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Rumor: PS4 based on AMD A10 series, new dev kits shipping
posted on 11.01.12 at 12:39 PM EST by (@salromano)
Console featured revamped UI. Travel "anywhere" on the system mid-game.

A plethora of new PlayStation 4 details have hit the net, that is, if the unnamed source of VG247 is to be trusted. Find the batch of information below. But of course, as it’s according to the site’s source, thus unconfirmed, take it with a grain of salt.

Dev Kits

A new version of the dev kit, housed in a standard PC case and codenamed Orbis, is being shipped to developers.

There will be four versions of the dev kit. The previous version was just a graphics card. The new version is of a “modified PC.” The next version, which will be sent out in January, will have close to final specs. The final version will be sent out “next summer.”

Developer Meetings

Sony held a “disclosure meeting” with U.S. developers this week to discuss the machine, what it’s designed to do, detail its hardware, and show a set of presentations. It will hold another meeting in “the coming weeks.”

The name “PlayStation 4” was never used in these meetings. Sony has always referenced the machine as “Orbis.”


Orbis is based on the AMD’s A10 APU series, which is a combined CPU and GPU. The system’s APU is “derivative” of existing A10 hardware, and is “based on A10 system and base platform.”

The “ultimate goal” for the hardware is to run 1080p, 60fps game in 3D with “no problem,” and to create a machine powerful enough for “today and tomorrow’s market.”

Current dev kits for the platform have either “8gb or 16gb of RAM.” The system will feature a Blu-ray drive, and offer a 256gb “standard” hard-drive. However, it was not clear if it will be a normal or solid state drive. It will also have Wi-Fi, and Etherhnet and HDMI out ports. There is “no difference” between Orbis and PlayStation 3’s outputs, according to the source.

With Orbis, Sony aims to avoid the problems it encountered when launching PlayStation 3. It aims to create a console that’s “very affordable,” but “isn’t a slouch.”

The machine is not being made in Japan.

User Interface

Orbis’ user interface has been revamped. Players will be able to press the PlayStation button mid-game and travel “anywhere” on the system. The source cites buying download content from the PlayStation Store mid-game, then seamelessly returning to the game.

“They’re trying to make it as fluid as possible,” said the source.

The system will also be able to accept system and product updates in the background, and will “always be in standby mode,” if you choose to enable that option.


Sony is expected to announce the new console “just before E3” next year, according to the source.

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  • Gaara D.Dragon

    That’s interesting but what I’m worried about is that Sony with their stuborn focus on FPShooters have lost their old system sellers…

    I mean they have no “Super Mario” or “Halo” anymore. They didn’t care to secure final fantasy or metal gear solid as exclusives and there are extremely limited games that can push consoles like those did.

    I would hate it for the next PS to be focused as a mutliplat PC game porting machine the way the 360 is now.

    What could be Sony’s system seller ?

    • KingOptimusOrigins111

      They don’t need milked franchises they have Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studio, Sucker Punch, Media Molecule, & Guerrilla Games and that’s all that matters.

      • Kou

         Companies that make games I dont care 1 bit for lol. But I still prefer PS3 to XBOX, just a much better value. I have a feeling the same thing will happen this gen. For the few console exclusive games, I’ll have a PS4, and my PC for the major gaming. Wii U of course for Nintendo games because they’re hella fun.

      • Gaara D.Dragon

        Final Fantasy and Metal Gear is not milking.

        And none of those -otherwise great studios- is japanese, if Sony loses japan it’s history.

        • KingOptimusOrigins111

          Halo and Mario is milk.

          Edit: I wasn’t talking about those in your original post.

          • Locksus

            So, a flamewar is what you want? There has been 6 GoW games in 7 years + The GoW collections. That ain’t milking then? 

            And there has been 8 Halo games in 11 years.

            • KingOptimusOrigins111

              So you want to get into this as well?
              Correction there has been Halo 1,2,3, Wars, ODST, Reach, + Halo Anniversary, 4, and soon to be 5 & 6. You forgot they are making Halo 4 into a franchise. 10 Halo games

              Mario has over 200 something.

              • Locksus

                Yes, so that’s 8. And ther will be more GoW games also and I didn’t even count in Ascension. 

                Don’t really care though, GoW IS a good series. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass as to what platform it’ll release on. If it’s a good game then it’s a good game. I’m not loyal to any brand/company or whatever. It’s completely pointless and stupid.

