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Shin Megami Tensei IV details, screenshots
posted on 11.30.12 at 10:57 AM EST by (@salromano)
Story, world, character, battle, and demon details. 50 screenshots.

Atlus published new details and screenshots on Shin Megami Tensei IV today. Details include new information on staff, prologue and story, world, characters, returning “Press Turn” battle system, and demons.

Find the wall of information below. View the screenshots at the gallery.


Original Scenario, Series Demon Design: Kazuma Kaneko

[Maniax Team]

Director: Issen Yamai
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax / Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha series

Character Designer: Masayuki Doi
Trauma Center series / Trauma Team

Art Director: Eiji Ishida
Maken X / Shin Megami Tensei III: Noctunre / Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

Main Programmer: Satoshi Ooyama
Shin Megani Tensei III: Nocturne / Digital Devil Saga Avatar Tuner

Sound Director: Kenichi Tsuchiya
Shin Megami Tensei series / Persona series

Sound Composer: Ryouta Kodzuka
Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers 3DS new opening

Story / Prologue

Our protagonist is an 18-year-old young man living in East Mikado. At one point, he has a strange dream, which presents him with a divine revelation. Your choices will shape the world.

The protagonist woke up from his dream, and together with his childhood friend he went towards the warrior selection known as the “Gauntlet Ceremony.” Here, the protagonist was selected to become a Samurai, and met the group of boys he first encountered within his dream.

A complete change from his life in his native village, his duties as a Samurai will make his everyday ever more the extraordinary.

World / East Mikado

Year 1492. In a lush green land called Kanto, East Mikado is set. King Ahazuya Mikado rules the kingdom — his castle built in the center of the fortress city. The town is separated by high walls built under the castle. Again, this town is home to the group known as Samurai.

Gauntlet Ceremony

In East Mikado, those who turn 18 are gathered from all over the country to partake in a traditional ceremony to activate the magical Gauntlet worn by Samurai. The Gauntlet is furnished with features such as a demon summoning program. Why this Gauntlet is present in a country like East Mikado is a mystery.


The Samurai are those chosen during the Gauntlet Ceremony. The selected Samurai would live at King Mikado’s castle. The Gauntlets worn by Samurai, again, have built-in demon summoning programs. Their duty is to exterminate demons in secret using the power of demon summons to recruit demons and protect East Mikado.

Demons’ Secret Existence

The people of East Mikado do not know of the existence of demons. The Samurai protect the nation’s people from the demon threat every day in secret.

Members of the Samurai

  • Protagonist – An 18-year-old young man living in East Mikado. As a member of the Samurai, he is tasked with exterminating the demons.
  • Watler (CV: Katsuyuki Konishi) – A young man with bad behavior. Though a bit rough around the edges, his passion runs deep.
  • Jonathan (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya) – A well-bred young man with soft demeanor. He is a peacemaker between his friends.
  • Navarre (CV: Kazuya Nakai) – A young man with a strong sense of pride and elitism, and hates to lose.
  • Isabeau (CV: Miyuki Sawashiro) – A young lady of dignified appearance, she is the Samurai’s only female. Though strong-minded, she also has a surprising side.

Other Characters

  • Hope (CV: Kazuya Nakai) – The leader of the samurai. Though he has strict regulations about missions, the people’s thoughts are his greatest concern.
  • Isakal (CV: Tomoaki Maeno) – A childhood friend to the protagonist who acts like an older brother. He is 18-years-old and from the village of Kichijoji. He hopes to become a Samurai more than anyone else.

New Demon Designs

  • Asmodeus – Designed by Yasushi Nirasawa. Known for his creature design on Kamen Rider Kabuto, Kamen Rider Den-O, and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
  • Kouga Saburou – Designed by Tamotsu Shinohara. Known for his character design on Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, and creature design on Kamen Rider OOO.
  • Rafael – Designed by Keita Amemiya. Known for his character design on The Mobile Cop Jiban and Choujinki Metalder. He also directed Garo.
  • Kuebiko – Designed by Kyouma Aki. Known for his monster design on Choujuu Sentai Liveman, mimicry beast design on Godannar, and creature design on Persona 4.
  • Omoikane – Designed by Yoshihiro Nishimura. Known as director of Tokyo Gore Police and character designer and special makeup effects supervisor of Karate-Robo Zaborgar.


  • Symbol Encounter – Random battles have been replaced with symbol battles. Players will encounter various demons running rampant and visibly on the field. If you approach them with an attack, you will be the first to strike when the battle initiates.
  • Press Turn Battle System – The Press Turn battle system from Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne returns. This rewards players an additional action per turn if they exploit their enemy’s weakness.


  • Demon Gathering – Players can have conversations with demons and recruit them to join the party.
  • Demon Fusion – Players can combine demons to produce more powerful ones.

World / Tokyo

The familiar streets of Tokyo have crumbled, and darkness covers the city. Demons run rampant in the streets. In this ruined Tokyo, our Samurai protagonists are tasked with venturing to the city. In accordance with the order of God, are you going to protect this world? With law and chaos, gods and demons, a magnificent battle is set to begin.

Shin Megami Tensei IV is due for 3DS in Japan in spring 2013.

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