Sony Worldwide Studios boss has a Wii U - Gematsu
Sony Worldwide Studios boss has a Wii U
posted on 12.03.12 at 11:06 PM EST by (@salromano)
Add him on Nintendo Network and stalk his activity feed.

Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shuehei Yoshida picked up a Wii U today.

“Got a Wii U,” Yoshida said on Twitter. “My Nintendo ID is ‘ShuYoshida’, pls send me a friend request so I see you on the Activity Feed.”

No word on what the Sony honcho is currently playing. But if you own a Wii U, shoot him a request and let us know what he has been up to. Just don’t message him about any outlandish comparisons.

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  • lol I don’t think Shu planned on this being a news story.

    • I thought it’d be interesting to share. :-)

      Definitely someone I’m gonna add when I get the system in March. It’d be interesting to see what games he’s playing.

      Wii U owners, check him out!

      • I think he’s hoping this has like one of those reverse effect…Ex. Awww aint he soo sweet..Lets all go out and buy more PS3’s

      • Azure

        Sal.. his friend list almost maxed 94/100 Dx

  • EspadaKiller

    I doubt he has time playing it though, maybe he bought for his daughters to play lol

    • XypherCode

      Well it does have his name on the NNID. It’s also a NA Wii U as well so I doubt it’s for his children. Studying the competition maybe? :P

      • EspadaKiller

        Heh yeah, or he just loves Nintendo games. But kinda weird for him to buy a NA set? Since most Nintendo games that are awesome will only be released in the Japanese language anyway

        • AdamBoy64

          I think he said on twitter that he often purchases both NA and JPN systems.

  • whiteferrero

    Sony boss knows not to be biased regarding game platforms. :)

    Something elitist gamers should learn.

    • DrForbidden

      IMO, it’s more like ‘Sony boss checking out the competition’. Knowing yourself AND your competitors is essential for any company to succeed.

      • whiteferrero

        Exactly! which means he doesn’t look down on competition, and accepts the pros (and cons) on each platform.

        • Well said. +1

        • DrForbidden

          Agreed. It doesn’t matter whether he personally likes Nintendo or not. Generally speaking, there is probably always something you can learn from the way your competitors do things, be it an idea or a warning, and realising this will make you better at anticipating the needs of your customer base.

      • rockman29

        That’s not why he bought a WiiU.

        He bought a WiiU because he’s a gamer.

        If you think he bought a WiiU to study the system, then you don’t know Yoshida.

        Yoshida is a class act and all gamers should learn from him.

    • cusman

      He may simply be curious why similar features on the PS-Vita are not as popular in use as they are within MiiVerse.

      For those of you only with MiiVerse, if you have the SiNG Party game, and allow it, the way it posts activity and rewards to MiiVerse automatically is how PS-Vita games post such things to game specific “community”. These are private and can only be seen by friends. The Vita version also allow “Likes / Yeahs” and people to comment on those activity posts. These auto-posts can be too noisy (and pointless in many cases in my view just like trophy notifications being shared are pointless) so it is good that they remain private and for friends only.

      MiiVerse off course also has the Twitter like broadcast of manually created posts that are also game “community” specific but can be seen by anybody looking at that community.

      People that compare MiiVerse to Facebook or call it Facebook for games don’t know what they are talking about. It is Twitter for games :)

      Yoshida is one of the smartest people on Sony’s leadership team but his influence is restricted to Software and Services. I just wish they had some smart people on the hardware side to prevent decisions like proprietary memory card formats and other such failings.

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      He’s easily the most sympathetic and charismatic top dog of the three platform holders. It’s difficult not to like him. The others should heed his example as one particular NA guy from another platform holder sounds very conceited and arrogant in each of his public statements.

  • Sovereign Gale

    This gives me hope for console equality. ;__;

  • chinglee

    Burn the traitor! Burn him alive along with his Wii-U!

  • hush404

    lol, this is weird news :P and believe it or not, big wigs behind companies aren’t as small minded as some forum trolls and 12 yo kids who’s parents can only afford one system.

  • Heistt

    I know Sakurai has a PS3 but do you think Iwata or Reggie have videogame systems of their own from other companies?

  • My faith in the gaming community is slightly restored…. Just because you’re rivals with another platform, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their games…

    • rockman29

      Yep, Yoshida is a class act. And it’s a good thing he is SCEWWS chief, because he just loves games.

  • Panda_castro

    I hope he doesn’t get messages from Nintendo fanboys. Who knows what they write to him.

    • lvdrest

      Sonydrones have already started asking him retarded questions on his twitter.

      • Panda_castro

        What to you expect? Same thing happen when reggie said he has a 360 and loves to play gears of war.

    • Azure

      they are greeting him ^^

  • SONY’s next gen console and Nintendo’s WiiU will both do amazing things and we will see a huge glimps come E3 2013. AR gaming, VR gaming and more. Both will be similar in graphics but the Omni (sony) will be slight faster. XBOX will prob have the graphics powerhouse but! they will also jump in the AR and VR movement. This is very exiting.. BTW Mr. Yoshida I hope you will accept my friend request.


    • lvdrest

      You’re basing all of this on rumours my friend. Don’t disappoint yourself and take them with a grain of salt.

      • Nope I am basing this on SONY huge lost current gen and the overall market. Next gen will be about innovation AR and VR with a slight upgrade on graphics. SONY is in a very tight spot they can’t afford to sell a console like they did with the PS3 at first they have just started seeing profit with the PS3 about 2 years ago. XBOX unlike SONY had Live which they profit from so they can sell a powerhouse at a loss and Nintendo knows all about profit so they are ok as seen with the Wii which was cheap to make a sold for profit.

        • Sony is having some tough times, but they aren’t going to fall over dead or anything. They still have way to strong of a foundation to just crumble. (Not just with ps brand.)

          As for the AR/VR stuff, I’ve read about it, and some of the recent rumor mill stuff has said they will be a huge focus for the next Playstation. That might happen, but until Sony announces the official specs and details of the next PS, it’s still considered by most to be rumor.

  • piichan

    some of the tweets on there are pretty hilarious like this one:

    Karasz ‏@KaraszKun
    @yosp I thought Nintendo is your rival. How did that happen? What’s going on?! Did Hell just froze over this?! Answer me!!

    5hShuhei Yoshida ‏@yosp
    @KaraszKun if you are in the industry, you would try new hw and services, right? what’s wrong with you!

  • xMCXx

    Can’t blame the man.
    The WiiU seems like fun. I’ll buy one later next year probably.^^

  • I only support Sony because Nintendo and Microsoft are retarded about region locking. If the next Sony console is region locked I’ll stick to PC.

  • AGReed cause all consoles are Good in General.

  • shuehei is a great guy. I love listening him on ign’s podcast Beyond. This is cool how he is supporting the overall industry. He actually likes games and post about them.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Then he burned it. Just playing, but he probably seeing what they have and taking it and improving on it to make it better on PS Omni (PS4).

  • LordKaiser

    To bad he’s friendlist got full already… A friend tried to get to him… Anyway at least we got his tweeter. Needed to ask questions…

  • PrinceHeir