Lightning Returns uses “Amazing ATB” battle system
posted on 12.25.12 at 09:37 AM EDT by (@salromano)
New details unearthed from this week's Famitsu.

Famitsu this week has new details on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Here’s the bullet summary:

  • Lightning’s new costume is designed by Tetsuya Nomura.
  • You’ll be able to change Lightning’s costume and costume color during the game.
  • Time is always flowing, except for when your menu is open on the field.
  • Every NPC’s whereabouts and actions will constantly change.
  • Certain information can only be obtained at specific times.
  • Lightning is the only playable character.
  • Lightning uses “Styles” in battle. Each Style consists of a certain weapon, shield, accessories, and abilities.
  • You can customize Lightning’s appearance and ability considerably.
  • By defeating monsters, Lightning can earn points to increase her available time, and items to strengthen her equipment.
  • The battle system name has not yet been determined. Right now, they’re calling it the “Amazing ATB” battle system. Rest assured, it’s tentative.
  • Though you’re only controlling one character, it feels as if you’re fighting with multiple, according to the mag.
  • Monsters appear even in the city.
  • Black haze will appear in specific areas at certain times. The new area will become monster territory.
  • Half of the game’s monsters are new.
  • The game’s conclusion can be experienced straight from the package. (No download content will need to be purchased, unlike Final Fantasy XIII-2.)
  • Kitase guarantees you’ll be satisfied by the outcome of previous games’ characters’ stories.

We’ll be back later with more magazine leaks.

Thanks, Game Nyarth.

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  • Don’t like the sound of needing to collect time from monsters….don’t like being timed in games like this.

    • If it’s implemented well, it can work fantastically as it did in Majora’s Mask.

      • MosquitoLemon

        Yeah, I’m convinced people are more concerned with the concept of being timed than they are about actually being timed. Most games in the past decade have been so pitifully easy that I doubt a big name SE title would have an oppressive timer all of the sudden.

        Like literally every argument I’ve ever seen has come down to, “I like to take my time and grind and get everything in the first go and…”, and every game they’ve complained about has given you ample time to do all of that.

      • Johan Lindqvist

        Since when is majoras mask fantastic?

    • I agree with you.

  • Dark_N11

    looks the same as the previous games .. meh

  • xMCXx

    >Lightning is the only playable character.

    Yeah, fuck this.
    Sorry, but one important aspect of JRPGs is to be in a party.
    At least for me.
    And the battle system looks the goddamn same…

    • Agreed!

    • LustEnvy

      Zelda, Brave Fencer Musashi, Vagrant Story, much? Among many single character RPGs that are AMAZING.

      • xMCXx

        Zelda is not really a JRPG.

      • Sevyne

        Yeah sorry, but Zelda is not an RPG.

      • ゆい

        He did say “at least for me”
        Just saying.

      • Agreed. Lets not Forget Threads of Fate another SquareSoft RPG.

    • KurisuMakise

      Let’s have a bit of debate here, since that’s an interesting point you’ve brought up. Traditionally you get to control a party of heroes/heroines in JRPGs yes! However, can we really say for sure that we’re “role playing” as a result of that? I mean, you’re playing each and every character, akin to a God, vs taking on one specific role. By doing it this way, it’s a little more like soloing in an MMO. You’re taking on Lightning’s role and so you’ll be more intimately familiar with the character and battling. Consider also that there’s been moments in FF where you only get one person in your party for period’s of time, do you then discredit those moments as not being “JRPG”?

      • Going to be hard to get used to at first, but I can see where your coming from. Still tho, not really sold on the idea yet haha.

      • xMCXx

        I’m not saying that a game isn’t a JRPG because you’re alone.
        I’m just saying that I don’t like playing only one character.

        Also, I hate the world of FF13 and all its inhabitants.
        I don’t like Lightning, sorry.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Ok? If You don’t like the game why are you acting like its a problem to you if you hate the 13 world why would you pick up the game in the first place?

          • xMCXx

            Because I fucking played the first two and SE decided to make the ultimate dick move at the end of 13-2!

            • Loved that comment. It’s practically the same reason as I do.

