Open Forum #023 - Gematsu
Open Forum #023
posted on 12.20.12 at 10:00 AM EST by (@salromano)
Open, off-topic discussion.

Our twenty-third Open Forum is ready for discussion.

The Open Forum is your domain for anything and everything. Whatever you feel is inappropriate to discuss in other threads, you can discuss here. Want to talk about sports? You’re in the right place. Have a random question? Ask it here. Want to poll the community? Do it here. The Open Forum is what you make it.

Discuss away.

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  • new_tradition


    I’ve always wanted to post that since everyone else who does gets extremely happy xD

    I think I’m doing it wrong. I don’t feel anything D=<

    • You want a cookie?

      • new_tradition

        Nah, I got way too many cavities ;A;

    • Congrats? xD

  • zakou

    xD did you really have to use a picture like that today? :P

    • I thought it’d be funny. =)

      • Kobracon

        I c wut u did thar

      • DichaTesoro

        It is.

      • Bravo. +1000 points? Do we have points?

    • Someone with a sense of humor is exactly what is needed for this day…

  • Man I think I had to much sugar today.. its like.. when I breath I get brain freeze or maybe that is just my cold nose.

    All the cars had frozen windows outside this morning its pretty cold but looks nice.

  • Kobracon

    I feel like sharing one of my favourite mangas of all time. Its not that much action, not a fantastic fantasy with big titted heroines bouncing left and right, nor big tough guys who can break planets, but a rather simple school life comedy with humor I have yet to see again till this day.

    It’s premise is simple but something anyone can relate to and….well…you just feel happy when you read, you’d have to be pretty darn jaded or have no soul to not laugh at any point.

    I am talking about Angel Densetsu. The first manga of the manga artist who is currently doing the Claymore series.

    Its synopsis is as follows:
    Kitano Seiichiro is possibly the kindest human being you will ever meet. He is naive, and wishes for nothing but peace on Earth. Theres only one problem, he has the facial features of a demon. Hilarious misunderstandings abound.

    I hope some of you will pick up this series and be as happy as I am knowing that this manga exists ^_^

    • xMCXx

      Yup, Angel Densetsu is fucking hilarious! :D

    • YangTerlupakan

      actually my fren have 2 OVA angel densetsu in his notebook but i never finish watch until end
      but since this from norihiro-sensei maybe i want to watch again because i love claymore series

      • Kobracon

        Yeah the OVAs were great. I wish this got an anime. The closest thing I can get in anime form would be Wallflower…

  • RedWolfe

    The article image seriously made me lol.

  • MosquitoLemon

    Took a break from Resonance of Fate to get into some Way of the Samurai 3. It is so freakin’ good, I wish I didn’t have hella work this week, I don’t get nearly enough time with it :|

    • It’s really addicting. I loved it, I’m still trying to get the last few trophies in the game. Learning all the skills with every weapon is time consuming!

      • MosquitoLemon

        Yeah, I don’t know how, but my save got trashed -_-

        I started a new game and finally got the Itsuse ending and another halfway decent sword, but dang…

        • That sucks! You need to watch over the save you make, since you basically keep playing off that same save each time. You could make a backup of it, just to be safe.

          It doesn’t take long to finish a playthrough, but it’s the multiple endings and all the other content that builds up.

          • MosquitoLemon

            Yeah, I’ve spent over 100 hours on 1+2 so I know the drill. Was pissed when I lost a sword I’d been working on through 3 playthroughs.

  • DesmaX


  • xMCXx

    I keep forgetting that the world ends tomorrow!
    Man, I will be so caught off guard!

  • Tomorrow isn’t the end of the world you fools.

    Life continues on as usual, how idiotic are the majority of you in this world. I mean no disrespect but 12/21/12 isn’t the end of the World. It’s the Mutherfucking end of the Mayan calendar get your fucking facts straight.

