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Square Enix to announce ‘secret title’ next week
posted on 12.07.12 at 01:57 AM EST by (@salromano)
Is Square Enix teasing the next Star Ocean?

Square Enix has launched a countdown teaser site for a “secret title” set to be announced next Wednesday, December 12.

The website, pictured above, shows two planets and a sun from the view of outer space. Above the Twitter placement, the tiny text “Universe Accel Cosmic Drive” is placed. And to the top right of the site, the word “Star.” Also of note, the page’s URL contains the word “liftoff.”

Given the site’s contents, could Square Enix be teasing the next Star Ocean?

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  • Yup methinks Star Ocean 5 too!!!

    Edit: Apparently SE trademarked Star Galaxy, a reboot perhaps?? I just hope the teaser is worth it and it’s console game unlike the TWEWY teaser.

  • Star Ocean? ALL OF MAH MONEY!

    Edit: Hopefully a Game dat iz that at least takez place afta Star Ocean 1…….also maybe a non Earthlin’

  • Guest

    So the rumor was true, I almost gave up hope.

  • sherimae1324

    star ocean? i hope so ^_^

  • Star Galaxy.

  • Bloodios

    Maybe they finally feel like releasing an HD-remastered version of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time… Or perhaps they are remaking Star Ocean 4 with a new and improved engine. Or maybe it’s about time that the first and second got their well-deserving HD-remakes. But Heaven, please, be a new Star Ocean, just so I know tri-Ace is still in the game, and my dream for another Valkyrie Profile isn’t an impossibility…

    • Anything other than iOS, mobage, social, android, phone game is acceptable.

      • It’s probably one of those and nothing more… I’m not getting my hopes up

      • I guarantee you it will be one of the above. Teaser countdowns usually lead to mobile titles. Triple A titles are saved for events.

    • HD SO3? Why haven’t I thought of that?

      If it is indeed HD SO3, then hell yes. BEST. NEWS. OF THE YEAR.

  • xMCXx

    It can only be Star Ocean.
    Or fucking Final Fantasy 15 or 13-4, since it’s Square Enix.
    I wouldn’t put it past them.

  • Guys remember don’t get your hopes up. With that said.. lets hope its Star Ocean! LOL Square Enix please make this good for crying out loud and I cant wait to see what Lightning returns has to offer.

  • Knowing Square Enix, Star Ocean game for iOS… Like what they did to TWEWY announcement….

    • Very possible and I was thinking the same. With Square Enix now in days its a risk to hope.

  • Raiyu

    Wonder if we’ll see it in next weeks Famitsu?

  • inb4 another fucking IOS shit game….
    But i really hope its a new star ocean game ;_;

  • InsaneChronos

    Star Ocean browser MMORPG

    • YangTerlupakan

      if like Assasin Creed ; Project Legacy
      is Ok for me!!!!

  • please let it be star ocean 5. what’s tri ace up to these days anyway.

  • PrinceHeir

    Star Ocean with Tri-Ace??

    but i want my Valkyrie Profile 3 first!!!!!!

    • zakou

      VP3 was canned, if you missed the new try googling but even this will may take some time as it was never puplicly announced i think but it was confirmed that the game VP3 didn’t have any publisher therfore it was canned.

      • PrinceHeir

        i don’t see it :

        • zakou

          Lol i have no idea where the news is to be found, it was some time ago, there was even a tease of Tri-Ace showing of feathers and wings in some magazine.

          I wish Sal was here reading this, if he remebers anything VP3 related stuff, the teases and the news that Square didn’t want to publish VP3, i think some of these are rumors but i don’t know anymore xD

          • PrinceHeir

            yeah i remember that magazine with the feathers.

            i don’t think it’s cancelled, since im sure they are busy nowadays with their new engine, work from FFXIII-2, and now Frontier Gate+.

            their not also a big company per se.

            heck they could be working on Lightning Returns FFXIII for all we know.

            that’s the one of the few JRPG’s last gen that didn’t get a new entry for this gen(well the DS game is a SRPG so that doesn’t count)

  • EspadaKiller

    Definitely Star Ocean lol

  • TimesTicking

    When I read the title I was hoping it would be FF Versus XIII, but after reading more I lost all hope….

