Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus conceals lovelies with lights - Gematsu
Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus conceals lovelies with lights
posted on 12.11.12 at 07:36 PM EST by (@salromano)
Destroy their costumes, you will. But see it all, you will not.

Famitsu this week introduces a new faction in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. The Homura Guren (or, Flame Crimson) are on the run after killing a Zen Monk investor.

The magazine also touches a bit upon costume destruction. When a character’s costume is completely destroyed, a mysterious light or her own face will cover her private areas. It is possible to test out costume destruction in the changing room.

Finally, in addition to the game’s original story, which is called “New Theory Ninpocho Girl,” Shinovi Versus will tell sub-stories for each character through its “Blooming Flowers Chronicle.”

Thanks, Game Nyarth.

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  • Kazziyan


    • Haku_Luvs_You

      lol, Kazziyan, has anyone ever told you how awesome you are?

      • Kazziyan

        Yep. They were so tsundere about it they gave me a ban warning. xP

        Oh and thank you!

    • Sevyne

      Took the word right out my mouth.

    • thanks for saying what we all were thinking

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Oh well I’ll still buy it…

    :O Is this the first time we see Murakumo without her mask on?!

    • ゆい

      Nope :3

    • DrForbidden

      You actually see her face in some previously released art as well.

    • Haku_Luvs_You

      Odd I must have missed that.. She’s Adorable! >.<

  • DrForbidden

    What the f**k?

    If you can’t show nudity, how about simply having costumes that can’t be destroyed ENTIRELY?

    Why go through the trouble to make them destructible entirely and then add that crap to cover up? Are your programmers trying to make an excuse to claim overtime, or is it because it feels more satisfying to be a cocktease with no purpose in life?

    This is the first sign of douchebaggery I’ve seen from the MAQL team developing this game…

    • “or is it because it feels more satisfying to be a cocktease with no purpose in life?”

      Isn’t that what Senran Kagura does best? Teasing the players to no end…

      • Kazziyan

        Wait for inevitable Senran Kagura eroge. THAT will truly realize producer-san’s dreams. Katsuragi as protagonist.

      • DrForbidden

        Well, no, it isn’t. That’s sort of my point, actually. We know damn well there won’t be any nudity, and that the previous games will only go so far as torn clothes, panty shots and jiggling. It’s not cockteasing because what we get is PRECISELY what they promised.

        With this new development, we learn that their clothes can be completely disintegrated, and yet there is no nudity because there will be preposterous censoring. It is cockteasing because they’re essentially saying, “you can get them nude, but there won’t be nudity”. Aside from being a dick move, it is also entirely pointless. It’s like Activision announcing, “We’re adding new guns into COD: BO2 multiplayer! But there won’t be any ammunition for these guns, so you can’t fire them! Enjoy!”

        Why do it in the first place if you are not going to commit to the full distance? And it’s not like they’re just using existing assets where the nude bodies simply do not have definition or detail. They have to add the censoring lights and chibi faces into the game where they were not present previously. It’s extra work, for no real reason other than to pretend to show more without actually showing anything more. THAT is what I mean by cockteasing, and why I think it is a cheap move.

        • Ah… I thought you meant that literally…

          Since platform holders can’t allow AO games, it can’t be helped… I can’t recall any console games feature a full on nudity…

          • DrForbidden

            Yes, I’m aware of that fact, which just makes MAQL’s decision to ‘skirt the line’ with this game even lamer, IMO. They should have just stuck with the tried and tested formula of the last two games, where clothes were ripped but not completely disintegrated. It’s not like anyone was complaining about the previous formula or anything…

            • MAQL probably wants to try something… Personally, it’s a minor thing… Doesn’t change the game drastically or previous formula much…

              • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

                Well, they’ve got a franchise on 2 handhelds now, might try to push the boundaries more with each new entry. They already went farther vith (sic) Shinovi Versus than they did with Crimson Burst and the original game in terms of costume destruction (nudity), who knows what future installments will bare (sic).
                The chibi faces on the sensitive spots are hilarious.

          • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

            Well, RDR had a sex scene (not some fuckin dry humping as seen in the embarrassing AO-re-rating of San Andreas by the Puritans at ESRB) with full frontal nudity of the female at it passed as M. Nudity does not equal AO.

            • Ah… That scene… That was disturbing to say the least… You forgot GTA4:BoGT with things happening inside the club…

              It could be that ESRB might be bias when it comes to who’s making the game… If it’s western, they might loosen up but then if it’s Japan, then it’s a different story…

              • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

                It applies to CERO ratings vice versa. Catherine getting a C (15) is a case in point (themes covered and violence shown, esp. during the dream sequences are quite explicit/mature).

