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Dynasty Warriors 8 debut trailer, screenshots
posted on 12.11.12 at 09:23 AM EST by (@salromano)
See the latest Shin Sangoku Musou in action.

Tecmo Koei and Omega Force have released the first trailer and new screenshots for Dynasty Warriors 8.

In the screenshots, you’ll see: normal attack, EX attack, charge attack, jump charge attack, in-air Musou attack, Awakening, Variable attack, and recently confirmed characters Sun Ce, Dai Qiao, and Zhang Jiao.

Watch the trailer below. View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Lee

    Zhang Jue? Don’t you mean Zhang Jiao?

    Still, this was a good surprise to me this morning~ Nice to see decloned attacks in the PV!

    • Yeah, Zhang Jiao. Didn’t realize Tecmo Koei refers to Jue as Jiao in their game series.

      • Kobracon

        Pronounciation of chinese characters differ greatly between Japanese and Chinese, so their names sound way different when spoken by japanese ppl. Its super confusing in Japanese. Like ‘Guan Yu’ is ‘Kan U’

        • So Koihime Musou was being accurate after all… In their own way…

          • Kobracon

            Oh lol. Yeah despite the obvious….uhm…changes, the names are all pronounced the Japanese way, so things sound really weird and you need a dam guide or wiki to find out whos whos.

            Ikkitousen did the same thing and the translators didn’t know, so it was confusing hearing Sun Ce as ‘Sonsaku’ the entire anime.

  • Dean Winchester

    How is this series still being made??

    Its literally been the same game since part one.

    Madden gets more significant updates to each sequel.

    • Pyrofrost

      Well, this series is still being made because people like to play it, and its sales justify further sequels being made.

    • Tre W

      >Dynasty Warriors on PSX was a Soul Edge/Blade-styled 3D vs. fighting game
      >Dynasty Warriors 8 on PS3 is clearly a hack a slash

    • xMCXx

      Because it’s fucking fun!

    • It’s fun blowing thousands of soldiers away… And being chased around by Lu Bu….

    • Kobracon

      DW5, 6 and 7 went through some major system changes (not all for the better)

      Plus as many have mentioned, its just plain fun! I’d rather slaughter ppl by the thousands with increasingly ridiculous weapons than play soccer with pads…..

  • Said it once, an’ i feel as though i need ta say it here again. Da Warrior Gamez need a dub.

    Why? When playin’ Warriors Orochi 3, i noticed dat it woz hard ta read wot dey are sayin’ without gettin’ curbstomped by da enemy. Or To put it anodda way, a lack o’ dub hurts Dynasty Warriors gameplay. Da actual gameplay, not just me wantin’ ta hear english.

    • The only one that doesn’t have a dub is Orochi 3. The Dynasty Warriors series always gets a Dub.

  • I enjoyed that trailer. The new combat features look fun. So long as the Co-Op modes are solid, I’m happy.

    I don’t particularly enjoy playing DW games solo, I like having a buddy play them with me on the couch. =)

  • Didn’t anyone feel like that there’s more enemies on the screen than the predecessor?

  • John Ross

    Damn it! I haven’t played Dynasty Warriors 7, Empires, Xtreme Legends, or Warriors Orochi 3 yet. I’m so behind <__<