Kingdom Hearts 3D ships 650,000 in the west - Gematsu
Kingdom Hearts 3D ships 650,000 in the west
posted on 11.06.12 at 10:39 AM EST by (@salromano)
Sleeping Dogs, Square Enix's new IP, ships 1.5 million.

Square Enix’s latest results briefing has confirmed shipment numbers of 650,000 for the July-launched western version of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Sleeping Dogs, the publisher’s United Front-developed new IP, has shipped 1.5 million worldwide.

Find Square Enix’s full numbers report below (all are shipped).

  • Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D (3DS) – 900,000 (JP)
  • Heroes of Ruin (3DS) – 130,000 (NA, EU)
  • Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (3DS) – 150,000 (NA, EU)
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (3DS) – 650,000 (nA, EU)
  • Dragon Quest X (Wii) – 700,000 (JP)
  • Sleeping Dogs (PS3, 360, PC) – 1,510,000 (JP, NA, EU)
  • Final Fantasy III (PSP) – 80,000 (JP)

View the publisher’s full presentation here. View their financial results here and here.

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  • The Black Rabbit

    0_0 WHOA, nice sales kingdom hearts….. Ok but he is my question guys.
    does shipment = sales? 

    • YangTerlupakan

      shipment mean copy of games send to store

      in other word
      shipment = stock

      i hope u understand ;-)

      • The Black Rabbit

        ok thanks. I understand now, but just because they ship that many……doesn’t mean they will sell that must……right? it will probably sell if it is KH…but still that is a large amount to be shipping no? 

        • RedWolfe

          Yes, these numbers are a good indication that the game did well over here.

          And in terms of shipped VS sold, well let me put it this way: once it’s shipped, the developers/publishers have made their money of that copy at that point and are not concerned whether it’s sold or not (though it probably will be). The sold copies are what the retailer (Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon, etc) care about.

          • The Black Rabbit

            0_0 wait so the developers/publishers “SOLD” these to wal mart, gamestop, amazon? 

            • LordKaiser

              That’s how it works.

              • The Black Rabbit

                whoa….not bad. Thanks for the info, i learned something new. ^-^

          • Revorse

            So shipped copies are really what gives the developers/publishes their pay. Who decides to buy that many copies anyway?

            • RedWolfe

              Hehe, no one store retailer will buy that many copies, of course. It’s split between all the retailers in the west.
              So basically between every retailer, both chain stores and online, there have been 650,000 copies of the game ordered (or bought) from Square for their own inventory.

              And yes, Square has made their money from each copy of the game purchased by and shipped to these retailers which will then be purchased by us the consumers which is where the retailers make their money.

              So really when you buy new, you’re not DIRECTLY supporting the developer (unless you buy directly from them) but by buying new copies and exhausting the existing stock of a game, the retailer will have to buy more from the developer/publisher which in turn DOES support the developer/publisher so it all works out in the end.

          • YangTerlupakan

            hold on second @gematsu-df0e09d6f25a15a815563df9827f48fa:disqus

            if i not wrong shipment is stock game “pre-order” buy store!!!!

  • bebestorm117

    Impressive! I so hope the next KH is on console. Looks like Sleeping Dogs will become a series..

  • Lele Mett


  • new_tradition

    Whoa, so many S-E games for Nintendo systems came out this year xD

    • YangTerlupakan

      Maybe not, SE game in mobile phone division is more than in 3DS actually ;-)

  • FaithlessMr

    And SE could easily inflate those Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D numbers up to one million, should they publish the game on the US and Europe.


    Nonetheless, I am pleasently surprised to see Kingdom Hearts doing that well in our regions. Heroes of Ruin, on the other hand…

    Also, SE claims they’re disappointed in the sales of a certain major HD release…..the only game that fits that description is Sleeping Dogs, and yet I don’t think 1.5M is bad, by any means.Were SE expecting Sleeping Dogs to pull off some CoD numbers or something? Their predictions must’ve been a tad unrealistic, I’m wondering.

    • Yeah, I read about that as well. I think Sleeping Dogs is a great game, and the reviews were quite solid all around.

      I agree with what you said. I think it’s just a sign of the times with video games, what was once considered a huge success no longer is. =(

      • FaithlessMr

         Or maybe SE is just having delusions of grandeur, my friend :P

        (Which still doesn’t make your point any less valid, it’s true that for many, what was considered a huge sucess before just isn’t nowadays)

  • great sales for the japanese games

    • Budgiecat

      not really. the only impressive one is DQM Terry’s Wonderland imo due to it being a spin off.

      DQ X’s sales is an embarrassment and KH3 should have def hit over a mil

      • Lele Mett

        JRPG sales are going down. But KH did bad cuz its a 3ds game. If it were KH3, 2 mil in the west alone. Im sure. Watch versus come out and sale at least 6 mil world wide. SE is the only JRPG that sale well wordl wide.

        • ^ jrpg sales are actually going up

          Are you 2 stupid? 

          kh 3ds sold AMAZINGLY well for the install base of the system. 

          This is the earliest any system has got one by 5 years, and it still hit a million globally in sales

          KH DDD was kh 3 part 1. Stop looking at the name and play the game

          your embarrassing gamers

          “DQ X’s sales is an embarrassment ”

          Oh, you mean how its doing better than FF IX was at the same point and that was squares most profitable game?

          Its on pace to be squares most profitable game in history

          • Lele Mett

            I never said Dragon Q sales are an embarrasment…your talking to the worng person. I was talking about KH3d. I was thinking it would sale more than that, like mil in the west. You don’t need to start calling people names buddy it only makes you look “Stupid”. DQ is doing just as well as FF lately.

            • I was quoting up/

              Remember your thinking it would sell more because on other systems it came out no less than 5 years of install base

              the 3ds got it after 1 year…

  • PrinceHeir


    now use this money to finish Versus XIII please