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DmC Devil May Cry costume DLC announced
posted on 01.18.13 at 12:30 AM EST by (@salromano)
Dress up DmC's new Dante like Classic Dante.

Capcom will deliver DmC Devil May Cry costume pack download content on January 30 for $4.00 / 400 yen / 320 Microsoft Points, it has announced.

The pack will include three costumes: Classic Dante, Dark Dante, and Neo Dante.

View screenshots of each outfit at the gallery.

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  • capcom, capcom, you’ll never change, uh?

  • dart2087

    So that was the plan.

  • PrinceHeir

    lol i knew they would charge the classic costume :P

    Dark Dante has the same color pattern as Vergil :P

  • EspadaKiller

    Haha screw you Capcom

  • Saw this coming a mile away.

  • MTK

    I knew it I knew it I knew i, lamos should of added it as a unlockable, but know they wanna make extra money from stupid that buys it like always.

    • There already are unlockables in the game [cut], [cut] you get a new costume for every difficulty you beat

      Mod Edit: See how much nicer we can be if we just snip a few things? Don’t be a jerk.

      • Budgiecat

        Don’t call him names

  • Sevyne

    Wow…Lame as hell.

    • AnimusVox

      Off topic but you go to the ATLUS forums right? I’m Crow T. Robot on there.

      And I can’t say I’m surprised, like others have said it’s Capcpom

      • Sevyne

        Oh hey man. Yeah I do.

        Also I expected lame DLC from Capcom, but turning the one thing most people complained about into DLC is a new low. It’s like they changed his main image so that you’d have to buy him…

  • KurisuMakise

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Just as planned Capcom, Just as planned.

  • syaznifaiq

    Classic Dante is not worth it, its look so ugly on new dante ..

  • syaznifaiq

    White hair ? but i thought not in A MILLION YEARS …

    • DrForbidden

      They meant not in a million years unless Capcom can make money from it.

      • flunkorg

        You get white hair unlocked by beating the game…

  • epy

    Oh wow, this is low as hell… and just after they took that cheap shot at old fans.

    Meanwhile, at Capcom HQ:

    • AnimusVox

      Yeah I felt that ‘Not in a million years’ line was a bit of a low blow to those who favor old school Dante.

  • ShinAsura

    That’s expensive

  • Does this really surprise anyone? Not me!

    I decided to dig back to comments I made on the game years ago.

    “What if Capcom were to offer a free dlc, where you could replace the new Dante with the Dante from DMC 3 or 4, you know, like a free Skin dlc, they had it in God of War 3.”

    I was pretty darn close! Sadly, my guess that the DLC might be free was wrong. I still thought the idea was likely enough to bring it up while discussing the trailer.

    (Damn, I used to make some really long comments. I think I’ve managed to reduce my walls of text over the years. lol! I’ll also give some credit to my moderator responsibilities and real life schedule. Not as much time for text walls now days. I read more comments than I post.)

    I still think the costumes should be free, or better yet, you should be able to unlock them in the game. Times have changed though, DLC outfits are the norm now.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Somethings were better in the previous generations of gaming. Excuse me for sounding like an old man. =P

    • Yes you should totally get free stuff even though these are OPTIONAL EXTRA COSTUMES outside of the ONES YOU UNLOCK WHEN YOU BEAT THE GAME 7 DIFFICULTIES 7 ALTERNATE COSTUMES

      • Oh? I wasn’t aware you could unlock outfits by playing the game.

        If they already have outfits to unlock, why bother making players buy these? They already have story DLC on the way, why do we need to be charged for outfits?

        I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of little micro transaction DLC. I think I understand what you are trying to say though.

        How about this for a solution? Look at Persona 4 Arena, it has some small micro based DLC on PSN/XBL. The catch is, you can unlock most of it in the game. If players want to skip that and buy the DLC, they can.

        I think that is a pretty fair practice that more publishers should consider. I understand how DLC works, but it doesn’t mean I can’t discuss it, compare it, suggest changes, etc.

        I feel like with the caps and everything, you are trying to, like, scream your opinion at me with words. I don’t see the need for that, we can discuss this without that.

        I have an opinion, I’ve stated what it is. You seem to disagree, why? Do you feel like I’m asking too much of Capcom or something? I’d like to read about what you think.