    Anyway I hope next generation of consoles put more focus into other genres of games instead of OVERSATURATING the market with shitty games like COD.

    • I actually watched some program on TV that says we recently discovered that the Mayan calender doesn’t actually end Friday. (lol)

      Don’t let it bother you if people believe it though. ^^

    • YangTerlupakan

      just another stupid prediction from stupid atheis people

      • DrForbidden

        New agers and drug-addled hippies aren’t necessarily atheists. I admit they’re usually not very bright people, but not necessarily atheists.

    • DrForbidden

      You honestly think that people who are playing videogames and commenting on a video game website believe the world is ending tomorrow? THOSE people would be panicking in their bunkers or spending their last hours with family or some such things instead of screwing around on gematsu. Get over yourself, dude.

  • I showed this to Sal the other day.

    Majora’s Mask inspired timer to the “end of the world.”

  • EspadaKiller

    Just came back from Japan and realised that 3DS, PS Vita, PS3 and consoles being sold over there are cheaper than Singapore, despite their strong yen O.O

    • Kobracon

      Whoa really?!

      • EspadaKiller

        Haha yeah, was pretty shocked!

        • DrForbidden

          I’m pretty sure that video game consoles sold in 95% of the world are cheaper than the consoles sold in Singapore. This applies to many branded consumer electronics and parts, incidentally.

          Singapore taxes those electronics and parts like you wouldn’t believe. It cost me more than USD1650 to build my gaming PC, which is not even top of the line. I could build the same PC in the US for less than USD1200.

          • EspadaKiller

            Heh, you’re right. Was just pretty shocked that everything in Japan is much more expensive than Singapore but the electronics aren’t. lmao

  • If you have the time, and want to read about crazy Corrupt Apple Store Employee’s.

    • new_tradition

      That’s messed up. I don’t even like Apple, but how do you get to the point of destroying inventory? X_x

      • Yeah, I expected some under the table stuff. I was really shocked when I got done reading all of it though. I was surprised they got away with stealing people’s private data, and also selling products from the back room on ebay.

        Also… the parts about managers getting frisky in the closet, and employee’s stealing people’s private pictures and uploading them to a website. Really messed up…

  • almostautumn

    Aquapazza came in yesterday—- sooooo friggin’ good!

    Actually, I don’t like it as much as I thought I would, despite the contradiction. It’s not as tight as Garou Mow (similar in style/gameplay, but not as quality), and the character rosters just aren’t as welcoming as other fighting games. I mean, they’re all unique and I’m sure there’s a character for everyone, but for someone who wants to experiement with characters/get all the trophies, it’s an almost instantaneous sensation whether or not a character is for you, and that’s kind of a shame.

    In particular it’s the colors that I like, and the aesthetic/attitude also. Just very bright, very cheery, and there’s just so much to go “Ahhhh” over, especially the battle environements. Support characters are a blast and create a much-needed diversity to the purposefully stiffer gameplay also.

    ***I’ve had trouble connecting online in ranked matches, but I also couldn’t get online with Nura: Rise of the Yokai clan. I’m in the U.S. playing on a U.S. PS3; is this a normal issue for import-only titles? I can play the free Mobile Suit Gundam game fine and without lag, but this and Nura have instantaneously, and steadily, halted me. Anything I can do about this?

    • MosquitoLemon

      I have no idea, but is Nura any good? I remember hearing about it, but had no idea it came out.

  • Still alive today! xD

    I’ve been told I’m getting a 3DS XL for Christmas. =)

    I also noticed Moby Dick Studio’s has released an alternate version of the trailer for The Phantom Pain.

  • LordKaiser

    Someone forgot to set the alarm clock to Lavos…. Tsk, tsk.