                I’m gaming because, well, I like games. I don’t really have anything to complain if GoW and Halo have multiple releases in generation if they can keep the games fresh, add new things,  update the graphics and so on. That is something that Call of Duty hasn’t managed to do this generation. 

                EDIT: Btw, have you ever wondered why they keep making these games? It’s because there’s lots of demand for these games. Halo Reach sold about 9 million copies. That’s a lot. God of War 3 sold about 4.5m. I mean, there IS a huge audience for these series. That is why they keep making more of them.

                Not like I’m complaining or anything. Both are wonderful series, in my opinion.

                • KingOptimusOrigins111

                  You know I really don’t care either I don’t like Halo but the 360 fanbase likes it so if they like it then keep releasing it but you can say the same for God of War because the PlayStation fanbase still likes God Of War too so they should continue as well.

                • LordKaiser

                  Yup and it seems they want to give the axe to not mainstream genres. It seems they want less gamers.

              • AdamBoy64

                If Mario has 200 games, then I want 200 more.

      • LordKaiser

        And what kind of games those studios make? Yup noob friendly action games and Shooters. They paid more attention to them than other Devs. As a publisher they failed to support White Knight Chronicles and the USA branch din’t picked WKC2 leaving it to D3P that supported it less. I’m not too happy with Sony only supporting mainstream games.

        At this point I think I’ll pass on next gen. I don’t see the games I want to play anymore on current gen so why they’ll appear on Next gen?

        • KingOptimusOrigins111

          Infamous, Uncharted, Killzone, God Of War, LittleBigPlanet, Starhawk, New Ips every gen. You sound butthurt.

          • MrRobbyM

            To be fair, Sony hasn’t really paid much attention to old IPs. Where’s Ape escape? There were two mainline games last gen and a spin-offy multiplayer game. Where’s the Jak games? Ratchet and Clank ain’t what it used to be. They failed to secure Crash and Spyro and look at the fates of those. LittleBigPlanet isn’t much more than a level designer for the extremely patient with overly floaty jumping designed for the younger audience. Modnation Racers kinda bombed but had a lot of potential and JUST NOW is when we’re getting a new Sly game when there were 3 last gen.

            The only IPs getting attention these days are Uncharted, Killzone, GoW and LBP. It’s sort of well rounded but not really much to choose from.

            • Solomon_Kano

              Long response ahead.

              Ratchet & Clank is the responsibility of Insomniac and, as we’ve seen through Fuse, Insomniac is ready to make multiplatform games. The series had a good run, but I’d rather it fall back for a bit than Sony hand that IP off to anybody other than Insomniac. Jak 4 was in the works, but ND put it aside for The Last of Us. Jak being one of my favorite series, even I can’t be mad at ND letting it sit in favor of yet another new IP. It’s new IPs that move gaming forward, after all. Crash and Spyro weren’t their’s to begin with and they ended up being driven into the ground by Activision. A pity, but I doubt Sony would’ve kept them running this long even if they did own those IPs. I can’t even be mad at Sucker Punch wanting to give Sly a rest. That was the only series they worked on last gen, and they delivered a great new IP in Infamous this gen. That allowed Sanzaru to step in and now we can see that series continued into the next generation while Sucker Punch continues to deliver new IPs. That’s a win-win.

              In the 3 gens they’ve been making consoles, Sony has been all about introducing new IPs to succeed the old. Crash and Spyro held the PS1 up, they gave way to Ratchet and Jak, and they gave way to Uncharted and Resistance. It’s not really surprising that we don’t see as many of their older IPs. Heck, MediEvil never even got a PS2 game. WipeOut only saw one original PS2 game before returning on PSP and PS3. Warhawk disappeared for an entire generation and got one PS3 game. The only Sony franchises that ran consistently have been Gran Turismo, Ape Escape, Hot Shots Golf, and Twisted Metal. Even Wild ARMs hasn’t seen a single game this gen.

              • MrRobbyM

                I gotta agree with you there. I guess the point I was trying to make is that all their new IPs don’t feel very diverse. It’s mostly all realistic looking super shiny graphics games and not many cartoony, plain ol’ fun games. LBP just isn’t cutting it for me. Modnation Racers was a start in the right direction but I don’t think Sony has big plans for it. It’s no wonder Sony, at least to me, has felt like the cold and professional business type company this gen more than any.