      • Sevyne

        I think your caps lock is broken…Oh, it isn’t and you are just being a tool? Alright then.

      • Budgiecat

        Ever play Dead or Alive PS1?

      • PrinceHeir

        lol what’s with the douchebag response?

  • FlameEmperor

    Saw this coming e.e

  • syaznifaiq

    Can someone tell me what the heck is ” Microsoft Points ” ?.. kinda weird for me, .. and i know the majority of this people on this site including me owns the PS3 not xbox, its obvious LOL

    • Skerj

      Microsoft’s pain in the ass spacebucks for buying things on Xbox Live. Usually given in increments that are more or less than what you actually need so you’ll always have a balance in your account. Case in point: this very pack is 320 points but the lowest denomination you can purchase are 400 points (as far as I know). They just won’t let you buy it for 4 dollars!!

      They put me off buying anything from Live although I heard they changed them for the better.

      • syaznifaiq

        owh .. ok ..thanks Skerj for answering my question . i appreciate that

  • Skerj

    Even though these would have been unlockable in the old games, I’m not mad. Now can I get lock-on and animation tweak DLC?

  • RedWolfe

    …alright this is pretty low even for Capcom.

    Bloody Palace, I’m willing to let go because they’re offering it as a free download…

    Vergil DLC just barely got the pass because it was offered as a “free” preorder incentive.

    However…costumes? Seriously? That has been one thing that has been an in game unlockable in some shape or form and one of my main motivations to play the game on the higher difficulty levels. To take them out and make them paid DLC…c’mon. Shame because I’m actually enjoying the game so far.

    • Ummm hate to break it to you…Well probably not since your most likely a fanboy who wont actually play the game but there are unlockables costumes in the game already these are those hmmm whats the word oh yeah OPTIONAL EXTRAS

      • alto_angelo

        when they all available as unlockables in previous game, it really show capcom’s nickle diming the game..

        it’s not like 12 character on SFxT disc locked content also OPTIONAL EXTRAS right?

        come on..

      • RedWolfe

        “Shame because I’m actually enjoying the game so far.”

        You should probably read my full comment next time before making accusations and coming off as an overly defensive fool.

    • MosquitoLemon

      Good point, I have no problem with goofy extra costumes (like the Santa/Angel stuff in DOA5) being DLC, but something as iconic as the white-haired Dante? Definitely should have been a big bonus for clearing something in-game.

      • flunkorg

        …you unlock white hair simply by beating the game on any difficulty…

  • dead_bones

    Don’t care. Love the game as it is. One of the best in the series.

    • AnimusVox

      I’m a little saddened you were downvoted at all for having an opinion :c

      • DrForbidden

        Well, in case you haven’t noticed, the downvoting system is a joke. It is abusive, and I wonder why Gematsu switched to this over the previous upvotes only system. Simply just looking through the comments section of any article, you will see people downvoted for expressing their opinions politely, just because some snowflake douchebag didn’t like what was being said and got his panties in a bunch.

        I give out thumbs ups with reckless abandon, and only downvote obvious troll comments. This doesn’t appear to be the standard, though. Basically, I don’t think we should let downvotes bother us, as the system is corrupt.

        • AnimusVox

          Lol as much as I honestly disagree with your previous statement I respect it.

          Likers gonna like.

          • DrForbidden

            Thank you. Things like that is what I’m talking about. I don’t care for DmC at all, but I respect that other people may like it, and they certainly have the right to express their opinion. I didn’t thumbs up dead_bones, but I don’t see why his expressing his opinion deserves a downvote. Yeah, at this stage, I don’t care about downvotes, and I don’t think anyone should. Downvotes here are rendered meaningless by the constant abuse.

        • I’m not a fan of the downvoting system either. I liked the old Disqus set up in that regard. If you agreed with a comment, you could click the like button. If you didn’t agree, you didn’t click like, or you actually typed up a response explaining why you didn’t agree.

          I’ve found that people do get upset when they get downvoted. I can understand it, often times it really doesn’t make sense. I’ve seen a post that had only facts in it get downvoted. Someone asked the release date for a game, the response gave the official date. Someone downvoted the response… It’s borderline trollish behavior.

          Now, I understand that some will just say. This is the internet, if a downvote gets you upset, you should just leave, etc. I think people have a hard time relating to it as well. What is the big deal? — they might say.

