Fist of the North Star 2: Shin, Juda, Shu, Souther, and Rei footage - Gematsu
Fist of the North Star 2: Shin, Juda, Shu, Souther, and Rei footage
posted on 11.15.12 at 08:53 AM EST by (@salromano)
Latest gameplay videos show new characters in battle.

Tecmo Koei and Omega Force have released several new gameplay clips of Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2, showing characters Shin, Juda, Shu, Souther, and Rei. Watch the footage below.






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  • <3 Rei! Well, it certainly helps that his VA is still Koyasu Takehito in this game, so it's like… WAY awesome! I can't wait to play as Shu though.

    I always liked him too. His style should be interesting! What with using his feet all the time and whatnot. I'm just going to hate going through his story…(those who know his history will know why :/ )

    • Kobracon

      I don’t recall Shu in the last game. Didn’t that game cover the entire FotNS story? or is there actually more after the Raoh arc?

      • Well, he was IN Hokuto Musou, but only as an NPC you fought against. You couldn’t use him, unfortunately (same with Juuza). Hokuto Musou only covered up to the end of the first season of the anime. Shin Hokuto Musou will cover that as well as what happens beyond Raoh in the Land of Shura (which took place during the second season of the anime, Hokuto no Ken 2).

        Hokuto no Ken 2 wasn’t very well received by a lot of fans, myself included, due to plotholes, contradictions, among other things, but it has some good stuff in it here and there (i.e. Shachi, Falco, Hyo, Kenshiro with goggles, etc., lol). I definitely prefer the first season more though. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing what this game has to offer!

        • Kobracon

          I see. So there was more. Is there a season 3? Or was 2 so badly received that it didn’t continue?

          • There wasn’t a third season for the anime, but the manga did have Gaiden stories done for some of the characters. I think after the second season of the anime ended, they were ready for it to be over with since it upset a lot of Japanese fans, heh.

    • PrinceHeir

      love his voice :D

      especially Dio in JoJo;s Bizarre Adventure :)

      if you can tell how both the games covered which arc??

      • >if you can tell how both the games covered which arc??

        Sorry, not sure what you mean here :x

        • PrinceHeir

          i mean does this follow the manga or the anime series?

          did they change anything??

          • It will be following the manga/anime just like the first installment did, yeah.

            • PrinceHeir

              so just the first season??

              • No. The second season as well X3

                • PrinceHeir

                  cool ^^

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    I’ll probably wait for this to drop to $30.