              Hopefully this one will be a bit more enjoyable

            • They should have never lost Sakaguchi, and their creative team back when they were SquareSoft. Man Square-Enix you shouldn’t have merged in the First place.

              • xMCXx

                Let’s face it: Final Fantasy died with Sakaguchi’s and Uematsu’s departure.

        • zeongundam

          I’m personally getting sick of 13, I’ts world, I’ts characters everything. I got the first game and after a few hours, grew sick of it and gave it to a friend. I’ts just my opinion though if anyone doesn’t like it, sue me. And one character? And Lightning? She’s incredibly boring and unless you make it an Action RPG (And from the sounds of “ATB” I doubt it) This game isn’t going to be very great either. Sorry guys but I’ll wait till they decide to move on from 13 and make a better game.

          • or you can get the old school SquareSoft titles to download such as FFIV,FFV, FFVI,FFVII,FFVIII,FFIX, XenoGears, They are all good games. Oh wait, can’t forget my Fav. FFX.

            • zeongundam

              Sorry bit of a late reply. I’ve played all those and FFX is also my fav (Also my first) Waiting for that HD version for sure!

      • rockman29

        What the hell is your point? Some people like JRPGs with parties. What does that have to do with interpreting the ‘meaning’ of JRPG? Nothing.

        You’re using literary meaning in the absolutely wrong way.

        • KurisuMakise

          I was simply challenging convention established but he already said otherwise. Either way, it’s quite the idea to go it solo like this. Richard get’s it ^^!

      • No, you are generally playing the leader of the party, commanding your allies how to battle. This is made abundantly clear in SRPGs especially, as well as in games like FF9, while you command their actions in battle, when you get to town they split off and do their own things, just as you go around town doing your things.

        • KurisuMakise

          Right you play as the “Party Leader” but honestly, in FF it doesn’t feel that way usually. It just honestly feels like you’re God and playing all of them. For the feel of the Party Leader, Persona 3 did it best in my opinion. You gave commands and didn’t have specific control of their actions vs FF. That’s why the idea of playing as just 1 character seems a bit more appealing in the context of “role play”.

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      XIII was never designed as an RPG really. I’m sorry !

    • Dragon24680

      Crisis core, one of the best JRPGS.

  • Leingod

    Looking good

  • I don’t like the idea of one character :'(

  • KurisuMakise

    “Though you’re only controlling one character, it feels as if you’re fighting with multiple, according to the mag.” I’m really curious about HOW that wors out and why? This is clearly Lighting Gaiden, why would I want the feel of controlling more than one? Details so far sounds good but I’m wondering about the rest of the XIII crew and if this was the right way to go over a straight FFXIII-3.

    • Aldridge517

      From the trailer it looks like each paradigm has it’s own separate ATB, I think that’s what they’re talking about. Manage different ATBs by switching out of one paradigm and wait for it to refill while you’re using another one.

      They’re hyping it up a bit much by saying it feels like playing with multiple characters…

      • KurisuMakise

        That sounds somewhat confusing =( Would you say that’s an effort to make combat feel faster? I.E Lightning switching in and out of the styles, DBZ style.

        • Kazziyan

          Hm think of it this way. You’ve got one “dressphere” made from your equipment right. So a dressphere. And with that associated dressphere you have an ATB bar attached with a cost. so 100/100. Each action you do has an associated cost. So Attack Attack Attack would be 17 > 17 > 17. But you want to go more defensive. So when you switch, you have another full ATB bar attached to that defensive dressphere. And while you are using this one, same rules apply, but in the back your Offensive one you just used is recharging back to 100. So it’s like Paradigms, but much faster and you need to think if you’re in a tight situation.

          Idk if I explained the right thing lol.

          • KurisuMakise

            Brilliant and yes that does indeed seem much faster, can’t complain about that. Cautiously optimistic for now.

  • fyi1191

    Phoenix Down is useless now?

  • Few random thoughts on the game –

    – I think they took quite a bit of inspiration from Zelda Majora’s Mask with this game, regardless if they want to admit it or not.

    – One playable character has been done before, but it’s pretty rare for a Final Fantasy game.

