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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII debut trailer, screenshots
posted on 12.21.12 at 10:08 PM EST by (@salromano)
Lightning Returns with an extra minute of Jump Festa footage.

Following Wednesday night’s leak, Square Enix has officially released an extended version of the debut trailer and the first screenshots for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII at Jump Festa in Chiba.

The media introduces the game’s new action-oriented battle system where the player has “direct control” of Lightning, and Luxerion, the divine city of light and prayer, where Lightning will encounter new enemies and monsters.

Watch the trailer below. View the screenshots at the gallery.

Extended Version (2:44)

Original Version (1:33) (Leaked Wednesday)

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  • Kurai Warrior

    No thanks Square-Enix.

  • Damn, why does the combat look slow??? Maybe we just need another trailer. It looks kinda stiff too. Regardless, still excited for it.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111
    • DarthBrian


      Need now!

      (also want FFX HD,Lightning Returns, Kingdom Heart 1.5 and Type-0)

    • Rezar

      I was expecting that picture to say “Oh hai Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII!”

  • DarthBrian


    Need now!

    (also want FFX HD, Versus XIII, Kingdom Heart 1.5 and Type-0)

    • No worries Versus will come after this Nomura and the team are making Versus based of real world so that explains the 7 years. Locations from around the world have already been confirmed by devs I hope to see Boston xD.

  • Looks amazing.

  • StaticWorld

    So far i like what i’m seeing, 4 continents in the game which i hope equals to more towns and a buttload of places to explore, kind of reminds me of the old final fantasy where there were also around 4 continents.

    • xMCXx

      This would mark the first FF after 12 to have real towns.
      It’s crazy how FF13 and 13-2 had none.
      SE apparently forgot how to do them.

  • I lol’ed at the ad. Nice one Gematsu.

    • Yeah, I’m not very fond of its cornyness. Sorry, Square.

      – “Doomsday Imminent”
      – “Apocalypse Rescheduled” right after supposed failed apocalypse (12/21/12)
      – Breaking News from SENET
      – “The Last Game You Will Ever Play” – well, all right then, that must mean either Versus XIII and X HD are cancelled, or Square Enix just doesn’t want us to buy them when they come out—or any of their post LRFFXIII games for that matter! =P

      • Kobracon

        Oh thank god, I thought it was just me. Yeah this ad is pretty dumb. I like having Light on the right but the Doomsday shit on the left…..really SE? What was your PR thinking?

      • xMCXx

        Haha, seriously!
        The last game I’ll ever play? Probably because I will be turned off of video games after that crap!

  • rockman29

    I still can’t believe people find this story interesting. Fal’cie. I’cie. Honestly, who the hell cares.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      you care enough to post

      • rockman29

        I care enough about Final Fantasy, but this isn’t Final Fantasy. This is Assassin’s Creed the RPG.

        You guys act like there is something special about FF13. Except there isn’t.

        • Kazziyan

          I’m sorry, but have you ever thought of Kingdom Hearts? Really, this is just an extension of that considering who’s directing the game design. Not Assassin’s Creed.

          There is something special.

          • rockman29

            What’s that.

            Not even going to talk about the mess of a story KH has developed into.

            FF XIII is even worse in that regard, at least KH started off with an interesting premise that made SOME sense.

            • Kazziyan

              No. Both started off with an interesting premise. FFXIII makes more sense than KH, though. I don’t know what you are smoking in that aspect, but both have good stories in their own way.

              Also, I presumed you were talking about the platforming elements. Which is clear taken from Kingdom Hearts as so many have been comparing to AC.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          You know the assassin creed jokes are getting old so fast really its just sad now. For the record it is final fantasy fucking deal with it and I never said it was anything special about 13 IMO there is nothing special about any FF to me at all again you still care enough to fucking post. Its pretty simple to ignore it and not be a ass about something but sure :D

    • Kobracon

      Meh, you know what they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

  • Kazziyan

    Love the new extended trailer. Much better showing! Too bad they haven’t shown all the features of the combat yet, but I guess that’s SE. Very much looking forward to later reveals.

