Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monsters: Lagombi - Gematsu
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monsters: Lagombi
posted on 12.27.12 at 11:45 AM EST by (@salromano)
This beast survives the cold with its fur coat and shell belly.

Capcom has posted its latest Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate monster profile. This time, we meet the furry snow dweller with a shell on its belly, Lagombi.

Lagombi (Fanged Beast)

In order to survive in the Tundra’s cold and harsh environments, the Lagombi sports a thick layer of fur on its back and a strong and smooth shell coating on its belly, which allows it to slide in the snow-covered areas at high speeds.

In order for you to survive the Tundra’s environments, you’ll need to defeat the Lagombi… and bring Hot Drinks. With its aforementioned shell, the Lagombi can slide away from you, towards you, and even in a circular motion to trap you in place. You’ll either need to run fast or be quick with your guarding – both options require Stamina, which will deplete faster if you stay out in the cold for too long; so again: Hot Drinks.

Want another survival tip? Take a look at the Lagombi’s long rabbit-like ears; now notice the Guild supplies you with a Sonic Bomb in the quest’s supply box. Turns out Sonic Bombs make ear-shattering noises for those with sensitive ears, stalling them in place for a few seconds – maybe giving you an opening to attack or to run away.

Being from the same family as the Arzuros, you can expect to see some very sharp claws as well as successive attacks in a swiping manner. But, you should have learned how to deal with those by the time you reach the Lagombi.

View screenshots of Lagombi at the gallery.

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