          I think its as simple as this. The downvote adds a bit of negativity to the comment. Many people take it that way, or they take it even more personal. Someone might put quite a bit of time into a comment, only to get no response, and to top it off, get downvoted.

          I’ve seen a few users respond in disgust because that tends to happen quite often. It can even cause flame wars to start sometimes, someone might get accused of downvoting a comment, etc.

          I’d love to see Disqus add some flexibility. Why not offer more choices? They still don’t even have spoiler tags for heavens sake. I’d like to see them allow this new build of Disqus to support the old like button set up.

          Why did we switch to the new build? It could have been security related, it might have just been personal preference. That’s something @salromano:disqus would have to answer.

          • DrForbidden

            I agree. It’s basically trollish behaviour. I never understood the basis of reasoning behind the ‘if you are upset you should just leave’ mentality. It always struck me as a douchebag reasoning. The internet isn’t their home or their private party. People have as much right to demand to be treated with respect as much as others have the right to demand to be trolls. Telling the offended to leave does not address the issue in any way; nor does it solve the problem. It is nothing more than a pathetic excuse for the trolls to disregard complaints. It’s like telling people angered by the high rate of sexual crimes in Delhi that “This is Delhi. If you don’t like it, you can leave. It’s YOUR problem you are offended, not anyone else’s”. Absolutely atrocious reasoning.

    • Not even close.

  • Already knew Capcom is gonna use the classic costumes as paid DLCs to squeeze out some extra bucks from us…

  • alto_angelo

    white hair and skin can’t fix a bad and dumbed down combat system..

  • TimesTicking

    What the hell???
    Didn’t the game come out like this week?
    and they are already announcing DLC costume? Whats next? DLC weapons? DLC Characters?
    Capcom give me a freaking break…

  • Apexcasket

    Its still not Dante.

  • YangTerlupakan

    i miss the day of DMC 3

    where u just beat the game with specific condition and u get special costume not with stupid DLC

    Shame u Capcom!!

    • Akira_Tenshi

      There are a ton of unlockable costume already in the game.

  • I can’t believe they STILL think it’s about the hair. Does it make the game better? Does it make the characters and dialogue less edgy?

  • How does Old Dante DLC makes the game less shitty? Do really Capcom and “Game Journalists” thinks it all the hate resides in Dante’s air? LOL.

    • it doesn’t. No matter how much you try to polish crap it will always be crap.

  • Nick Robinson

    Still won’t make the game as good as DMC 3 or 4..or even 1…nice try Capcom.

  • xMCXx

    Hey, everyone wanted the old Dante.
    Here you have it.

  • Aldridge517

    Neo Dante looks… awkward?

    • Budgiecat

      It’s hipster Dante

  • Doesn’t fix the gameplay, which is without a doubt a step down from other DMC games.

  • Is there DLC to elevate the story beyond juvenile trash?

  • You know you unlock white hair Dante by completing the game, but you guys would know that if you actually gave the game a chance. This DLC just makes him look even more like old Dante.

  • Akira_Tenshi

    You unlock white hair Dante when you complete the game, You guys would know that if you actually played it instead of hating on it. The game is amazing.

    • Budgiecat

      This same exact one? Or DmC Dante with just white hair like when he goes into devil trigger?

      • Akira_Tenshi

        Just white hair. You would need this DLC to have that hair style and the old DMC outfit, It really dosen’t suit this Dante though.

  • Indraroh

    This doesn’t fix the God awful dialogue, writing and gameplay.

  • Dean Winchester

    Funny how people are shocked by Capcom putting out paid DLC.
    Even funnier still is the fact that everyone in this comment thread buys PAID DLC from other companies but acts like Capcom is so evil for doing what every company does.

    I love the hypocrites of our gaming generation. They certainly make me proud.

    • DrForbidden

      Well, I think that it depends on the situation. IMO, paid skin/costume DLCs are only acceptable for fighting games. For other games, paid add-on missions and expansions I’m totally fine with, as it provides new content not initially in the game.

      In any case, I think the issue most people have with Capcom is that they are notorious for charging extra for on-disc, release-day ‘DLCs’. Day-one DLCs and on-disc DLCs understandably irk users more than other forms of paid DLC down the road, as it tells us that the content was ready at launch and on-disc, and the publisher/developer is refusing access unless the users pay extra for it.