                Oh, forgot to mention, PS Battle All Stars is also a good direction. Maybe it’ll bring awareness to other IPs that haven’t been seen for a while. I really just want a PS3 Ape Escape. I’d excuse Sony for so much :P

                • Solomon_Kano

                  Gotta agree with you on Sony’s feel. During the PS1/2 days they didn’t have that feel what with Crash, Spyro, Ratchet, and Jak being among their biggest series. That’s really accurate now though.

                  Personally, the game I’m waiting for is still Jak 4 lol. Naughty Dog said that’s what they had planned before The Last of Us, so it’s not out of the question. Hope!

                  • MrRobbyM

                    I never got into the Jak series but I did pick up Jak 3 a while back. It was fun but didn’t get far into it because it looked TERRIBLE on my hdtv and didn’t want to buy the HD collection. So I’m with you on Jak 4 :)

                    • Solomon_Kano

                      Seeing as you already own 3 it’s probably out of the question, but I can’t recommend the HD collection enough. Before becoming the massive do-everything series it was in Jak 3, the original game represented what was the pinnacle of PS2 platforming IMO. ND took everything they learned from Crash, added a dash of Spyro, and made magic. If I recall, the original was the first open-world platforming game. A technical marvel, since there were hardly any loading screens. Jak 2 is no slouch either, I even prefer it to 3 in some ways. You should definitely give the original 3 a go though.

                      I hate to try selling people on stuff, but the series is brilliant. That, and the HD collection is only $20 on Amazon right now.

          • LordKaiser

            And what genres are those games that you mentioned? Yup noob Action Hollywood games where you start where you die.

            The reason why they sell a lot it’s because they’re used as stress relief because in a bad day you want to kill something.

  • Devoted

    Hello, world (I’m sort of back, yes).

    I wonder if they’ll have just the APU or a APU + dedicated GPU…

    Other than that, these specs pretty much mean no BC, which will annoy lots of people. I *hope* their concept of affordable is around €450, but I doubt it…

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Fuck Yes!!!!!!!

    • YangTerlupakan

      is till rumor -_-“”””””

  • 16GB of ram 4k and quad blu-ray support please.

    •  Dream On.

    • AdamBoy64

      That’d be a nice system, though no-one would buy it. It’d be too expensive for the target market.

    • YangTerlupakan

       too much………

  • THE PS4 is said to be fully Backwards Compatabile. From what I hear with both Disc, and digital Distribution. 

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      based on these specs, no it’s not

      • Raiyu

        Yeah it most likely won’t with these specs.

        But I guess this is where Gaikai comes in

      • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

        There are ways to do it.

        • DrForbidden

          Which would raise the price and be incompatible with Sony’s intention of keeping things cheap. So, I’m hesitant to say that it will be fully-BC.

  • LordKaiser

    Another reason to not get it…
    Fk AMD!!! AMD processors overheat and waste energy. They failed to compete with Intel.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       You do understand what a rumor is right?

      • LordKaiser

        I hope it’s a rumor because for the moment I dislike AMD. Unless they don’t beat Inte’s i7 or at least match it’s power and performance  I don’t want AMD on my consoles.

        Also discarding the Cell instead of buffing it in a way it use more resources it’s not good.                 

        • rockman29

          Why does AMD’s high end processors have to beat Intel’s high end processors if what is going into the PS4 is a midrange processor?

          Logic fail.

          A multicore processor is going to be best for multimedia and multitasking. This can be seen with AMD 8350 chips. The single core power isn’t as good, but anything that is designed with lots of cores in mind does tremendously better on AMD chips.

          The GPU will convince the masses which system is more powerful, not the CPU.

          • LordKaiser

            My main concern here is overheating. Intel’s CPU consumes less power and produce less heat without perfomance loss. The CPU is just as important as the GPU.

            Anyway it’s the games who will determine what console I will get. Since this system appears to not support PS3 games I will not get it in a long time after launch. By then maybe I won’t even be a gamer anymore.

            • rockman29

              The desktop A10 uses less than 115 W on full use.

              The newest i5 3570 uses about 100 W TDP on full use. The difference is not that large, and neither should be the heat dissipation.

              AMD CPUs generally have lower transistor counts as well, and are much cheaper.

              Also keep in mind that the AMD A10 has a GPU on it. The GPU use doesn’t heat the CPU up as much as GPU use from the onboard Intel chips.

