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Fist of the North Star 2 pre-order bonuses announced
posted on 12.19.12 at 05:10 PM EST by (@salromano)
Get original manga costumes for eight playable characters.

Consumers who pre-order Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 for Xbox 360 at GameStop will receive a special download content pack featuring exclusive costumes for eight of the game’s playable characters, Tecmo Koei has announced.

Players will be able to dress up Rei, Mamiya, Raoh, Jagi, Toki, Shin, and Thouzer in their original manga costumes, and protagonist Kenshiro in two different outfits.

View screenshots of the bonuses at the gallery.

Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 is due for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 5, 2013 in North America. A PlayStation 3 pre-order bonus was not announced, likely due to the PlayStation 3 version being a digital-only release.

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  • MrKappa

    Games like these(warriors series) always sell more on Playstation and yet this is what happens in the end?
    The PS3 version will potentially miss out on preorder bonuses and instead have to pay because of digtal only?
    Sony deserves to be in the drink for allowing shit like this to happen.

    • ๆตช้ป’้›ท (ro-kurorai)

      I dunno whom to blame. Most likely Sony don’t wanna lose their royalties so they let that one pass. But why that developer decided on console-exclusive physical releases is beyond me. I know that Americans love their Xboxes very much but I still do not get it.

  • LordKaiser

    No Disc = No buy. It seems like a blatant initoal attempt to force people to embrace digital distrubution. A future that I will never embrace. Stupid move on their part. I wanted this game… It’s also digital only on Europe ?

  • PrinceHeir

    for shame the PS3 US version is digital.

    what the fuck SCEA???

    someone should ask them why these stupid backass policy still exist in 2012 and 2013?!?!

    fix these bullshit policy SCEA.