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Dark Souls II announced
posted on 12.07.12 at 09:50 PM EST by (@salromano)
Sequel to feature new story, world, and multiplayer.

Namco Bandai has announced Dark Souls II for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC at the Video Game Awards in Los Angeles tonight.

In development at From Software, the game will offer new obstacles, challenges, and “suffering” as players experience a fresh story as a new hero in an unfamiliar world. The game will also have a revamped server-based multiplayer mode.

Dark Souls II retains the core essence of Dark Souls while evolving to present new twists and challenges that are sure to please longtime fans and attract new comers to the series,” says Carlson Choi, vice president of marketing at Namco Bandai. “From Software is going to take a very dark path with Dark Souls II; players will need to look deep within themselves to see if they have the intestinal fortitude to embark on this journey.”

Tomohiro Shibuya, director of Dark Souls II, added: “This new chapter in the Dark Souls saga presents opportunities for us to drive innovation in gameplay design, develop an entirely new story, and expand the scope of the world in which the player interacts with the game. We have taken these necessary steps with Dark Souls II in order to evolve the overall experience of the Dark Souls series.

“The entire development team is striving to make Dark Souls II an experience that is fresh while not forsaking its roots in presenting players with challenging gameplay. Our goal is to surprise and delight our fans with new experiences and plot twists while enticing new players to join our dark journey.”

A release date forDark Souls II was not announced. Watch the debut trailer below. View a set of trailer stills at the gallery. Visit the official website here.

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  • Taiho


  • Nice work, Sal. Unexpected this soon.

  • 2013 is gonna be an amazing year!!!

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    2013 >>>…..>>>>>>> 2012 & 2011

  • Taiho
  • Somewhere in the UK, Adam is dropping bricks.

    • Adam Meadows

      *Berlin. Bricks are being dropped. Hard.

  • shenron

    japan won a US show HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • Kou

      Man those assasin’s look so bad ass. I hope they acutally make the class itself playable for pvp this time. Both in Demon’s souls and Dark Soul’s daggers were pretty useless compared to everything else in pvp.

    • vertical09

      That girl in the black hood reminds me of the Maiden in Black from Demons Souls~

  • Holyyyy Shiiiieeeeettttt!!!!!!
    My body’s fuckin ready

    • dc1

      Wait…..thats not strawberry milk!!

  • Kou

    Any platform confirm? I know ps3 and 360 is obvious but I’m curious about PC (and Wii U)…PC is always the best option on multiplat games…unfortunately I didnt see a reason to re-buy the game i already had on PS3 for the first Dark Souls, but if it’s same time this time..no reason not to .

    • Depends on your control preferences…

      I normally play FPS on PC while action focused games on my PS3… Then again, when Dark Souls released on the PC, the PC gamers were whining about GFWL(Can’t blame them), the screen resolution and graphical settings…

      • Kou

        well modders fixed the screen resolution thing BEFORE the game was even legally released from what I remember. Mods are a main reason I prefer PC. But also, it doesnt depend on control prefrences because on PC you can use any controller. Keyboard+mouse, ps3 controller, 360 controller, third party USB controller..you name it. If the game is ported properly for PC, it’s always the best possible option if you have the hardware. Though usually they’re not ported properly…I’d definitely use my PS3 controller for this game, same as my fighting games on PC, keyboard and mouse for shooters tho.

        • I recall a program and bluetooth is needed for the PS3 controller to work… Yeah, mods are the only reason for me to go for PC… But then again, modding blurs the line now that the PS3 can have mods legally(Unreal Tournament) or non-legally(Skyrim)…

          Dark Souls doesn’t look like a game that needs mods, right?

  • Bloodios

    Don’t forget to choose the Pendant.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Looks like From Software is a fan of The Court of Owls lol.

  • Bloodios

    Aww…It’s been removed… I didn’t even get the chance to rip the trailer…

  • Prepare to die… A lot…. That’s all I have to say when playing this game…

  • Super awesome. A sequel to Dark Souls will be awesome.

  • Dean Winchester

    Meh. Not a fan.
    Yay for those that are I guess.

    • …You came in here just to say that?

      Good for you.

      • Dean Winchester

        Sure did. Or is freedom of speech also frowned upon under the new regime of internet censorship to protect the weak minded with overactive tear ducts?

        Was I hating on anyone who likes the game? Nope. Happy for the fans that look forward to it in fact.
        Simply stated the fact that personally I am not a fan.
        If your panties ended up in a twist b/c of a simple statement I would suggest buying a size that fits a little better.

        • You weren’t exercising your “freedom of speech”. You were exercising your freedom to be an idiot. Only an idiot steps into a fast food place that sells fish, despite hating fish, just to tell people, “The food here sucks, but hey, if you like it… More power to you!”

          So yes, you WAS hating on those that like that game. It was a very rude and condescending tone (which was painstakingly obvious even through the internet), as if you were laughing behind your monitor at the people who do enjoy this, despite you not liking it. You try to make it seem as though you are being nice, when in actuality, you’re not.