  • new_tradition

    So kind of out of the blue, but I just want to give the Gematsu staff a big thank you for their impartial gaming news. I had a huge summary explaining all my thoughts and what not, but I’ll just keep it short and say when I look for gaming news, I really am looking for news. I guess theres this mentality that gaming news doesn’t deserve the same arms length factual delivery like other topics, and opinions are a great thing, but I like seeing them develop in the comment section, not already colouring news that more or less just broke. So again, thank you Gematsu.

    • I’ll be sure to let Sal see this. He does all the work here, so I’m sure this comment will warm his heart.

      Thanks for such a kind comment. =) Hope your holidays are great!

  • Kobracon

    Merry Christmas, Gematsu ppl :D

    • Merry Christmas to you as well! =)

  • FaithlessMr said – Looking forward to know what game-related gifts everyone got this year in this weeks Open Thread :D

    Yes please! Post pictures if you can! ^^

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Akira Toriyama should create a character for Dragon Ball Z named Boiler now that would be cool.Hot idea me thinks.I had this idea quite a few years now.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Another idea i had was to do redo Journey to the West and call the title Disciple Kings starring Bruce Lee as Dragon,Masaaki Sakai as Monkey & Hayato Tani as Tiger the opening would be like The Hot,The Cool & The Vicious (film) beautiful opening sequence Berto Pisano’s Kill Them All soundtrack hits the spot.
    Would make a great RPG.I would imagine it like this Tripitaka (Master) would have the hat on.Bruce Lee (insert Candy’s King of Kung Fu song) would be like how he is in the image i’ve uploaded.In the the opening sequence Dragon would be in the middle (background colour Yellow) demonstrating his Nunchaku’s skills add some kicks in but no flying kicks cos of the double Nunchaku scene.Monkey demonstraing magical staff (background colour Blue) Tiger demonstraing sword (background colour Red) then the picture will lower down the three disciples will disappear then Tripitaka (background colour Purple) will display Shaolin Kung Fu skills.I had this idea for quite sometime but couldn’t find a name to it then after some head scratching i came up with this name Disciple Kings.The front cover would be like tile square shape each of the faces are placed onto the square shape using high-contrast monochrome graphic of their faces which are placed onto each of the characters colours.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Tecmo/Team Ninja should rename Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z to Ninja Raiden and to round it off Raiden Gaiden that name should be for the mighty Seibu Kaihatsu to create a 2d scrolling shooter made to play like Salamander horizontal & vertical stages that gets the juices flowing great for Del Monte.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Team Ninja should have only put Akira Yuki in DOA 5 instead of putting Pai & Sarah into the title.Tecmo (Team Ninja) / SEGA (AM2) could have done Virtua Fighter Slash (/) DOA later on. K.O. said like in Power Stone.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Where Are They Now?
    I sometimes wonder who they were and whatever happened to the main creator the brains behind classics such as R Type, Ikari, Super Contra & Gradius.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    How about Rival Schools 3 (cel-shaded),Bloody Roar 5 & Raiden Fighters Aces including Viper Phase 1 all for PS3.I can’t keep my fingers crossed for ever.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Cool sounding names for machines MegaDrive, PlayStation, Famicom (family computer), PC Engine.SEGA should have carried the MegaDrive (still sounds cool after all these years) name on & on like Sony has done with the PlayStation what a battle that would have been.I always laughed at Atari cos they were naming their machines after animals luckly they didn’t carry on they would have called their next machine Atari Cock (Rooster).It would have been ear shattering every time the system starts the Atari Cock would have made a “cock-a-doodle-doo” noise.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Hope it’s not true PS4 having a 4 core CPU while the XBox 720 has a 6 or 8 core CPU if it is it’s game over for Sony.I don’t want to see another SEGA Saturn,Atari Jaguar/Lynx,Panasonic 3DO disaster.Or something really funny like Amstrad GX4000 & Commodore 64 Games System now that was funny.Funniest incident since the invention of comedy the GX4000 & C64GS incident.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Cool & great sounding names Devil May Cry,Spy Fiction & Outtrigger.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Tripitaka (Master) in Disciple Kings