              Factor in these other things and Sony has more to spend on other parts and keep the cost low which probably matters more from the CPU side. With an A10 from AMD the Orbis can have a dedicated graphics processor just for the system interface too.

              Weigh all the factors, not just highest performance. CPU performance isn’t what will make or break games anymore. Game logic and multimedia demands aren”t growing nearly as fast as CPU performance is.

              However, the desire of multitasking is growing more important everyday. So between a more costly i5 and a cheaper and more multicore AMD chip Sony probably has the right idea of what should be going into the next console.

              And if you’re talking eagerness to sell, who is going to offer a better deal on chips? AMD over Intel of course. Intel is in no hot water to put a fire sale on their chips. AMD on the other hand is in the hot seat and will be much more motivated to give Sony a good deal, assuming Sony is smart enough to get what they need.

              I would much rather have the cheaper 8 core AMD 8350 CPU than an overly expensive i7 in the next PS3 personally.

              • LordKaiser

                I guess Consoles will no longer be more stronger than PCs when they started this gen. The bad economy is making everything in our lives worse. Bad service, disc locked contentent, and now cheap weaker consoles. I at least wanted them to be on par with the high end PCs. BTW it’s not a Intel CPU what I wanted but a buffed up Cell with it’s own bottle necks removed somehow so I could play my PS3 games on it. Also a Cell that use less power and produce less heat…

              • LordKaiser

                I guess Consoles will no longer be more stronger than PCs when they started this gen. The bad economy is making everything in our lives worse. Bad service, disc locked contentent, and now cheap weaker consoles. I at least wanted them to be on par with the high end PCs. BTW it’s not a Intel CPU what I wanted but a buffed up Cell with it’s own bottle necks removed somehow so I could play my PS3 games on it. Also a Cell that use less power and produce less heat…

              • LordKaiser

                I guess Consoles will no longer be more stronger than PCs when they started this gen. The bad economy is making everything in our lives worse. Bad service, disc locked contentent, and now cheap weaker consoles. I at least wanted them to be on par with the high end PCs. BTW it’s not a Intel CPU what I wanted but a buffed up Cell with it’s own bottle necks removed somehow so I could play my PS3 games on it. Also a Cell that use less power and produce less heat…

              • LordKaiser

                I guess Consoles will no longer be more stronger than PCs when they started this gen. The bad economy is making everything in our lives worse. Bad service, disc locked contentent, and now cheap weaker consoles. I at least wanted them to be on par with the high end PCs. BTW it’s not a Intel CPU what I wanted but a buffed up Cell with it’s own bottle necks removed somehow so I could play my PS3 games on it. Also a Cell that use less power and produce less heat…

                • DrForbidden

                  Hmm, I don’t thimk new consoles have EVER really been stronger than PCs when they start out. It simply is not possible. PCs are open platforms that allow upgrading. Consoles are closed platforms. It takes a couple of years, at least, from designing a new console to releasing it on the market. That means that consoles are already a couple of years behind the PC, tech-wise, at launch. And since the lifespan of the console is at least 5 years, the tech would be at least 7 years behind PC tech when the console is retired.

                  Consoles can never compete with the PC in the field of pure specs and power. They need to offer their own niches to succeed.

                  • AdamBoy64

                    Yes, and if consoles were made that were ahead of the PC  – they would be too expensive to reach the target market. People would complain about the price, and sales would suffer.

                    The closed platform is both a disadvantage (not as powerful as PC’s), and one of it’s strengths (100% compatibility)

                  • LordKaiser

                    PS3 was stronger than PC but on CPU only but not anymore. Today PCs had advanced a lot but they won’t emulate the PS3 in years. (PS3 GPU and low memory where it’s bottleneck even if XDR was fast)

                    • DrForbidden

                      That’s true. It relied on the Cell processor, which is not standard in most forms of digital entertainment. Since the PS4 will be using a more readily available and ‘standardised’ processor, we won’t be able to say that it will be more powerful at launch compared to PCs.

    • Kou

       AMD works fine for me in every single game I play. You probably just had bad luck. For 300 dollars and less, AMD is better price-to-performance ratio. But at 300+ dollars, Intel definitely wins.

      • LordKaiser

        I want a mountrous console not a baby’s toy. I want a beast that never onverheats or get something like YLOD.

        • DrForbidden

          Which will never happen, dude. Heat release and buildup is an inevitability in computers and consoles.