    – This qualifies more as a spin off FF title in my eyes. Like Crisis Core was on the PSP. (You only play as Zack.)

    – It says Light is the only playable character. I guess that doesn’t rule out cpu controlled guest characters?

    – I guess monsters could also be party members again? I kinda hope not.

    – Nothing about summons mentioned yet. I’d like to see them return.

    – What in the world are people talking about when they say the game looks like Assassins Creed?

    I’m playing AC3 currently, and I’ve played all of the past entries. I don’t see it. 13 and 13-2 had jumping and computer controlled movements, which is exactly what I saw in the trailer.

    • DarthBrian

      I disagree that it’s a spin-off. It’s the conclusion to the FFXIII storyline so it’s really XIII-3, they’re just not calling it that.

      Also, if they say Lightning is the only playable character, I think that implies she’s going to be the only member of your party period. But I guess that does leave it open for AI guest party characters like Snow maybe?

      I am also confused by the comparisons to Assassin’s Creed.

      • Kazziyan

        Marketing reasons prevent them otherwise, I guess. But yeah, it’s just to see the story through, it also uses the full FNC Mythology interestingly.

        I’m guessing as well, Snow, Noel, etc will pop up for various game moments.

        • I hope not, me hate hope haha

          • DarthBrian

            Hope was like the second best character in FFXIII. >_<

            • Kazziyan

              And he was a great extension in XIII-2.

              • I hope your being sarcastic haha!

                • DarthBrian

                  Not me.

                  • Kazziyan

                    He had a great arc. I’m glad it flowed well into XIII-2. I hope he shows up a lot.

                • Kobracon

                  I always think ppl who say they “hate Hope” lack empathy somewhat. The kid SAW his mom die, go easy on the poor guy…

                  • Then spent the rest of the game being emo and planning on killing snow, kinda got on my nerves.

                    • Kobracon

                      At least he got over it…I would hate him too if he stayed that way forever

                    • Lol I hope they explain what happened to Serah and Noel, can’t really remember what happened at the end of XII-2, all I remember was Serah “dying” and its a blank after that…

                    • xMCXx

                      Everyone died. The End.

      • My post above explained why I like to call it a spin-off.

        It’s how the gameplay is quite a bit different from the past main line games. I’ve also said in the past that I think they should change the name Final Fantasy 13 Versus to just Final Fantasy Versus.

        I think it makes more sense to label the FF games like this as Spin-off’s. I loved FF11 and I played 14 for a good while. Those both should not have been main line games. FF online or something like that would have made more sense to me.

        They have done this before. They could have probably just called Kingdom Hearts something like – Final Fantasy “Name.”

        The story has that Final Fantasy feel in Kingdom Hearts, it even has some FF characters in the story. It just doesn’t really play like most Final Fantasy titles do. Which is sorta my point here with LR.

        • Kazziyan

          I see what you mean. Yeah, both Versus and LR deviate pretty far from the normal FF’s. Including gameplay, setting and design you wouldn’t really expect.

          • I’m glad someone does. =)

            I think Final Fantasy Tactics applies to what I’m saying as well. They didn’t call it Final Fantasy 8, when they could have easily done so. The gameplay being Strategy based was enough to not include it on the main line.

            Seems like everything gets on the main line these days…

            • Kazziyan

              Yeah. I wish they did another Tactics. :( Miss Ivalice.

              You think Agni’s Philosophy will be a mainline one? or something similar to it?

              • I’m really not sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something quite a bit different though.

            • :'( My Dream is a Final Fantasy Tactics in HD Sprites like Disgaea! Why Square-Enix? Why!? :'(

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      Crisis Core is not a spin off, it’s a prequel. The fact that you only play with one person doesn’t mean anything about the story.

      • Rezar

        Plus Crisis Core is canon.

      • This is a sequel, just like Crisis Core was a prequel.

        I like to place it under a spin off label because it’s quite different. It doesn’t play like a traditional FF. They have made several games that use the FF label, but don’t really play like the previous main line games.

        Many fans always complain about that, which is why I like to place them in a nice category of their own. I think it makes more sense.

        This is all just my opinion.

