The God and the Fate Revolution Paradox adds Mizarii - Gematsu
The God and the Fate Revolution Paradox adds Mizarii
posted on 11.06.12 at 11:56 PM EST by (@salromano)
Be sneaky and avoid enemies by staying out of sight.

Dengeki this week introduces a new character for Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming PlayStation 3 strategy RPG The God and the Fate Revolution Paradox.

Mizarii, who is voiced by Suzuko Mimori, is the latest to join the cast.

Additional details were also shared:

  • In order to change the fate of Cinderella and other troubled people, they must pass through dungeons called Copy World Fate Revolution Circuit.
  • If you stay out of the line of sight of enemies, you can avoid them.
  • When you defeat an enemy, other enemies notice their deaths.
  • Moving floors, mines, poison, and monster snares can be dropped.

The God and the Fate Revolution Paradox will launch for PlayStation 3 on January 24, 2013 in Japan. A western release has not been announced.

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  • DarthBrian

    FYI, Suzuko Mimori did the voice of Fuuka in Disgaea 4.

  • zakou

    Metal Gear Solid elements in this game xD

    • PrinceHeir

      Snake You Created a PARADOX!!!

  • yuriangels


  • LordKaiser

    This company becomes better and better with each game. I see tons of Ideas and innovation. I’ll give this game a try if NISA brings it.