Dark Souls II concept artwork - Gematsu
Dark Souls II concept artwork
posted on 12.21.12 at 11:40 PM EST by (@salromano)
Illustrations from Namco Bandai's upcoming sequel.

Namco Bandai has published 12 pieces of Dark Souls II artwork.

The From Software-developed sequel will be set in a time period different from the original game, tell a new story, and launch for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

View the artwork at the gallery.

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  • Kou

    awesome stuff. now if only the artbook Dark Soul wasnt such a cheap piece of crap. Demon’s artbook was muuuch better quality…i miss Atlus. i expect the artbook for this one (if they do it again) to be crap too

    • rockman29

      That artbook was basically free. Stop complaining.

      • Kou

        You must’ve not gotten Demon’s souls artbook then. Same price, but the artbook’s quality was about 5 times better. Most of the people I know that got Dark Souls artbook have had the same issue, including myself. We opened the book, and barely turning the pages can cause some pages the tear out a little bit. I wouldn’t have complained if not for the fact Atlus did a much better job prior.

        • rockman29

          I’m sure it was better. The Dsouls one was still free.

        • Bloodios

          I know that the if you pre-order the Deluxe Edition of Demon’s Souls from certain retailers, you’ll get the artbook for free, but does that also applies for the standard edition?

          • Kou

            I was only got the standard, and it came with the OST and the awesome artbook. The deluxe apparently had a strat guide and some other stuff, but I paid the same for both Demon’s and Dark’s but the “free” artbook’s had a massive difference in quality. Atlus vs Namco , Atlus spends more money on their pre-order bonsues.

    • PrinceHeir

      i agree the artbook was low quality.

      just turning a few pages, it quickly fell in my case :(

      do it better this time around From!

  • Bloodios

    Kirk’s back? Or maybe his relative…

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    I want to see a gameplay trailer of this game but we probably won’t see it till E3 2013 which gets me wondering what if this will also make its way to next gen consoles like Watch_Dogs, Battlefield 4, and Star Wars 1313.

  • Aldridge517

    That enemy with the spider on it’s back is fucked up xD