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Street Fighter X Mega Man coming to PC free this month
posted on 12.08.12 at 06:09 PM EST by (@salromano)
Fan-made Mega Man crossover to be published by Capcom.

Capcom has announced it’s bringing fan-made crossover game Street Fighter X Mega Man to PC on December 17 free of charge through its Capcom Unity website.

The game, a “true collaboration” between Capcom and its fans, is developed by Singapore native Seow Zong Hui with direction and support from Capcom. It sees Mega Man traverse eight original Street Fighter-themed stages, each with their own Street Fighter character boss, in a classic, 8-bit world tuned to an original soundtrack created by Luke Esquivel.

“Our fans have been so supportive of the 25th Anniversary efforts on Street Fighter, that we wanted to provide one last surprise and token of our appreciation,” said Christian Svensson, SVP of Consumer Software at Capcom USA. “This game symbolizes the passion and dedication of our fans and with the 25th Anniversary of Mega Man coming up, we felt it was our duty to bring this wonderful experience to everyone who has shared the last 25 years with us and both of these celebrated franchises.”

Watch the debut trailer below. View screenshots at the gallery.

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  • rockman29

    Amazingly, being PC only isn’t the most surprising thing.

  • PrinceHeir

    despite it’s cool to see them allowing a fan creation game(especially from a very far place like in Singapore)

    definitely more companies should do more like this.

    but the announcement was kinda underwhelming :

    i was expecting maybe a 2013 version SSF4AE since this is a SF event.

    or SF Alpha 2 Gold and Alpha 3 Max on consoles.

    but at least it’s free :P

    • dusk

      I’m from Singapore. It’s not that far… :D

      • PrinceHeir

        i mean it was capcom US who approach him, then again it was through emails and such.

        im from the philippines, so we’re kinda close in the map, but im living in the US NY for now ^^

  • Dean Winchester

    This looks amazing and I am completely annoyed.

    Are Mega Man fans traditional PC gamers?
    Oh…you mean that all the original Mega Man games came out on game CONSOLE?

    Hmmmm. This is great. I have 2 laptops. A PC and a MAC and I will download this but not putting this on PSN, VC and or even XBLA is asinine.

    • Would Sony or Microsoft let people have a game for free and offer it that way from their servers? No.

      • Dean Winchester

        Sony would.
        MS would not.

        I also never said I wouldnt pay money…..good money to have this on a console so I am not sure what your point is.

        • Locksus

          Meh, as far as I know, there are free games on both PSN and XBL. Both probably would (or wouldn’t?) let the game be published for free.

          Anyways, pretty much the only MM game I’ve ever played is X-4. I remember spending hours trying to beat the goddamn final boss until I figured out that I had to use some kind of cheat(?) to acquire a special costume to take it down.

          Not sure if you could’ve beaten it with the standard blue costume,

          • Dean Winchester

            Usually mega man final bosses are near impossible without thecorrect weapon.
            I do vaguely recall having to beat Sigma’s finalform with my mega buster though.

    • xMCXx

      Maybe because it would cost money?

      • Dean Winchester

        Which I and many other Mega Man fans would gladly pay.

  • HeatPhoenix

    It’s a GAME MAKER game. FROM 2010.
    I have proof of this if required.

    • It’s free. Relax

      • HeatPhoenix

        Mr. Solidus, I cannot relax. Mega Man is dead.

    • Rezar

      Sure, why not?

    • Kobracon

      Are you…..dissing Game Maker? So what if its a GM game? This is an indie game and it looks exceptionally well made.

      • HeatPhoenix


        That’s software middle schoolers use to make their first video game starring some stolen Super Mario World sprites (or Mega Man sprites), I should know, I was one of them. For such a company to have the gall to release a game like that. Game Maker’s performance is absolute crap and it’s more likely to crash than anything else.

        Do you even program? Do you even lift while programming?

        • Kobracon

          Oh hohoho I am SO glad u asked it like that. Yes. I do program. In fact, I’m in my last year of my Game Development course and I have done a few games with Game Maker, Java, C and C++ for my University course work. Never doubt the ability of GM, especially GM Pro.

          It all depends on how creative you are as a game designer. It doesn’t matter what you use. Hell, To the Moon was made with RPG Maker. Just because you had a bad experience with GM doesn’t mean ppl can’t make awesome stuff with it.

          Plus this isn’t made by Capcom, merely published. Its done by a guy in Singapore, and more power to him for being recognized by Capcom.

          • HeatPhoenix

            Poor guy, Game dev, huh. Good luck with that.

            Also, RPG Maker is just as bad, probably even worse. I have no respect for games built in that way. GM Pro has this fake programming language but it is still in the constraints of GM.

            I didn’t have a bad experience, GM is just poor.
            Though 8bit Mega Man games that had been able to run on NES or nearly equivalent hardware is pretty much what GM is made for (primitive pleb stuff), so hey, I guess it works?

            You still didn’t tell me whether you lifted.

            • Kobracon

              Welp I can see all hopes for a civil conversation is all but gone. Have a good day sir.

              and I don’t know what you mean by ‘lift while programming’. I’m sure you’ll find some clever way to use that fact to insult and/or doubt my previous post.

              Also you are a horrible judge to base a judgement on what a game was made on. Its like saying all flash games suck…

  • oh da irony, da first megaman game in a few yearz……not even made by Capcom.

    • Why do a new Megaman game to get the free hate of all nostalgic fans?

      • hatin’ Capcom, not da game, truth be told i like da look o’ dis.

        • hating Capcom or Capcom games and directions is the same thing. It is old but gold: DON’T LIKE, DON’T PLAY, DON’T BUY

          • my hatred won’t stop me from playin’ good games…….though to be honest, i don’t really like Survival Horror, Shooters, or Fighters……so i really haven’t bought that much, if anything, from them recently.

  • paperclichepixel


  • I’m not entirely sure what to feel from this;

    It’s Megaman with rehashed visuals (yet it’s already been doing that)
    It’s PC but it’s free so there’s a (strange) plus if I ever saw one.
    Also the fact that instead of Robot masters, it’s SF characters; bit odd but definitely interesting.
    and because of that, that means interesting power ups and whatnot.

    ……Welp, at least your doing SOMETHING right. now just try not to jinx it for just one (free) game.

  • Knowing Capcom, they probably put in the contract that they have to charge for a hard mode DLC.

    • xMCXx


  • Kobracon

    I…..have no words…..just a bit more respect earned for Capcom.

  • xxx128

    This is the most exciting capcom thing i have seen in years. And its not even made by capcom. Money corrupts?