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Persona 4 Golden: 28 gameplay videos
posted on 11.09.12 at 06:27 PM EST by (@salromano)
Extras, Personas, social links, battles, and more.

In anticipation of Persona 4 Golden‘s nearing November 20 release in North America, Atlus has sent out 28 (yes, twenty-eight) new gameplay videos of the enhanced port, showcasing everything from extras to Personas to battles to dungeons and school life. Watch every clip below.

Extras: Vox Populi

Extras: Difficulty Settings

Extras: Weather

Extras: TV Shows

Extras: Home Gardening

Personas: Shuffle Time

Personas: Special Fusions

Personas: The Velvet Room

Personas: Persona Compendium

Social Links: A Plethora of Bonds

Social Links: Ranking Up

Social Links: Bonding for Battles

Battles: Simultaneous Attacks

Battles: 1 More

Battles: Costumes

Battles: Summoning Personas

Battles: Bike Chases

Battles: All-Out Attacks

Battles: Cheer Up

Dungeons: Requests

Dungeons: Investigation

Dungeons: Ask for Help

School Life: Hit the Town

School Life: Part-Time Job

School Life: Clubs

School Life: Classes

School Life: School Events

School Life: Let’s Go Play!

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