  • Nice and yes I figured it was the A10 if you look at a laptop that has A10 it states on the tag “Next Gen”. I have an A8 and was thinking about upgrading to A10 these babys are nice and fast my A8 is 1.9 but can Turbo Boost to 2.8 CPU and I belive an A10 can go from 2.8 to 3.1 or 3.2 CPU. The PS4 will be fast.

  • AuroraXIII

    “Sony is expected to announce the new console ‘just before E3’ next year.”

    Sounds like to me that Sony will be holding another PS Meeting like they did with NGP’s debut.

  • Using AMD A-series CPU is the best way to fail.

    • AdamBoy64

      I think the developers will develop specifically for it, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

      • DrForbidden

        Like how PS3 programming isn’t a problem for multi-platform games this generation? Unless the game is a PS4 exclusive, there might be some porting issues still if the PC and Xbox aren’t rtravelling in the same direction.

    • LordKaiser

      I won’t pay more than $300 USD for it assuming it get the type of games I want.

  • Ace

    I wonder if it’ll be able to play Piss2 games… 

    • YangTerlupakan

       Only via PSN lol

  • Heavenly_King

    It sounds really good so far.

  • Guys, I’m no wiz at tech specs, so can someone tell me what is it about these specs that don’t seem to allow backwards compatibility? (Some of you have been talking about it.)

    • Raiyu


      You would need the Cell processor to play PS3 games since that’s how they were developed, around the Cell.

      Of course, they could also embed it into the system like they did the launch PS3 (Emotion Engine PS2 CPU). But that may drive up the cost since they want it to be affordable.

  • My god, some of you guys sound like whiny babies AND have unrealistic expectations for next gen. Yes, lets push graphics ten times farther when it’s already too expensive for developers to make games now. 

    • MrRobbyM

      This. I’m completely fine with the way graphics are now. Something more on par if not slightly exceeding what PC games look like nowadays(fps, higher resolution etc) would suffice. I just wonder how the PS4 will distinguish itself from the competition.

    • You should read an article up at Gamespot which states otherwise from the people behind GTA games.

  • Why do you have ‘PlayStation 4’ listed as a tag twice? Shouldn’t one of those be “Orbis” ?


    • One’s PS4 the category (which all PS4-related posts are put into – games, apps, hardware, etc.), the other’s PS4 the tag (which is solely tied to posts pertaining to the hardware). =)

      • Oh. I was under the impression ‘PlayStation 4’ just linked to all of it which was related, heh. I still think Orbis should be a tag though. It IS the codename after all~

  • I’m taking it with a grain of salt…

    And I’m also curious about the first version of the dev kits being a graphics card… Platform holders are likely to send a prototype of their next console, but a graphics card???

    • Willgaea

       I rather have a fact than a rumor.

  • I don’t know but I just want Dualshock to stay the same, screenshotting game like Vita and tons of Japanese games, thanks.

    • Rat

       I hope they change the d-pad to a bigger version of the Vita’s d-pad.

  • PrinceHeir

    i just hope PS4 has 4 USB ports, an unsychro feature for controllers, so that in tournaments it won’t interrupt.

    and keep the multiple accounts, no region lock games and movies as well as encourage people to play games 8 players :P

  • YangTerlupakan

    PS4 will never hit next year

    the last guardian
    the last of us
    beyond two soul
    and many game announced in gamescom 2012 & japanese dev still in development, so why sony want to show up PS4 “just before e3” ? that VG247 user is just bullshit without thinking!!!!!!

    • DrForbidden

      What are you talking about? The rumour article specifically states that the finalised dev kit will be sent out next summer. That means that Sony will only finalise the PS4 specs around that time. After which they still have to test everything out and finally to  manufacture the things, which means PS4 will only be ready sometime in 2014.

      Games themselves take time to develop, and if the developers only get the final dev kit summer 2013, they’re highly unlikely to be releasing PS4 games in 2013.

  • new_tradition

    I can say without a doubt all this info is waaay over my head, lol

  • xxx128

    “The system will also be able to accept system and product updates in the background,” …as well as streaming “sponsor messages” ;)

  • I can see it doing 5-8GB of ram but 16GB? LOL no need is that not a bit over kill?? and the cost would go up so my guess is 5-8gb and keep it $450 or under.

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      It’s a dev kit, they’re usually equipped with lots more RAM than the final product. Considering how well PS3 delivers on a meager 256 MB I’m quite excited for Orbis.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Seems legit.