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Fuse delayed to Q2 2013
posted on 01.30.13 at 06:17 PM EST by (@salromano)
Insomniac shooter to arrive between April and June.

Electronic Arts has delayed Fuse from its initial March release window to Q2 2013, developer Insomniac Games has confirmed.

“The news is true,” said the developer on Twitter. “Fuse is now coming in Q2 (Apr-Jun). It’s not a bi delay from March, and it’s more polish time for us to make a better game.”

It continued, “We have TONS of new Fuse stuff coming starting next week. Keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook.”

Stay tuned.

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  • DarthBrian

    And not a single fuck was given…

    • hush404

      Haha, I second that. After the initial announcement trailer (and thus the complete game change) I’ve totally lost interest in the title. It went from a cool, insomniac flavored romp to an extremely generic looking third person shooter on all fronts (visuals, story, gameplay, etc).

    • almostautumn

      Isn’t this Insomniac’s first title outside of Sony Exclusive? Because I’m pretty sure a lot of people give at least one fuck.

      • DarthBrian

        I feel sorry for Xbox-only fans whose only experience with Insomniac games will be the one in which all life was sucked out of it before it was released.

      • DrForbidden

        I think you overestimate the number of fucks in this case. Back when it was first announced, the cool, cartoonish style turned a lot of heads and fucks were given like the world was ending tomorrow. Insomniac them decided to turn this into the most soulless, generic-looking team shooter they possibly could in order to appeal to the kids who play nothing but shooters, and all over the world penises shrank and vaginas dried up so that fucks were no longer given.

    • Skerj

      Yeah I miss the old character charm and personality, I curse the people they got to focus test the game. Now we get another brown and grey shooter.

      • DarthBrian

        I got a No One Lives Forever feel from the original trailer. Now I feel nothing.

        • KurisuMakise

          This game lost SO much charm from the original trailer. The first time it had that Ratchet and Clank charm or even that Pixar feel but for an older audience. Now it just…what happened to the art direction, I even forgot this was a thing until I read the article @[email protected]

  • Kurai Warrior


    Yeah this game is still doomed after it was changed into a generic shooter, leaving no trace of personality or character behind.

  • Looks the same as overstrike but with the fuse stuff added?

    • Skerj

      They changed it from Overstrike to Fuse and drastically changed the tone of the game. Overstrike was a bit in the vein of Insomniac x Team Fortress 2 but apparently they had a focus test and people complained about the style. So Insomniac had to brown and grey it to all hell to appease them and doom it to looking mediocre.

      Actually looking at it now and I’m reminded of all those 3rd person games people forget were even made like Inversion and Fracture.

      • I’m still going to give this game a chance. I’m also disappointed they changed the style of the game.

        I really hate focus tests sometimes, I just can’t see how people would complain about the previous style? It had a very unique charm to it in my opinion. I’ll agree with you though, it had that TF2 vibe to it, but how in the world is that bad?

        I just point at Borderlands as an example here. I know early on that people were not necessarily digging the changes they made, but man was it for the better. I can’t imagine Borderlands any other way, it just wouldn’t be the same, the style of the game is a huge part of what sets it apart, what makes it great.

        I’d have liked to see Insomniac put there foot down and just stand pat with the initial vision the team had. With that said, like I mentioned above, I’m still going to give the game a shot.

        I think it could still be fun with a buddy via co-op. The gameplay still looks pretty entertaining. It’s a shame that this change might hurt the game in the end, I’m not sure CoD players and stuff will really appreciate the Insomniac type of gameplay.

  • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

    I miss the original, spunky Izzy. Now she’s another generic female merc character -_-