    • Lele Mett

      Wait for Versus. Wait. Its coming. If its a Star Ocean though your still in luck right?

      • TimesTicking

        eh maybe? I didn’t enjoy Last Hope at all, but I am willing to give it a chance, but I just won’t be getting the game on Day-1

  • disqus_I1OKDdM2Qq

    or perhaps…

    Gundam AGE Universe Accel?
    Gundam AGE Cosmic Drive?

    c’mon SE

  • Zuhri69

    Meh, probably a mobile game. Or a psp/3ds/ds game we will never get. Or one of those anime related game which we will never get.

  • Star Ocean?

  • LustEnvy

    Secret of Galaxy, a sequel of Secret of Mana set in the Star Ocean universe. Because yes.

  • Skerj

    The announcement Star Ocean 5 is too good to be true. Even moreso if it’s using that snazzy engine Tri-Ace showed off last year and doesn’t have those creepy ass doll models from SO4. It’s going to be a GREE Star Ocean. :(

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Star Ocean

  • Ramza Beoulve

    Star Ocean 5

  • Star Ocean: Card Games on Spaceships.

  • Angel wing

    Star Ocean V (ita) Plus

  • Definitely looks very Star Ocean-ish. Well, if they DO announce a new Star Ocean, it sure as hell can’t be worse than the last one, right?


    • neku

      no , i will never understand the hate for SO4 i loved SO4 .On the other hand SO3 was the most lackluster game i have ever played.

      • Thank you for assuming that I liked SO3, lol. SO3 wasn’t BAD, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t my favorite, by far. My favorite has always been SO2 :3

        • neku

          definitely agree with you, SO2 was the best

  • FaithlessMr

    Star Ocean social game.

    Again, SE, prove me wrong.

  • new_tradition

    If it’s not a mobile or GREE game, I’ll be surprised.

  • HeatPhoenix

    uh, Universe Accel and Cosmic Drive… weren’t those the titles of the two PSP Gundam AGE games?

    > http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/Mobile_Suit_Gundam_AGE_(game)

  • zakou

    I will be very pissed if this isn’t a Star Ocean 5 Console release. I will be very angry if this is a moblie game…very angry!

    Maybe this is Call of Duty: Space Warfare.

  • If it’s iOS that will be disappointing. The thing is though, I thought I remember the creator of Star Ocean saying the series is over.

  • ShinAsura

    I love Star Ocean but they should finish their current projects before moving on to new titles

  • MosquitoLemon

    Uhhhhhhhh…Universe Accel and Cosmic Drive were the two Gundam AGE PSP games that came out a few months ago.

  • Ace

    If Tri-Ace is handling this, I expect a great announcement. If Square Enix is handling this, I expect a crappy announcement about some iOS port.

  • Lele Mett

    I don’t care what it is. As long as its not a phone game or an online game. Im looking for something big on the ps3 or XBox. Hell Wii U even. Give me a new Star ocean. Don’t give FF 15 when 13 LR and Versus are not freaking done yet.

  • koulou

    cmon sqex this better be a PS3 JRPG we need something that isn’t ff or remake on HD console. t would be even more awesome if this is tri ace game using last year engine in they tech demo.

  • Locksus

    No, guys. It’s definitely going to be moar RAITONINGU.

  • I hope it turns out to be a new Star Ocean for consoles. I suppose I’d take a Vita or 3DS game as well.

    If it is… Please be more like the fantastic Star Ocean 2 & 3, and be less like Star Ocean 4. (Which i didn’t like at all. My opinion.)

    – Stick with the more anime style visuals
    – Better character cast
    – More time travel stuff
    – Combat system that resembles SO2 and SO3 combat system.

  • on the website appeaered the words stras war and divide

  • What if they threw everyone for a loop and announced Final Fantasy 15 as a ‘save the universe’ drama instead of the typical ‘save the world’ drama? I know I’ll be wrong but what if….? lol