being Ni No Kuni makes me a graphics whore as well?

            I mean, it cant be b/c I love JRPGS above all other genre’s nope. Its b/c the graphics. Admitedly the graphics in Ni No Kuni are beautiful but I am pretty sure if Ni No Kuni were an RTS or a WRPG I wouldnt even feign interest in it.

            Amazing how someone who appreciates innovative technology in his gaming devices can also play games he likes regardless of asthetics.

            Sadly your mind cant seem to grasp any thought process outside of what you already assume to know about others you interact with.

            And I don’t know “why you would care” if I charge my 3DS anymore.
            I simply made a statement.

            You have proven you care enough to respond to me though and that speaks volumes over the the keyboard diarrhea you sling at me via your responses.

            • Haku_Luvs_You

              Lol your the one getting angry here, Champ

              • Dean Winchester

                Obvious troll is obvious.

                • Haku_Luvs_You

                  Alright I’ll humor you . Okay it isn’t that you just come into these things and say “oh a game looks great” You have to make it a point by pointing out something that looks worse. but not only that you have to say that people who bought something that you don’t like are clearly inferior beings to your existence. It wasn’t all “Oh the PS4 looks cool, or it will be powerful” No you made it a point to say “Oh WiiU can’t even handle Mass Effect”. I don’t care you say this game looks good, but you deliberately go out of your way to make a point out that something else can’t handle it, or how something else has worse graphics. So yeah I stand by my statement you care only for graphics.

                  Secondly how am I supposed to know what games you like? You don’t post anything positive anywhere. You post dear Nintendo Mario isn’t working on my system. Like people are supposed to care, or feel sorry for you. I know you like DMC and never fought you then, because you talked about the game without making a point to bash something that had lower power than it. In fact I go so far as to say I agreed that it was stupid people bashed DMC just because Dante looked different. But to be honest I don’t even know if you like Killzone. I mean you posted here, but you only talked about the 3ds, so for all I know you hate Killzone.

                  You give me the foundation of my arguments with your comments. If you feel you aren’t a graphic whore, stop bringing them up. Keep doing so and you basically give everyone the implication you are. There’s nothing wrong with liking graphics, but to go off and say people are stupid because they like something less powerful, or something else sucks because it looks worse doesn’t help your case. And no saying you play Chrono Trigger isn’t an argument, because I refuse to believe that you , someone who says they are a gamer, isn’t playing it for Nostalgic reasons, a fan of the game, or because it is simply a classic.

                  • Dean Winchester

                    I didnt expect anyone to care about the Wii-U freezing up every other time I try to save my progress. Hence why I said, “Dear NINTENDO”!
                    And not, “Dear stalwart defenders of their preferred electronic device”.

                    Do you deny that every system or handheld Nintendo has made since the gamecube has been severely lacking in its ability to produce visuals in line with current standards on the market?
                    If you do it is b/c you are blind.

                    Even the Wii-U, while finally catching up to the PS3 and 360, is still severely outgunned by whats coming this year.

                    Does that mean I dont like some of the games?
                    Negative. I buy games I like. It is ALSO a nice bonus for said games to be on par graphically with other comparble titles at the time they are released.

                    Nothing wrong with liking nice graphics. It is by no means what I base my gameplay or purchasing decisions on.

                    Again, you seem a bit upset that someone DARE exercise their right to freely express their thoughts or opinions when they don’t jive with yours.

                    If you honestly think that people purchase the 3DS and or the 360 b/c the games libraries are so amazing you are definitely delusional.

                    THE ONLY REASON those two systems have sold so well is having had launched first to market and the “gotta have it now” crowd along with the “gotta get the cheapest priced option” crowd have locked themselves into something they didnt research.

                    Then there are people like me who can afford every console on the market and love the hobby so much that I am not stuck with only one option when things go south.

                    I buy the major exclusives that fit my taste on every platform. I buy the great 3rd party games on my preferred platform. Im not stuck with only a 3DS b/c mommy refuses to buy another system. Im not stuck with a 360 b/c i’m so wrapped up in my gamerscore and live fees that I’ll replace it 100 times if need be instead of facing reality that its an electronic nightmare and buying a more dependable platform. I already own every platform and I buy them at launch.
                    I buy my games new at launch as well.