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Hayato Tani as Tiger in Disciple Kings.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Monkey in Disciple Kings.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Bruce Lee as Dragon in Disciple Kings

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    I would love to see a slight redoing of Game of Death maybe a CGI version just like a CGI version of Disciple Kings (LOL)
    “Neo Game of Death”
    Bruce Lee and his allies have to rescue Tripitaka.Akuma has imprisoned Tripitaka and has put a spell on the pagoda through his invisble mist of hate against pure spirits which is causing illness to the people of the villages.
    Through Raven’s intelligence the group learn of these incidents when Raven was working inside the pagoda with Ryu Hayabusa.
    Before they set off on their mission to the pagoda Ayane gives them sacred jewels which they hold in their hands while she does a special pray the sacred jewels are then absorbed into their skins making them immune to Akuma’s mist of hate.
    Volt Krueger is guarding the pagoda outside.Naked Snake throws a can to the opposite side of where he is situated Volt goes to investigate Naked Naked Snake sneaks where Volt was situated and places a magazine where Volt was originally situated.
    Volt returns and squats down busy looking at the magazine the group quickly go into the pagoda.Naked Snake whistles,a helicopter approaches Naked Snake jumps on board and is whisked away.
    The Yoshimitsu’s are all in a statue state motionless the group are assuming that they are all in a museum.
    Tekken 4 Yoshimitsu is hovering around above them soon as their backs are turned the two Yoshimitsu’s situated at the back of them grab Raven’s arms the Tekken 4 Yoshimitsu grabs Raven’s head and sticks his Katana into Raven’s back the other two Yoshimitsu’s who are holding his arms stick their Katana’s into Raven,the group turn around in shock,this is when the other Yoshimitsu’s start to attack.
    Unfortunately Raven is the first to bite the dust against the Yoshimitsu’s.
    Jacky Bryant & Heihachi Mishima are the next opponents.Heihachi Mishima is wearing the black karate suit with the tiger head situated at the back of the costume (beautiful costume) the group unleash a team up combo and within seconds “K.O.” said like in Power Stone “Heihachi Mishima was seriously wounded but the soul still burns” “Heihachi Mishima” “you lose”
    Ryu Hayabusa (was waiting on the ceiling like ninja’s do) throws a Shuriken narrowly missing Ryo Hazuki but misses,Ryo Hazuki quickly turns around but Ryu Hayabusa is too quick and does the forward diving Flying Sparrow? move taking out Ryo Hazuki’s life.Hayate quickly rushes to Ryo’s aid and picks up & holds Ryo in his arms but is too late to do anything other than grieve the others engage in combat with Ryu Hayabusa.Hayate puts Ryo down slowly and shouts “this is my fight” and so they begin to fight.Ryu Hayabusa defeats Hayate,Hayato Tani quickly trusts his Katana into Ryu Hayabusa and disappears into little fragments (like in Digimon) Hayato Tani’s Katana also disappears.
    After the Ryu Hayabusa battle the group come to a empty floor (no guardians present) there is no stairs just a door which is situated far away. Hayato Tani leans to a wall,the wall opens like a door and he is pushed into another room stumbling all over the place he falls into a trap (the ground opens and he falls) he is thrown out of the pagoda.
    Lee & Dante go to the final guardians floor.
    Lee gets his chance against Akuma when Akuma initiates The Instant Hellish Death Strike to Dante the screen goes blank and starts to flash in black & white thumping sounds are heard,Lee senses Akuma through Tripitaka via the 3rd eye (cos he carries the special source,Heinz & HP sauce,well it is a special sauce for fish & chips fans) Lee quickly uses his Nunchaku’s strangling Akuma,Akuma is using too much energy to let go.Lee is victorious against Akuma the slight mist is cleared and Lee goes up the wide stairs.Behind the door he can hear “Help me” speech from SNK’s Guerrilla War (video game) he parts the door open with he’s hands he goes to open the treasure chest and finds a scroll he starts to read the writing soon as he starts to mutter the words inscribed on the scroll the pagoda starts to shake the misty mirror in front of him starts to clear up and starts to see a figure in front of him the figure he was seeing as now become a replica of his own self but wearing a black suit with white stripes similar to his own Lee quickly turns around and in front of him is the clone of Lee they start to battle the clone Lee takes out two Nunchaku’s during the battle the real Lee kicks out one of the Nunchaku’s the clone Lee is holding and so on it is some time that the real Lee is victorious.The outer casing of the clone of Lee cracks (face) revealing Tripitaka’s face.
    Neo Game of Death
    Bruce Lee
    Raven (Tekken 5) as “Bruce Lee’s ally”
    Hayato Tani as “Bruce Lee’s ally”
    Dante (Devil May Cry 4) as “Bruce Lee’s ally”
    Hayate (DOA 5) as “Bruce Lee’s ally”
    Ryo Hazuki (Shenmue) as “Bruce Lee’s ally”
    Naked Snake (Metal Gear Solid:Peace Walker) guest apperance
    Ayane (DOA 3)
    Ryu Hayabusa (DOA 5) “4th Floor Guardian”
    Akuma (Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike) “6th Last Guardian”
    Heihachi Mishima (Tekken 5) “2nd Floor Guardian”
    Jacky Bryant (Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned) “2nd Floor Guadian”
    Mr Karate (KOF:Maximum Impact 2 / SNK Vs. Capcom Chaos / King of Fighters XIII) “3rd Floor 3 Guardians”
    Yoshimitsu (Tekken 3 / Tekken 4 / Soul Calibur ‘wooden version & samurai version’ / Tekken 5 / Tekken Tag Tournament 2) “1st Floor 6 Guardians”
    Oro (Street Fighter 3:3rd Strike) “5th Floor Guardian”
    Volt Krueger (The Bouncer) “Outside Guardian”