        (I’m not saying I don’t like the FF games like this. I typically like all the FF titles.)

    • Kazziyan

      It’s because they added climbing and freely moving over terrain it is suddenly like AC. Also, they added stealth motion too like crouching, taking cover. But this is just an extension of KH. The Game Design Director is KH 2’s battle planner and it pretty much looks like that. Interesting fact: They have had stealth type gameplay planned since XIII back in 2006. Gapra Whitewood was supposed to be like that, but technical issues prevented otherwise.

      • I saw some “very light” platforming in the trailer, and the part where Light slid down the pole thing. If the game is like 13 and 13-2 in that regard, that type of movement will be controlled by the game itself after pressing the jump button.

        I didn’t see any stealth or taking cover in the trailer. These features have been confirmed to be in the game? I guess I missed that info.

        • Kazziyan

          Yeah, it’s in one of the screenshots in the previous article that shows her tailing a group of white robed men. She can crouch, take cover behind walls etc. She can also sprint now, it seems.

          • Oh? Well, just because it has a few stealth elements doesn’t mean it plays like Assassins Creed,

            • Kazziyan

              I agree. I still feel it’s more KH if anything. They just seem to be tossing ideas around between teams. I don’t mean this in a bad way, of course.

      • xMCXx

        Kingdom Hearts?
        I wish this was in the same class as KH!
        Everything in FF13 feels like some newby developer made it (minus the Graphics, of course).

        • Kazziyan

          Eh considering what you just said, I’m not gonna bother. You enjoy, though. I don’t mean this in any negative way, of course, but I’ll just agree to extremely disagree in this case.

          • xMCXx

            I enjoy what?
            Not FF13, that’s for sure.

            • Kazziyan

              Yeah, for the 16th time, I know. So please drop it. It says a lot if you just went straight to expressing that again. And that’s not what I meant by “You enjoy, though” I’ll leave you hanging on that. Anyways, have fun- I’m done here.

              • xMCXx

                I can’t stretch it enough. : P

  • I hope Famitsu and japanese mags will have new pics this week

  • DarthBrian

    Sounds awesome. I like having to ability to not only change costumes but the color as well. <3

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    I see lot’s of inspiration here.

    To be honest even though the trailer was good, it did not exactly blow me away but Square is definitely pushing through with fresh ideas.

    Along with From Software they are the two innovative companies in a genre that has been stale for years now.

  • Duc PC-QB

    More like Ashamed ATB Battle System

  • monkey

    its over this game sucks

  • Ace


  • You know…I hope this game comes quickly… It seems really good but what matters to me is that (old story coming up again…) Versus to surface after this game…

  • EspadaKiller

    Ugh not really liking this

  • Zazii

    I hope the other cities look alot better than the one they showed in the trailer.

  • >You’ll be able to change Lightning’s costume and costume color during the game.

    Oh thank god.

    >Amazing ATB” battle system


  • Blaz

    Looks like it’s going to be a boring grind fest….

    • Johan Lindqvist

      Well some people really love grinding, so I don’t really get your point here. Grinding for levels / gear makes the game last longer. It’s great in my opinion

  • Kazziyan

    Interesting stuff. So I’m guessing that’s a bit of the leveling system. Strengthening equipment. Looking forward to new shots or scans if any.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    This sounds fucking boring. Time to wait till Ni No Kuni comes out next month.

  • Lee

    Lightning Returns sounds more and more like the Dirge of Cerberus for FFXIII series. With Lightning being the solo character, I meant.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    So far this looks like the most interesting FF XIII game out of the bunch,imo. Sounds like Majora’s Mask meets….Versus FF XIII.

  • TwinbladeAlkaid

    Can see myself getting a heartattack out of anger/disappointment when playing this game. SE already tried to go “Persona 3” with the ATB system of XIII and it nearly brought me to tears with the Adamantortoises. Until I finally tried extreme-quick-changing.
    And since XIII-2 I can’t really see Lightning being badass anymore…

    – Costumes? Nice.
    – Lightning can earn points to increase her available time? Not so much, sounds like a grindfest to get the player to “fight even more”.
    – Every NPC’s whereabouts and actions will constantly change.? That sounds like a pain in the ass aspecially when the players time is already limited to god knows what kind of strict timeframe of 13 Days.
    – Black haze will appear in specific areas at certain times. The new area will become monster territory? combine that with the location-changing NPCs and the timelimit and you’ve got horrors beyond horrors.