  • Epic fail, c’mon Capcom you can do better than that!

    • Budgiecat

      no they can’t

  • He looks like such an ass. Is this supposed to make Devil May Cry fans pick up this game? Sorry Capcom, I am still not interested in DmC.

  • So this is supposed to bring Devil May Cry fans? Sorry Capcom, not biting. Still not interested.

  • Budgiecat

    Nice hypocrisy there Capcom/Ninja Theory

  • So to everyone who’s still bashing DmC, let me ask you: have you played the game? Have you beaten it? I ask because two of my buddies, huge Devil May Cry fans, who were initially against this reboot, bought and played DmC and came out with a new-found love for it. One of them going as far to say as it’s the best written Devil May Cry to date. So let me ask you: are you bashing the game because you’ve played it and didn’t enjoy it, or because you are simply afraid of trying something new and/or want Old Dante back? And if it’s the latter, try to think of it this way—think of DmC Devil May Cry as a sub-series of Devil May Cry, just as Mega Man Battle Network is a sub-series of Mega Man. There’s Classic Mega Man, then there’s Mega Man.exe. And here, there’s Classic Dante, then there’s New Dante.

    From what I’ve been told, the game is very good. So it’s kind of annoying coming into any DmC post to find people trashing it any chance they get. I can’t really comment, myself. I haven’t played the game. I don’t know if it’s good or not. But if you’re not going to like the game, at least have a solid basis—you know, play the game, beat it, then form a verdict. That’s why I pose this question.

    • Guest

      It’s simple, really. I think Ninja Theory is shit, so no matter which kind games they make, they will all be shit. Not only that, they also make any PS3 version of their games complete garbage so that went from shit to sickly poisonous diarrhea shit right there.

      That’s right! This hate is oozing out uncontrollably. This hate keeps me strong and energized, so I’ll keep on hating.

      • See, that doesn’t really sound like a good basis for your argument, so I can’t take it seriously. You haven’t played the game, and you suggest that because you think the company is “shit” (why? did they make a game or games you played through and didn’t like?), all of their future games will be the same and can’t improve. That’s just blind hate.

        And yes, their PS3 versions are usually a bit weaker looking in comparison to their Xbox 360 counterparts, but they’re by no means unplayable. Would it be nice to see it up to par, yes? But it happens with many developers on the vice-versa, too. There are multiplatform games that look better on PlayStation 3. There are multiplatform games that look better on Xbox 360. In Ninja Theory’s case, they just seem to be better at Xbox 360 development.

        • Guest

          Sorry Sal, it was a joke that plays on irrational raging. It wasn’t meant to be a serious respond.

          • xD damn you, Bloodios!

          • RedWolfe

            To be fair, you kinda got me too.

            Which is sad because, from some of the shit I’ve read, this could very well be somebody’s “rational” response towards this game.

    • The game sucks we all know it there is a demo up so yes people have played it and the full game is uploaded on youtube so yeah.. IT SUCKSSSSSSS!!! there you feel better? I do.

      • Guest

        WE ALL KNOW IT

        Good stretch, but ultimately delusional.

    • RedWolfe

      I think your last paragraph sort of alludes to what Kamiya was saying in his recent tweet about the game.

      And that’s exactly what people AREN’T doing and instead we’ve created a very hostile environment around this game with:

      (A) Fanboys: Not the dante from the old games = game is shit.
      (B) Overly Defensive: Oh please, you’re SO STUPID. Get over it and accept change.

      (C) Middleground (unfortunately the minority): People who have played it and have legitimate reasons for either liking and not liking the game.

      Like I’ve said before, I was beyond skeptical when the game was first revealed but I was willing to give the game a shot. When the demo came out, the controls initially turned me away because it wasn’t something I was used to (err…familar with) but in the week leading up to the release I went back and played it more, even on the higher difficulty levels and started reading up on the story. I decided to take the plunge and get the game and am actually enjoying it so far.

      The Devil May Cry storyline has been hit and miss for me: loved DMC1, hated 2, didn’t care much for 3 in itself (but hey, Vergil), 4 was pretty good. This one is looking to be my favorite up there with the first one.