  • Kobracon

    Darn…if this was a PC game, modders would be SO over this…

  • Duc PC-QB

    God damn it !!.
    Why cant they make 18+ game for Vita

  • koulou

    so they are to love ru brightness nao:(

  • Bloodios

    For the sake of lovelies, I shall devour all light!

  • So when a girl stripped off her clothing completely, lights just ‘conveniently’ shines upon her? I’ve been reading way too much of To Love-ru…

    • Kazziyan

      TLR Darkness fan? Manga is amazing. <3 Can't wait till Censors are off from that blu-ray. :|

      • I admire your honesty…

        • KurisuMakise

          Kazzirin is always honest -nod-

        • Kazziyan

          Best policy~ xD

      • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

        Trouble Darkness is such a blatant mockery of Ishihara’s censorship laws it’s hilarious. The Anime is faithful to the extremely borderline-Ero-manga territory treading “shounen” manga. As you said my friend, TV censors can go suit themselves, BR ftw!

        • Kazziyan

          Yes! and that’s why I love Yabuki Kentarou. As soon as Ishihara started his ban crap, he got even more risky with it which only made the experience that much better since we knew why. Blu-ray’s are out soon so it should be a good experience! :D

          • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

            Yabuki garners way too little recognition. He’s incredibly talented (Black Cat is awesome) and versatile, yet he only earns money on his ero manga. Not that I’m complaining, just saying that the man is capable of so much more.

            Funny thing is, today a mate bought the first 5 volumes of Trouble Darkness “for a friend” while we strolled through Roppongi’s subway shopping mall (the one including Konami Style!!!).

            • Kazziyan

              I can agree with that! Kentarou should definitely spread out.

              Looool he should be honest.And were there a lot of Love Plus goodies or am I picturing this shop wrong?

              • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

                You’re spot on. The shop is filled with MG and Love Plus goodies to the brim. Right now they are selling posters of the three girls scantly clothed in Christmas Ribbons with nothing but a chocolate heart on their chest. You can even take a picture in front of the life-sized stand of said poster (which I took, of course ^^).

                There are some kind of premium art-books in three different designs, respective to each girl (7.300 Yen) and they still have the 3 limited edition 3DS consoles with the girls’ respective designs (17.000 Yen). There’s lots of various other stuff like figures and individual posters and even cloth bags (3 designs, now 300 instead of the regular 1200 Yen price tag). I bought the lovely blue Rinko design <3

  • Sevyne

    That sloppily done scribble of “light” actually makes them less revealing than some basic bra and panties. Kind of defeats the purpose of full costume destruction. It was pretty obvious that they weren’t going to actually show you everything, but those giant blobs that look like they were scribbled over with a white-out marker are ridiculous.

  • You want Anime goodies? stick to PC.

    • Sevyne

      I really don’t mind the censorship, because anyone with any brains expected it. It’s how poorly it’s executed here that bothers me.

      • DrForbidden

        Especially considering that it had no reason being implemented in the first place. Everybody knows nudity is forbidden. So why put that in and then have to strategically cover everything? This crap stopped being funny back when Austin Powers exploited it…

        • Sevyne

          Yeah exactly. I honestly would rather they stuck to keeping the bra and panties on over this mess. This is just ugly.

      • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

        Well, they couldv’e gone the CERO Z route and bare it all XD. I am afraid, though, that full nudity would not even qualify for Z anymore, more likely R18, which in turn would certainly be not an option to consider on Vita.

        • Sevyne

          Haha! Yeah, I don’t think anyone honestly expected them to truly bare it all. No way they’d get away with it without totally killing it’s exposure at retail. Can’t have that in your window display (though they do come close to it sometimes)!

          • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

            Well, I dunno where the line between “Z” and “R18” is. As long as it’s a Japanese game full nudity should not default to “R18” but I guess Sony might have been opposed to that idea. Gonna be following the series and its ero-mastermind closely.
            After having spent some time in Tokyo it’s difficult to tell what’s ok to show in a window display, some stuff is risque to put it mildly ^^

    • By anime goodies, you mean eroges? Nothing surprising there…

  • fyi1191

    There goes the localization chance.

    • Learii

      i hope so but i don’t think there will be one because of those strip

  • Ramza Beoulve

    will i like the art work here
    indeed a work of art

  • PrinceHeir