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Lone Survivor coming to PlayStation 3, PS Vita
posted on 11.12.12 at 10:56 AM EST by (@salromano)
Post-apocalyptic survival horror set for consoles.

Lone Survivor, Superflat Games’ PC indie survival title, is coming to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, the studio has announced.

Curve Studios, creators of titles such as Explodemon and Fluidity, are re-coding the game “from scratch” for the Sony platforms. French and German translations are being planned.

“I’m greatly looking forward to this, as it’s been a dream of mine since childhood to release a game on console, and especially the Sony ones as I love what they do most of all,” said Superflat boss Jasper Byrne on the studio’s official blog.

“Anyone who follows my Twitter will know that I don’t tend to play games on PC, I really am a couch gamer, most happy on my PS3! Lone Survivor was designed as a console game (in my head, anwyay.) In fact, all the games I work on I really imagine being on console, or fantasize about, anyway!”

In other news, Superflat also announced New Game+, its six-month in development dungeon crawler, has been canceled.

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      no, its super sweet oni-chan ^_^

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    Very exciting; I’ve recently been damning myself by checking out PC indie games and this is one that has stuck on my mind (Binding of Issac, also); very happy to hear about this, as I will never be able to afford a competent computer—ever.

    • You don’t need a competent computer to play this. Trust me, I’m running on a piece of tard and Lone Survivor plays fine! ;D

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    great :D