    So far it sounds like a bad experience, but given the hope that some people still have, it might turn out okay or good. Who knows?

    Also I really wonder what the story of the game will be like. XIII-2 didn’t have much to do with the included Novel or the base XIII gave us back then. But then again Toriyama and Kitase already spoiled us the ending months ago anyway.

    • Kazziyan

      I wouldn’t worry too much on the grind-fest end. It’s not the only way to increase time. Quests will also add to that.

      Neither the NPC where abouts since the time thing isn’t as strict. They said you can have a 100-hour RPG experience in one interview if you like. It can be played both ways. And it just means throughout the city and I doubt quest-givers will move around much, just the standard ones that populate the city.

      That depends on the placement, of course. So it’s a wait and see game.

      It extended out from Corridor of Memories with Lightning disappearing so it kinda did. Should read it on how she ends up in Valhalla and it starts with the same cutscene in the game really.

      • TwinbladeAlkaid

        First of thank you for answering on that. *bows*

        Well it might just be me, since I never really got into the feeling of the fight system. As for the 100 Hours, yeah they said that, but since I already played XIII and a bit of XIII-2 I kinda know what that means. ^^” So the real story will probably only last around 20-30 hours.

        Hm you could be right with that, but since they mention that, something similar also was present in XIII-2.

        Yupp let’s wait, as usual. *lol*

        Yes that last part was in it, but neither Lightnings goal from the novel was present in the game, nor the reason why Light chose to believe she could help the Goddess. It might be because she wanted to repay that single favor of “releasing them” but it’s all pretty vague.
        Or why everyone thinks Light is dead even though she congratulated Snow and Serah.
        There are just too many plot holes for now, even with the DLCs.

        Oh well no use discussing that here, the only ones who can shed some light into it are SE anyway.

        • Kazziyan

          Haha yeah, I know what you mean. Story will probably be around 30 hours only, side content will probably last much longer though. (At least for me since I took 80 hours in XIII/XIII-2) This should have more content since it’s more open world. But I mean that, you can have a much longer playthrough so I think they made the time restriction pretty lenient. But as you say, wait-and-see. xD
          I believe people thought Light is dead because when Etro freed from crystal stasis, this messed up the entire timeline and when she took Lightning from Gran Pulse to Valhalla, this caused it even further as they ended up having history rewritten. Thus in everyone’s mind, the alternate history had happened instead. Kind of like parallel worlds concept. No matter what, their is always some outcome that didn’t happen here, happened to your parallel self.
          *spoiler end*

          I do hope they tie up some loose ends yes! Especially around Caius/Yeul ^^

          • Kobracon

            Yeah thats pretty much the reason I believe as well. Etro messed up the timeline and removed her from time itself, but only Serah knows coz she has the Eyes of Etro.
            *spoiler end*

            • Kazziyan

              A lot of people mistake this for a retcon, but they seem to misinterpret it considering the whole point is to get to the true timeline. The ending that did happen in her timeline.

    • Kobracon

      About the NPC thing, I just hope it isn’t as annoying as Xenoblade. I love the game but the day-night cycle and how every NPC moves is really annoying when doing quests…

  • MrKappa

    At the end of the day(or should I say week) this game is gonna sell millions and that is all SE cares about.
    Truth be told I don’t mind this game being a bit of an action RPG but Lightning was never important and the FFXIII world and story are pretty bad.

  • Kobracon

    “Kitase guarantees you’ll be satisfied by the outcome of previous games’ characters’ stories.”

    I’m gonna hold that to ya, Kitase-san. I really hope you’re telling the truth.

  • YES!

  • zakou

    Oh wow the posts in this topic are so weird xD how can one even judge the
    game before playing it o,o no butts lol.

    In this let’s say 40 hour game and from what we have seen: about 3 min of gameplay, how can a sane person judge anything from 3 min?