                    Before you spin this into me bragging about my collection or money I’ll put a stop to it in advance to bring you full circle to the point.
                    My options arent limited in this hobby like most people. B/c of this, I am able to more easily recognize fault wherever it may be. If I am loyal to a particular platform it is based on the current games or ones coming. Not b/c I have no choice and have to “stick it out”.

                    So go ahead, label me a graphics whore if that helps you sleep at night but it doesnt change the fact that you are wrong. If I was truly a graphics whore I’d be a PC elitist but ironically I despise the PC as a gaming platform.

                    I’m as “obvious” a graphics whore as you are a 3DS fanboy.

                    • Haku_Luvs_You

                      grudge against the Winchester family huh. I could care less about you or your family. In fact I would argue I care more about when I should take out my trash then, anything to do with your family.

                      “Do you deny that every system or handheld Nintendo has made since the gamecube has been severely lacking in its ability to produce visuals in line with current standards on the market? If you do it is b/c you are blind.” Oh, Sorry I was usually too busy playing the game. You know that thing where I don’t care what a game looks like as long as it’s fun?

                      “It is very abundantly clear at this point that you have a proverbially huge hard on for Nintendo even though physically said hard on is likely quite small.” Just like your hard on for Sony. Which causes you to act like an ass, and say everyone else who may own something else, besides you, is a subspecies of the human race, while you are the alpha. If I’m a nintendo fanboy, it is very obvious you are a sony fanboy as well. Apparently that’s what keeps your hard on.

                      Lol I’m stuck with the 3ds. Go read some Senran Kagura articles because I fully intended to play Shinovi versus on my 3ds… It is on 3ds right?!?! I have every system as well. A 360 (which is getting no use since the live ran out, and I’m refusing to renew it), PS3, PSV, 3ds, a Japanese 3ds, and a WiiU. So yeah mommy refused to buy me any systems, so I decided to buy them all, and pay for college at the same time. So no your not bragging about your hobby. I do the same and have some school debt to pay off, and am currently in a major that is more rewarding than going to be paying me big money.

                      “So go ahead, label me a graphics whore if that helps you sleep at night but it doesnt change the fact that you are wrong.” Still haven’t proven me wrong yet. You don’t have to be a PC elitist to be a graphic whore. Nice try Stallion.

                    • Could we please just drop this? I’m pretty sure this is going no where, I don’t think either one of you is going to get anything out of this.

                      You both might disagree with me, but I only see this getting worse. In fact, I think it might be past a simple disagreement, I think you both just don’t like each other.

                      If that is the case, why continue? I mean, if you all could somehow work through those differences, and just find a way to end all of this in a positive manner, that would be great.

                      I’m just not seeing it… This is not a warning from a moderator. This is just me asking, why keep this going? Why not just let it go and end it?

                    • Dean Winchester

                      i like you zero. Always have. Especially b/c you dont throw your moderator weight around.

                      I’ve got no problem ending it. After today I’ll have forgotten my fan club founding member but if I were a betting man, my money would be on his fixation on me to rear its ugly head again very soon.

                      Thanks for always being reasonable zero.

                    • Thanks for the kind words. I honestly hope you both can somehow find some common ground.

                    • Haku_Luvs_You

                      No. (On the finding common ground part)

                    • I understand.

                  • Dean Winchester

                    as a side note:
                    I finally realized what you were talking about with the “Wii-U cant handle Mass Effect” comment.

                    I can see this grudge you have runs deep.
                    Likely my comment was more about the fact that the framerate in ME3 and Batman ACAE are very suspect and for a system that is supposed to be more powerful than 360 or PS3, that is pathetic.

                    It is very abundantly clear at this point that you have a proverbially huge hard on for Nintendo even though physically said hard on is likely quite small which is also why you are so busy overcompensating for your insecurities on a comment thread by showing how long you have held a grudge against the Winchester family. Specifically, me.

  • MrRobbyM

    Well it certainly looks nice.

  • Added environmental artwork and box art.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Now THIS is what I’ve been waiting for. If more developers stopped half-assing their Vita games, original or ports, we’d have stuff this pretty on it all the time. Guerilla and Cambridge are really putting this baby to work. I never got around to KZ3, but I’ll definitely be picking this up.

