Theatrhythm Final Fantasy teaser site launched - Gematsu
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy teaser site launched
posted on 12.10.12 at 12:29 AM EST by (@salromano)
Square Enix teases something new "coming soon."

Square Enix has launched a mysterious new teaser site for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, a 3DS rhythm game which launched worldwide earlier this year.

The site features four music note sections with notes heading toward each section. (Forgive my wording, I haven’t played Theatrhythm and thus don’t know the proper terms.) Below that, the words “Coming Soon.”

Stay tuned.

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  • PrinceHeir

    finally releasing Somnus for the 3DS??

    • AuroraXIII

      They already did.

  • Kou

    Square Enix? Teasing? iOS/Android port

    • I vote this.

      Not because I want it or anything. Just, you know, history and all.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Even if TWEWY hadn’t showed their willingness, I’d have guess this were for iOS/Android. Only logical platform left to put it on.

    • new_tradition

      Yeah, I agree with you guys. Mobile port seems to be in the future. I’d imagine they’d increase the resolution and make the buttons bigger
      over-all to compensate for using blunt fingers over a precise stylus.

    • FaithlessMr

      Yup, that’s what this is for.

  • Heistt

    Hey, look at it from the bright side, eventually we’ll get an iOS port of Type-0!


  • I agree the smart money is on mobile. I’m holding out hope for a vita version, or the next title in the series. I sucked at Theatrhythmn, but I love it and still have it. Cheers! This is good news.

  • maybe a PS Vita version ?

  • ShinobiMuramasa

    It may be unlikely, but since the teaser page doesn’t actually say anything about Final Fantasy on it, I’m oping that it’ll be a Theatrhythm for another series since they have expressed an interest in doing others.