Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory gameplay, screenshots - Gematsu
Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory gameplay, screenshots
posted on 01.16.13 at 10:00 PM EST by (@salromano)
Neptune, Plutia, Blanc, and Nepgear come out victorious.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

NIS America has published two new gameplay videos and 76 new screenshots of Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, its latest Compile Heart-developed RPG sequel, due for PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe on March 12 and 15.

View the screenshots at the gallery. Watch the footage below.

General Battle Footage

CPU Form Footage

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  • Eclipse

    I already have the JP version, but I was hoping I could also buy that LE from the NISA store, but they’re apparently all pre-sold. It’s a bit surprising how fast they went… T_T

    • whiteferrero

      is it any good? the previous ones had pretty bad reviews.

      • DesmaX

        Just go directly to this one. While mk2 was pretty fun for me, I think it’s wiser to just buy this one.

        • Sevyne

          I could never get into these games. I did try though and mk2 was a massive improvement over the the first, but the game still felt too stiff and unrefined if that makes any sense.

          Not saying they are bad though. I just couldn’t enjoy them for some reason.

          • DesmaX

            Nah, I understand. This is a Compile Hearts game, after all.

            But this looks way more refined (No framerate problems, and the graphics looks like a PS3 game)

            • Sevyne

              It does look like an improvement, I’ll definitely give it that. Might still give it a shot. I did give the other two a chance after all.

              • DesmaX

                Well, Compile Hearts did release a demo on the Japanese PSN Store. If you can find it there, give it a try.

                • Sevyne

                  I just might do that. Thanks!

                • whiteferrero

                  Thanks that’s quite helpful!

      • Eclipse

        Sorry for the late reply. Like DesmaX said, there’s a demo available, so you might want to check it out. I can say that the second game was a massive improvement over the first game (That includes the battle-system, which was very similar to Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter).

        Whether you want to start with mk2, or just jump right into the third game (Which also has some improvements), you really can’t go wrong with either.

  • Himiko

    Battle with Ayesha.

  • DesmaX

    They’re confident with this one, aren’t they?

    I don’t remember they doing this videos for mk2

    • Himiko

      Considering how well the Neptunia series sell which I hear surpasses it in Japan, i’m not surprised.

      • DesmaX

        Well, I did see mk2 on the “Best Rated Games” on the European Store.

        But selling more in the west than in japan? wow

        • Himiko

          Yeah. I read it on neogaf, I think that NISA/CH said sales surpassed the Japanese counterpart for the 1st and mk2. Don’t hold me on that, but its been said repeatedly and overall its just had great reception here.

          • MrKappa

            That is only because there are more people in the USA/EU than Japan so the sales for this series being better in the west just kinda happens.

            • Himiko

              Not exactly. In that case, it would apply to many titles from japan which is not the case.

              • MrKappa

                I understand what you mean when you say that but in the west sales for games like these will always be consistently average due to the large population. On the other hand with Japan if something is bad, average, good or great it will always show and in this case the sales for Japan represent this to be average to them. Much like how the Naruto games sell a boat load more in the west than in Japan.

                • Himiko

                  I see what you mean. Then in that case, I agree with you.

      • This statement… You’re not joking on this, are you?

        • Himiko

          Nope. Like I said, I’ve heard it quite a bit. Is it bad? :(

          • No… I’m actually surprised to hear this but I need proof…

  • ShinAsura

    Thank god for Japanese voice overs, my ears are bleeding

    • DarthBrian

      I know that feel. :p

      Hence why I won’t be getting Atelier Ayesha if there’s no dual-language option. >_<

    • Himiko

      NISA does what Tecmo don’t.

      • PrinceHeir

        lol burn!! :D

        take notes Tecmo

        if your Ninja Gaiden’s and Dead or Alive games have dual audio?

        why not this also??

        • Himiko

          Because they are cheap muffins.

    • Barrit

      No kidding, 3 of them sound almost exactly alike before they transform lol

  • Guest

    PSN release too for less?

  • other than the horrible english voices … looks good!

  • Already pre-ordered mine a while back.
    I love this series references and humor.

  • LordKaiser

    They sound like they didn’t ate breakfast in the morning… They also need to take some multivitamins.