    Finally, a console-quality FPS on the go. None of that Nihilistic bullshit, but some honest to goodness quality work. Will pre-order.

    • Sevyne

      I wasn’t interested in CoD on Vita, but it could have been a real game changer. Then I saw Nihilistic was making it and did a facepalm. Totally ruined that opportunity.

      THIS on the other hand looks incredible, and looks like a lot of care was put into making a console quality FPS. Not to mention no outsourcing at all. All safely in the hands of Guerilla Games where Killzone belongs.

      My only disappointment is the long wait!

      • Solomon_Kano

        There was so much potential in COD on Vita. I was really hoping they’d hand it to Treyarch since IW was working on MW3 at the time, but nope. Looks like KZ will be the franchise to show the Vita’s FPS chops, though.

        The project was originally just Cambridge, but Guerilla came onboard to work with them at some point during development. So it’s co-developed between the people who know it best and a team large enough that it won’t take away from whatever next-gen thing Guerilla is probably cooking. September can’t come soon enough.

        • KurisuMakise

          Cambridge also worked on prior Killzone entries so there was nothing to worry about, ever. It does seem the limit to Vita is 4v4 but there’s nothing wrong with that, it IS a portable after all. Definitely COD BO:D needed some more care but you could see the “direction” Sony want for FPS on the platform through it based on how Killzone: Merceneary looks. Strong focus on replayability of the campaign, very score based (well Money hehe), that’s what good portable design is about. I do wish there were a bit more maps I think 10 would have been a good sweet spot unless they plan to offer more maps via DLC. The three different modes seem good though, I’m excited and I’m not a big FPS gal xD

          • Solomon_Kano

            Oh? I had no idea they’d worked on prior entries in the series.

            I think the direction they’re trying to push makes sense for the platform. 4v4 seems to be the limit as you pointed out, so the Vita shooters need some distinguishing factor in addition to multiplayer or else they’ll just look like mini-versions of their console counterparts. Tailoring them to the format and encouraging replayability sounds good.

            • KurisuMakise

              I would also love to see more uh what did Cliffy call it, “Mingle player” elements. Where maybe you could do a series of challenge maps/runs and you could like leave clues to how you accomplished something or your death be used as a means to tell other players doing the challenge “don’t be like this guy”, etc. That might be a nice way to differentiate and be more than just a mini-version.

              • Solomon_Kano

                I would love that. That’s one of the best things in Demon’s/Dark Souls, and nobody else seems to have taken note of that. That can be adapted to other genres.

                For something like an FPS, it’d be cool if, in addition to clues or what have you, you could leave an ammo cache for another player. Y’know, some grenades or something. Some feature to let players help each other even when they can’t play together. I think the Vita’s social features could take that idea even further, so I’d like to see some attention to those kinds of things.

                • KurisuMakise

                  Ah that would be interesting. Different load outs and stuff and from there, you’d actually know if someone left you something in the Live Area for a change (be it comments or notification icons or both). Vita’s social potential is untapped either way.

                  • Solomon_Kano

                    I’m hoping the pending PS4 will have more social elements. If they play up its connectivity with the Vita, that would probably encourage more people to experiment with the Vita’s social possibilities.

          • Skerj

            I don’t think the limit for Vita is 4v4 but this one seems to be pushing the system as far as they can at this moment so the decidedly small multiplayer offering is understandable. The others, not so much (looking at you Resistance and CoD). Hell the PSP had games with 32 and 16 players.

            • KurisuMakise

              Perhaps it depends on the graphic scale and such. It might be possible to render up higher if the games scale back a bit.

  • rockman29

    looks amazing

    I liked the melee in the KZ1 and KZ2 though, it was less bloody

    just bash them with the back of the gun, that’s more fun

    stabbing and all that with all the blood flying out is just weird

  • Guest

    they never learned.. , see how unit13 and COD:declassified sells in vita :O

    • Solomon_Kano

      Unit 13 isn’t an FPS and Declassified was terrible. Consumers can recognize when something isn’t up to snuff.

  • EspadaKiller

    Now this is looking really impressive. This game just shits all of the fps games on mobile devices out there. Can’t wait!

  • This is going to be great!

  • Zackasaur

    Jeez, this looks amazing.