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Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden screenshots
posted on 12.19.12 at 03:59 PM EST by (@salromano)
Latest shots show new towns and sacred trees.

This week’s set of Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden screenshots show new towns and dungeons.

You’ll see Ritolud Town, birthplace of the world-famous architect Baroque, and home to Baroque Tower. You’ll see a mysterious, cube-shaped village called Founder Town with no concept of gravity. You’ll see rope bridges, a sacred tree, a dungeon resulted from a mix between time and space, and more.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • FaithlessMr

    Lovely! I think the 3D rendition of the game is holding up greatly.

    • KurisuMakise

      You do? To be honest it doesn’t look nearly as good as DQ8 which was always my hope for a 7 remake =(

      • FaithlessMr

        Oh well, DQ VIII is in a league of it’s own. What I meant to say was that this is a good looking remake of a 2D game. I think it’s much more challenging to remake a 2D game in 3D rather than porting or ironing out an already full blown, modeled and rendered 3D game, don’t you think?

        And I’m pretty sure DQ VIII will be remade, eventually ;)

        • KurisuMakise

          Hmm certainly processing it from 2D to 3D is an effort in itself, however utilizing the celshading techniques of VIII isn’t that much of a stretch given the power of the 3DS. As for VIII being remade? It’ll get an HD port like Kingdom Hearts no doubt =P

          • FaithlessMr

            With trophies and whatnot? I’m sold!!!

            • KurisuMakise

              They better, if Square Enix knows what’s good for ah…no trophies let’s be serious. 3DS or WiiU port =p (Of the two I’d prefer it to be 3DS if that’s the case). Really though, your comment just reminds me that I don’t see a point in it being exclusive. I think the base is big enough to go multiplat and make even more revenue but then you pay two people royalty fees, hmm I dunno I’d need to see the numbers.

              • FaithlessMr

                Yeah, but Dragon Quest games have this tradition of being released in the most sucessful consoles (in Japan), so I’m guessing they’ll stay exclusive to whichever console manages to sell the most in their territory. So DQ X was released on the Wii, and I’m guessing DQ XI will be released exclusively for the 3DS.

                • KurisuMakise

                  Correct and that’s a strategy for small companies, not for big people like Square Enix, lost money on the table imo = I’m sure a split pool would have more than made up for paying the royalty to two people but ah well.

  • monkey

    square why dont you localize anything before you go bankrupt

  • PrinceHeir

    where the hell is this square?!?!