      In terms of combat: DMC1 was good, DMC2 was…okay (game was SO DAMN easy). DMC3 was godly and DMC4, imo, had the best playable iteration of Dante but I didn’t care much for Nero’s gameplay. So far, I’m ranking this one somewhere between 3 and 4.

      Anyway, that’s just my two cents. I feel like I’m just rambling at this point.

    • Kobra sorta brought something like this up in another thread. I thought you might be interested in reading his comment/replies.

      I think you know my feelings in regards to the game. I’m planning on playing the PC version. I’m actually considering recording the footage and uploading it to youtube.

    • I’ve played the old DMC games so here are my thoughts on the new DmC based on the demo:

      It’s easy to get into playing the game for newcomers. The controls feel slower than I remembered. Some parts of the game makes no sense. I shouldn’t mention the developer’s history but it’s good to know; NT made Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. Their gameplay were mediocre at best. They still have problems with the PS3 to this day despite they stated DmC will run smoothly on the system.

      I wouldn’t be hating without a good reason but since DMC is part of my childhood(I got introduced to DMC3 when I was 12), I feel a bit angry about it now the nostalgic isn’t there. If anything, I blame Capcom than NT if their development backstory is true…

      To people thinking of getting DmC, get the PC version if you can…

    • Interesting take Sal, I totally understand where most of your post is
      coming from, but I don’t buy the ‘beat it’ line, sorry dude. I don’t have to
      play a game to completion (any game) to form an opinion of it. Hell, if
      that was the case, I’d have never had the joy of owning some of my
      favourite games in the first place (brought on the strength of limited
      play time and/or demos). (And by the way, Naughty Dog once explained the poor endings in some of their Crash games as being because the
      experience of actually playing the game is more important than the
      ending, as a lot of people never get there. It’s an OLD interview
      though, I need to source that if I can…, but you get my drift.)

      It’s like saying, unless you’ve read the WHOLE Twilight series, you can’t
      have an opinion on it. Not quite. If the first book is so bad to read
      that you can’t make it more than half way before you physically start to
      rage, well, I’d argue that’s the fault of the book, not the reader. And
      to flip it, GRiD became a must have game for me purely because of the
      demo. It was SO good that after playing the same tracks non-stop for
      about an hour, I quickly ordered a copy online, and to this day I still
      consider it the best semi-realistic racing game out there. But I didn’t
      have to play the game to completion to know it was good. Hell, I didn’t
      even have to play it half-way. To be honest, it was one track, and one
      car that convinced me the game was special, because it was just…
      that… damn… good. ^_^

      And there was SF, and the first time I pulled off an Hadouken, and it just felt so damn right, and so on…
      You know, I was so crap at SF back then it was YEARS before I actually
      managed to complete the game, but I knew the game was good right from the first fight.

      Now, to be fair to your point, I get why you (and others) are making such an effort to defend the game, or at least play devil’s advocate, but I have to say I personally don’t like the character models or the gameplay, having seen all the characters I care about and having played some of the game. But I’ll never complete it, because I don’t want to, because the gameplay doesn’t inspire me to do so, simple as that. That being said, the game has some plus points. I LOVE most of the Noisia contributions, and I hope they do more soundtrack work in future, so kudos to NT for getting them involved, smart move. And some of the level design is really nice, some of it fairly crude, but some of it quite cool (another viewpoint I’ve held since I first saw some of the level transformations last year).

      And yet, some of the dialogue in this game is horrific. Now, I’m sure the story has it’s moments, no doubt. But still…

      F*ck you! >_>
      F*ck you! <___<

      • DrForbidden

        Awesome post, dude. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • MosquitoLemon

        I agree you don’t need to beat a game to know if it’s bad or good, but I think we can agree you need to at least play a game to form an opinion. I mean, I don’t think you need to watch every Twilight movie, but you don’t watch a trailer and then hop on to online Twilight forums and talk trash:

        “This movie sucks, nice try Summit Entertainment, you won’t get a penny from me. I’m gonna go watch Nosferatu now. You know, the good vampire movie.”

        Seriously, that is how a majority of the game’s detractors come off.

        • DrForbidden

          I think you missed the point Spicy chicken was trying to make. Let’s use the Twilight analogy. I suppose, yes, it WOULD be unfair to hop onto a Twilight forum to bash it based only on a trailer.

