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Dead or Alive 5 Plus first details
posted on 12.06.12 at 10:15 AM EST by (@salromano)
PS Vita port adds touch control, new training modes.

Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja have shared the first details on Dead or Alive 5 Plus, its recently announced enhanced port for PlayStation Vita due in Q1 2013.

The PS Vita version adds:

  • Touch Controls: Simple taps, swipes, and pinches on your opponent trigger a variety of devastating moves. Using the PS Vita’s motion sensor, you can play vertically for a first-person, full-screen view of your opponent.
  • Training Modes: Both novice and expert players will also find even more ways to up their game with new training-focused modes and a new display of advanced frame data that reveals twice the amount of information for each move compared to previous versions.

A batch of screenshots were also shared, but Tecmo Koei has said they are not from the PS Vita version. View the set at the gallery.

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  • Angel wing

    “Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja have released the first BULLSHOTS of Dead or Alive 5”


    • Heavenly_King

      I think we need to see the game in action first, before calling those bullshots.

  • abzdine

    if only i could get a discount because i own it on PS3 :/
    but amazing game, very fast with too many techniques

  • Looks good. I want to see it in action. I wouldn’t exactly call these screenshots “bullshots” as the PS Vita can produce awesome graphics in it’s games.

  • NCloud

    The best Vita graphics I’ve seen yet.

  • holly

    The screenshots are from the console version.

  • Way better than what I thought it was going to look like. Big ups Team NINJA!

  • Updated this post from its original format, considering Tecmo Koei has said the screenshots are not from the PS Vita version, despite them releasing them as screenshots from the PS Vita version.

  • Kobracon

    Am I the only one who got suspicious when I read “Pinches” on the Touch Controls XS

    The first person thing sounds cool though. Using an idea that I saw since Soul Edge.

  • PrinceHeir

    please Momiji and Racahel DLC characters to be added here and on consoles sometime in the future!

    Team Ninja we believe in you!!!!!!

  • If the game’s releasing soon and they don’t even want to release screenshot, what does that tell you?