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Neo Game of Death coming soon to a cinema near you (LOL)

  • Merry Christmas, everyone. How was your holiday? I drove out to my uncle’s today (“drove out” is a bit of an overstatement, it’s like a 10-minute drive). My father and a bunch of family came up to celebrate. And yesterday, I fell back into Ragnarok Online (I saw a GAF thread on Ragnarok Online II and decided to check it out—I’m now a level 31 Swordman, and I need a place to level!)

    How’s everyone else?

    • xMCXx

      Merry Christmas! :D
      It’s kinda hard to get into Christmas here in Germany, though, when there is no snow and it’s fucking 20°C! xD

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    I want Team Ninja to put Gen Fu’s orange tiger costume in DOA 5 which was in DOA 2 Ultimate it definitley was the ultimate version of DOA 2 but this time round i want a whole white tiger on the back of Gen Fu’s orange tiger costume not like Heihachi Mishima’s costume which just had a tiger’s head on the back of his costume which was great.Christie should have had a snake’s head on the back (apologies if the costume does,my machine died) of her costume like in Salamander’s (Konami video game) arcade flyer cover.And Jann Lee’s DOA 4 gold and black costume but with sleeves.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Akai Katana should be released for PlayStation 3 along with Raiden Fighters Aces now that’s like walking on Quailty Street.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    After seeing Beezlemon in Digimon i was like Devil May Cry.Ever since then i’ve been trying to come with a name that matches that type of game i could only come up with Bullet For You.Back to the Lab.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    how about Glove(s) Ring name for a boxing game.i can hear the boo’ about Title Fight Boxing.i can hear the hissing.

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    I preferred the faces from Virtua Fighter 4 rather than the faces from Virtua Fighter 5 i think the person responsible for changing the faces of Virtua Fighter 5 was the same person who made the decision to change the name of the Mega Drive.Atari must have sneaked in using Solid Snake’s box trick.K.O. said like in Power Stone.