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Earth Defense Force 2025 screenshots
posted on 01.10.13 at 09:37 AM EST by (@salromano)
Multiplayer vehicles and more alien robots.

The latest set of Earth Defense Force 2025 screenshots introduce three of the vehicles that can be used in the game’s 2-4 person online multiplayer.

There’s the Epsilon Armored Railgun, a three-person tank with a railgun at its center and machine guns at its sides. One player can control the railgun while the other two can control the machine guns.

The HU04 Brute is a powerful armed helicopter also capable of holding three persons. Its main weapons are turrets equipped to each side which can also be controlled by each player.

The three-person E651 Titan is Earth Defense Force 2025‘s strongest tank, 25 meters in length. Its main armament is the Requiem Gun, and on its sides are two secondary guns. Each can be controlled by different players.

Also in the screenshots, you’ll see the 200 meter-tall, four-legged fortress walker mech, which can drop bipedal Hector robots and aviation drones; and the big daddy (or mommy) of them all, the mothership.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • paperclichepixel

    This game is gonna be beast!!!!

  • Did anyone pick up the vita version of 2017?

  • PrinceHeir