    Frame rates im sure are easy to judge but the gameplay? story? characters? music? the world itself? the new gameplay world changing elements? etc etc.

    A spin-off? lol FFXIII, XIII-2 and Light Returns are basicly one game of a trilogy, the story, world, characters everything continues and you revisit locations, lores etc. A spin-off is a game like Dissidia FF.

    FFXIII is a trilogy but one epic trilogy because every continuation offers something fresh, just like the developers said, FFXIII was different than XIII-2 because it was linear story heavy based game, XIII-2 continued the story but gave us something new “free roaming like exploration with massive side story content”

    And finally Lightning Returns: FFXIII gives as something new yet again while keeping the story going and i’m pretty sure we will see alot more from FFXIII and XIII-2 in Lightning Returns as cameo appearances and such.

    I usually agree with xMCXx but a jrpg with one character can sometimes be better than a jrpg with 6-8 characters.

    We already have examples like Crisis Core, Vegrant Story, etc etc however we can not even compare as LR:FFXIII will be something else.

    The battle system will be more of a Tales Of this time so its far from the same as in XIII or XIII-2, and we have not seen much yet either however i do agree that it looks a bit the same but it will not play the same that we know for sure, you will have to evade, guard, attack, maybe jump? use skills etc so there is like 300% more action going on this time around.

    However i say this all the time, in a 40 hour game im sure you will find alot to enjoy, maybe the 3 min trailer didnt convince you but lets not ignore the remaining appx. 39 hours and 57 min of story/gameplay/music content lol if not longer with the side content.

    TL;DR: Opinions are one thing, judging a game before it’s out is another lol let’s “Play then judge”. Also xMCXx you never know, you might start liking playing as one character in this one game, in the gaming world with the right developers the things that may suck can turn into something awesome!

    TR;DR version 2: The assassins creed thing in LR:FFXIII is the same as the zelda thing, you either see it or you don’t xD

    TL;DR Final Version: Don’t bother reading xD just raging FF fanboy posting here.

    • I’m the guy who started the spin-off discussion. I said it felt like one in my eyes, and used Crisis Core as a comparison.

      I just think it would make sense to leave the FF titles that change it up quite a bit off the main FF timeline.

      I explained below, I don’t think FF11 or 14 should have been on the timeline. I loved FF11, I enjoyed 14 about as much as I could.

      Look at Tactics, it was an awesome game. The way the gameplay changed was enough for them to not call it FF8 though. I think that was the correct move. Every single FF game doesn’t have to be on the main timeline. I kinda liked it better when they were more strict about it.

      I’m aware that the goal of Final Fantasy is to change things up each time. I felt like Sakaguchi had the right idea before he was removed from the company, even though he seems to have changed his stance a bit these days.

      He felt like they should go back to more classic FF when they were planning FF IX, to go back to it’s series roots a bit. I think the fans worldwide are sorta ready for the next FF IX. (Bravery Default might have been the closest we get to it though.)

      It’s great to keep coming up with new ideas and such, but you can’t forget what made the series great. I’m not saying Lightning Returns is going to be bad, in fact, I think it’s going to be great.

      Does it really need 13 at the end? I don’t think it’s really that necessary. Final Fantasy – Lightning Returns is fine imo. Just like I don’t really think Versus needs 13 in it either.

      I’d almost like them to just call it Lightning Returns, let the game stand without the FF title. I don’t think it needs that to fall back on. If it does, just call it Final Fantasy 13-3 Lightning Returns. That makes more sense to me.

      Like I said, this is just my opinion. I suppose I’m just annoyed about what they have done to the main FF line of games here. xD

      This is supposed to be a nice friendly discussion, I’m not pushing for fan rage comments or anything.

      • zakou

        I get your point just like Metal Gear Solid did with Metal Gear Rising spin off, but still LR;FFXIII will have too much of lores, story, elements from FFXIII to be just a spin off hence the name LR:FFXIII.

        Well we discuss really nothing here xD but i agree with you on 11 and 14 but is FFX-2 considered a spin off? or a true sequel? Some may call X-2 a spin off and some sequel because of the same lore, world, characters and continuation of the story exactly what LR is doing.