          I had a friend that used to do this kind of thing ALL the time and it used to annoy the hell out of me. He thought he was so clever, never directly saying I was stupid for liking what I did, so he would always say stuff like, “Well, I’d never go for something like that, buuuuuuut… I guess someone has to like it, right?” or something equally as annoying. Also, next time you want to use the “freedom of speech” as a means of justification for you acting like a jackass… The least you could do is learn what the hell the “freedom of speech” actually gives you the freedom to do.

          Freedom of speech has NOTHING to do with what you said.

          • Dean Winchester

            Name calling over a difference in opinion about a video game?

            Analogy that is not even close to the situation at hand?

            Comparing a complete stranger to a “friend” who obviouslyaffected your self esteem in a major way thus leaving said panties in a perma-twist?

            Applying tone to a post on the internet?

            Being completely off base and flying off the handle due to the four items listed above?
            Check check checkedy check.

            Seek help. Calm down and stop trying to censor what other people say or feel.
            Its obvious you are emotionally far to attached to this series if my comment has you wanting to go all Chris Benoit up in here so I would suggest logging off the web and getting a spot of fresh air chief.

            I wasnt “laughing behind my monitor” before but I can honestly say that I am now.

            • I don’t need a multiple checklist for you. I can just mark you under “delusional” and be done with it. Also, I don’t have an emotional attachment to the series. I didn’t even play Dark Souls, only Demon’s Souls. So not only are you delusional, but you assume things as well.

              You’re just a barrel of monkeys, aren’t ya? Well, have fun laughing. I am now too :3

              • Dean Winchester

                Well you laughing now is certainly a marked improvement over all that crying from your previous comments.

                You say you arent emotionally attached and yet you went off the deep end in a fit of delicious salty tears????

                Wow. I’d hate to see your reaction if you were to feel I or anyone else insulted something or someone you actually care about!

                /tiptoes away from obvious bipolar.

                • MosquitoLemon

                  You have way too much time on your hands. Both of you, actually.

  • Aldridge517

    WHAT?! :O YEEEESSSSS!!!!! xD

  • Aldridge517

    This time it’s not a spiritual successor, it’s a straight up sequel :D

  • bebestorm117

    Whoa didnt see that one comin!!

  • margherita mastropaolo

    worst japanese game

  • vertical09

    Oh god. So much hype for this~

    2013 is going to kill me!

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    Gaara D. Dragon brought true darkness to the world.

    His Zweihander will once again hit the ground after striking his enemies with the roaring sound of a 1000 thunders.

    Noone will praise the sun and live to tell about the warmth of its light.

    Nor man, nor dragon or witch.

  • Bloodios

    Oi! The official website is up: http://www.darksoulsii.com/

    By the way, in case the trailer might be taken down again, here’s the download link: http://tinyurl.com/9w892cl

  • I watched the event live on spike tv. I was getting goosebumps watching this trailer, it’s fantastic. I think the crowd felt the same way, the applause was quite loud. It was probably the highlight of the show.

  • PrinceHeir

    PRAISE THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Locksus

    “Attract newcomers to the series” Prepare for casualized game, Gematsu. Get ready for QTE. Also, http://www.edge-online.com/news/introducing-edge-249-dark-souls-ii-unveiled/

    I kid, the trailer looked good, but can’t wait for new gameplay.

    • Can’t seem to find that quote on the page?

      [Edit: Ah, okay. More “approachable.” And “straightforward and more understandable.” I guess we’ll see later as more info is revealed whether or not that’s a bad thing.]

      Anyhow, I’m sure From Software wouldn’t casualize it. Does anyone have issue 249 of Edge? Can you post scans or a bullet-point summary of their preview?

      • Locksus

        “Entire systems, such as Dark Souls’ covenants and Demon’s Souls’ World Tendency, remain mysteries to even reasonably experienced players – wouldn’t it be a service to the games to help everyone understand them better?” and “we can surely agree that we would all like to see Dark Souls attain as great a presence as The Elder Scrolls”

        These worry me the most. I wish DS2 would leave most of the lore and story for the player to figure out. That’s what made it so interesting. Inb4 “Strike the boss’ belly in order to deal massive damage” I hope I’m wrong, of course. Dark Souls is one of my favourite games this gen.

      • Locksus

        Oh, lawl. I feel stupid now. It was actually the journalist who mentioned The Elder Scrolls series, not Shibuya. And as for making it more straightforward, it’s not yet known whether he meant story or gameplay. My guess is on the latter. And considering that the Souls series’ popularity depends 99% on its difficulty, it’s unlikely they will make the game noob friendlier.

        For once, it feels good to be wrong. Damn, it feels SO GOOOD!

  • paperclichepixel

    My Soul is ready.

  • Willgaea

    All I want is drop in drop out multi-player. If this game has the same multi-player co-op as borderlands that would be enough for me. Hell it could be the same game. I honestly think that was the only flaw with the 2 soul games out right now. Everything else is perfect.

  • Trailer refreshed. Namco Bandai officially sent it out this morning. 720p YouTube upload replaced above.

  • Willgaea

    I wonder if the can up the ante on the “Imminent Amazing Chest”.