          However, with the Twilight franchise, as with the DMC franchise, we should not forget that there are already published/released material in existence. It’s NOT a new franchise, and therein lies the problem. Someone who is a fan of the books may find the film portrayal to deviate so far from what they cherished in the novels that they become immediately turned off and refuse to support the films. They don’t even need to watch the films for this. The trailer, the cast and crew, some clips, some synopses, etc. are MORE than enough to form such an opinion.

          Similarly, I know what roast chicken looks and smells like, or at least the roast chicken that I like. If I come across a ‘roast chicken’ that smells like farts and looks like a slab of pork, I don’t NEED to actually eat it to form the opinion that I DO NOT WANT to eat it or to buy it, regardless of whether it is a culinary miracle.

          In such instances, we are not forming an opinion on whether the gameplay is sound or good, but on whether we accept that this new product is part of an established franchise that we want to support. I strongly believe that if DmC had been made as a new, independent franchise instead of a DMC game, it would have garnered nowhere near the ‘hate’ it has. As a reboot or a spin-off title, the people who prefer the established franchise constantly have to worry whether what they enjoyed will get supplanted, and that is part of the hangup.

          • Well said, and thanks! I think that’s part of the problem with the whole debate from the beginning, and that being that there are essentially two distinct debates going on which some seem eager to oversimplify into one, hence the vitriol.


There’s the question of how good the game is on it’s own merits, which is fair enough, but there’s another question relating to what the game represents, and that’s a much bigger question, (the macro question, if you will) which goes to the heart of not just DmC, it’s origin and intent, but the very nature of how IP is being treated in certain quarters by the industry.


Staying with the Twilight/film analogy, just how many reboots are happening right now? It’s almost funny, almost, but kind of sad really. Some of them turn out well, but many are just heartless, cynical attempts at cashing in on an already established character or franchise.

            Going back to the games, people forget, even Kojima (of MGS fame) himself has expressed concern over the nature of established IP’s being modified to hopefully appeal to a wider audience, almost regardless of what it does to the brands legacy.


In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how this does in real terms, retail wise. One way or another, that will decide the true significance and legacy of DmC.

            Almost makes me wish I was still in college, would make for one hell of an essay subject!

    • Bardock-SSJ2

      I agree with you, I used to be one of those people who hate this game cause it wasn’t the classic Dante then me & my friend was discussing about it, and he said don’t judge it yet till the demo of the game comes out download it and I love it, then I bought the game on launch day and beat it yesterday AWESOME game, now I can’t wait for Vergil Downfall XD

  • Skelter

    true story: The new Dante grew on me FAST…… I’m unimpressed when I look at the old one……….still playing through the story (just got the Aquila)…..and am already looking forward to a sequel. I can do without this DLC since I like the new Dante as is…………for me, the first three chapters of DmC had more story than the entire Devil May Cry series and this is coming from a long time fan. They actually take you through a backstory and paints a visible streamline for the story to follow (as opposed to randomly meeting a chick at your shop then ending up at a castle)……now he’s badass but reasonable. His smack talk to monsters and serious convos with Kat/Vergil impressed me all the way. His character is stronger in a sense. Best non-fighting game that Capcom has pushed out for the entire PS3 gen for me.

    • Skelter

      that said…..Metal Gear Rising … I come!!!

      • K00lKat

        same here, when i got dmc i pre-ordered rising

  • K00lKat

    what about a dlc for devil trigger skin dmc3 has the best designs

    • AnimusVox

      I would say this game isn’t worthy of Kaneko’s artwork use but I’ll bite my tongue until further notice

  • NNL

    They don’t get it. It doesn’t matter what the character model looks like, Ninja Theory have still written an appalling, charmless and insipid interpretation of Dante. White hair and a red jacket won’t change that fact.

  • LordKaiser

    They don’t understand that it’s not just how the old Dante looked but his personality what won over the fans.

  • That’s better Capcom! Leave DANTE ALONE!

  • Classic Dante FTW!

  • Jeremy

    Dude he eventually gets WHITE hair because of his demon powers. PPL are so butt hurt over style.

  • SwaMothe

    I already knew about this all along.

  • Lmao oh i love pirates…got this dlc day one when i downloaded. Time to start modding and make my own skins….lol 60$ for a game i play all the AAA games and only pay for indies. Have to say though DmC was incredible mundus spawn and raptor news were def the best parts