        In the end, the story continues and we will finally have the ending to the FFXIII saga(no more FFXIII games please XD), in other words FFXIII isn’t complete without XIII-2 and depending on how LR:FFXIII will turn out it could be that both XIII and XIII-2 aren’t complete without LR, judging by XIII-2’s ending it may very well be so.

        However if you ask me if FFXIII needed XIII-2 and LR? then i would say no, we didn’t need XIII-2 and -3, they should just have made a new FF rather than continue XIII saga that makes less and less sense, it’s all in LR hands now to make a nice happy ending for light and everyone else.

        TL;DR: We have had enough of XIII xD stupid square used to make FF games each year or two and they used to be so unique but now Square announces FFXIII in 2006, and 6 years later we still have FFXIII the 3rd game in works with the same *****ng engine XD and almost everything looks the same even the combat! yet they announce how “amazing and new everything is” lol.

        • Yeah lol. They failed with Crystal Tools, and they are trying to milk it for what its worth, before they likely scrap it.

          That’s my theory behind why we got 3 Final Fantasy 13 games. They didn’t use CT to remake FF 14. Why? It’s just not a good game engine, plain and simple. Even the company has admitted it.

          The thing is, I’m glad they are at least making an effort to conclude the 13 story. They do owe that much to the fans. I’m going to agree with you though, we really didn’t need two more FF 13 games.

          I’m mixed about how they are changing up the gameplay with Lightning Returns. I think it’s a good move in terms of FF 13. I’d rather not play the same game again just to get the conclusion to the story. I’m just not so sure what the final product is going to be like. It might be a fun game, and have the story conclusion. Will it really feel like a Final Fantasy game? That’s something those who play will have to decide.

          I felt like the focus on characters and the events that took place during FF 13 — gave it more of a RPG feel than the gameplay did. (Especially the first 70% of the game.)

          13-2 switched it up, the gameplay felt more like playing an RPG, but the story and character development was minimal in comparison to the original 13.

          I’m hoping they managed to find a way to fuse those together with LR.

          • zakou

            Lol Zero, Gematsu picks the best Moderators ^^ You always know how to reason with people.

  • The “Amazing ATB system” consists of both strategy and action fused to together and this time, Lightning is alone fighting enemies, eh? You know, that looks awfully familiar…

    Let’s take a look at this 2006 trailer around (0:25), shall we?

  • TimesTicking

    They are trying to make this game look better than the others so people would buy it…. FF13 sold a lot, FF13-2 sold half of what FF13 sold, and FF13-3 is gonna sell half of what FF13-2 sold…
    I am gonna call it that this game is gonna fail big time.

    • Himiko

      Eh it’s not trying to look better, it is being made to be better, lol.

      And we’ll see on sales.

  • Old Square titles that had a fantastic ATB system which changed from Game to Game.
    and whatever else SquareSoft titles that used that System. God I miss those days.

  • FF1-FFX the Final Fantasy Titles from SquareSoft that were great and Unique in their own ways before the Merger when they Fucked shit up starting with FFXII.

  • Dear Square-Enix get your head out of your Ass,and start bugging your old former creative team members back when you were SquareSoft to work with you, and seriously if you wanna REMAKE not remaster FFVII-FFIX for the PS3/PS VITA or PS4/PS VITA. Then call SAKAGUCHI on the FUCKING Phone now, and ask for his help to work in Collaboration with his company MistWalker to REMAKE FFVII – FFIX.

    • Kazziyan

      The so-called old former creative team members are busy working on these games. And no they really don’t need to remake any of them.

      Sakaguchi isn’t needed either.

    • zakou

      Lol raging nostalgia fan :3 and when they remake FFVII-IX people like you will complain how the older games are better, xD it is almost impossible to remake something that was epic.

  • PrinceHeir

    okay will wait for more gameplay before i judge :P

    it does look it’s slowly turning into Dirge of Cerberus.

    will see :P

  • Bobo Fango

    Was hoping this game was going to be an action rpg… im sick of atb and turn base