    Also, beautiful shots especially the one with Bhunivelzei at the back. The lighting and detail of the models has really improved.

  • Please make Kingdom Hearts 3.

  • I am willing buy this Final Chapter of FFXIII Trilogy I am Ready Buying an PS3 For Versus XIII.

  • Is it possible to add more than a hero? “So Sad”

  • Revorse

    She’s missing a gunblade.

  • Anime10121

    Extended trailer didnt really add much other than spinning clocks, and a longer logo showing, but hey, still looks great to me! I cant wait for this to come out, first, because its the end of the XIII universe and I wanna know how it ends, second, because this means that Vs. will FINALLY get the spot light :D

  • bleach630

    i didn’t play the first 2 FFxiii but this looks interesting, i hope the story isnt much related to the first 2 since am planing on playing this one.

    • Kobracon

      Then I have bad news for you…

      • bleach630

        Damn, then guess i have to wait for versus xiii.

    • rockman29

      The story is complete shit. That’s being nice.

      • Kazziyan

        No. You just don’t understand it, lol.

        • rockman29

          You’re talking to someone with high proficiency in studying English, so no. The story is purposeless deus ex machina. What that means is that it’s purposeless and contrived and serves only to advance a story that only exists for the sake of drawing a world around the cardboard characters that define FF XIII.

          The fact that your fake otaku self can’t realize that just lets everyone else know what a muppet you are for something with the Square-Enix label on it.

          • Kazziyan

            It doesn’t matter what your proficiency in English is, I’m sorry. And it seems by reading that post you really don’t understand it or you did not pay attention which seems to be the case. Great job.

            Also, “fake otaku self.” that was unnecessary and has no relevancy to this, but I’m not surprised. I’m just not so bitter and pessimistic about it is all and try to lose my hair over it like the rest calling names left and right. I enjoy anything and everything I can and am interested in that comes out and can appreciate the output of games they have given and try to invest and understand the lore and story (to be specific) and such to put it in short form which always turns out great in their own right.

    • Kazziyan

      They are related, but this one gives some space. I’m sure this one will have a primer explaining the story. You can go ahead and buy this, I’m sure.

  • Kobracon

    “You should know who I am, or rather WHAT I am…”

    Hmm…..Gonna call it here, Light is the new Etro.

    • xMCXx

      Well, duh. ; P
      And at the end she’s gonna be separated from the rest of the world because she has to stay at Valhalla, I bet!

  • Learii

    i like the gameplay but the battle system no thank

  • InternatlGamer3

    Will buy this game when it’s $20 new about 11 months after release.SE you better release this game early next year, as well as FFXIV Online so you can focus all your teams efforts towards giving “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” an official release date of Spring 2014 at E3 2013, and TGS 2013.

  • This looks great. Lightning is gorgeous as always. I can’t wait to see more battle videos. I’m really liking the changes to the battle UI. Keep up the great work Square Enix!

  • PrinceHeir

    this is the japanese trailer in case someone wants to see it.

    please let this finally be the last FFXIII for awhile.

    concentrate more on Versus XIII please!!

    Lightning looks badass with those shades though :P

  • Just an update: I’ve replaced a few of the shots with 720p versions. S-E USA only released 700×394 screenshots. S-E Japan released two 720p shots (images 16 and 17), and Sony Asia released five 720p shots (one the same as image 16) (the other four are images 2, 4, 15, and 18) and a higher-res version of the Lightning artwork (image 19).

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    No offense to Square Enix but i hate the name Square Enix have chosen for their title Lighting Returns:Final Fantasy XIII should (if possible) name the title Final Fantasy XIII-3 sounds cool but at the end of the day Square Enix is the one calling the shots.I didn’t want to sound like a dog handler.