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First week Wii U sales top 400,000
posted on 11.26.12 at 04:38 PM EST by (@salromano)
Nintendo moved over 1 million hardware units last week.

First week Wii U sales in the United States topped 400,000 units sold, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told CNET.

“Wii U is essentially sold out of retail and we are doing our best to continually replenish stock,” Fils-Aime told the site. “Retailers are also doing their best to get the product to store shelves. But as soon as product hits retail, they’re selling out immediately.”

The newly launched Wii U wasn’t Nintendo’s only player last week. Wii, the company’s 2006-launched console, sold 300,000 units. 3DS, its portable 3D handheld, sold 250,000. And DS sold 275,000. All of its hardware combined, Nintendo sold over 1 million consoles and handhelds over the last week.

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  • AdamBoy64

    Great start Nintendo. Congratulations.
    I’m looking forward to the launch over here in 3 days time.

    Though I’m annoyed there’s no midnight launches in my area –
    they make it so much more memorable.

  • I shall buy one in March.

    • Skerj

      Monster Hunter? 

      • Si.

        • Skerj

          Good man, I’ll see you there with my switch axe. 

          • Dean Winchester

            Monster hunter: Tri Again is gonna be awesome….yet again!

  • Dean Winchester

    Bought mine. Its awesome when it works. Me and the kid are having a blast with Sega Allstars transformed and the whole fam is loving Mario. That said, this thing locks up more than T.I. When he’s been drinking.
    It freezes up more than a polar bears balls and it loads slower than Stephen Hawkings in a foot race.

    Nintendo seriously need to issue a firmware update to fix the last firmware update.

    • Haku_Luvs_You

      Mine works fine, and so does my brothers….. Hmmm, it may have something to do with your specific system. I hate to say it, but you might want to give Nintendo a call. Or check a forum to see if others are having similar problems.

      • Dean Winchester

        Its a widespread issue. I’d post some links but this comment section wont allow it from the iphone.

        Once you touch the screen to bring up the cut/paste option the comment section stops accepting posts.

        Anyway, just type Wii U constantly freezing into google and prepare to get more hits back than a search for the term “RRoD”.

        Nintendo is supposed to be releasing a firmware this week to address the issues according to Neogaf. We will see.

  • Kazziyan

    How the hell does one have such perfect hands!?

    Oh, on topic, that’s pretty good.

  • big drew

    Glad I got my copy ^_^ One of the best investments I have ever made besides my girl and school lol. BTW Nintendo Wii U is a fantastic system and I just cant wait to see all those old school titles in HD and more. 

  • DarthNemesis

    That’s pretty bad considering the Wii has been dead for the past 3 years so all Nintendo fans should flock to the Wii U and it is new hardware released right before black friday. 900,000 and over should be the sales easily. They said that they sold out of their stock, then why are there several Wii us sitting on store shelves across the country right now?

    • Unless you made a typo, I’m pretty sure they’re referring to the Wii U being out of stock.

    • Dean Winchester

      Bought mine on launch day.
      Have yet to walk into a single electronics store from Best buy to Target to Walmart to Gamestop that doesnt have at least 1 or 2 Wii-U’s in stock. This is as of yesterday.

      Funny too that Nintendo thinks 400k is enough to go around. Just more of their attempts at a false sense of short supply to try and create a greater demand. Much like the Wii for its first two years except this time the Wii-U’s arent actually selling out.

      Ahhh well. I’m enjoying mine in between freezes and hard resets.

  • PrinceHeir

    congrats nintendo :P

  • Sevyne

    Reggie’s comment about the WiiU being sold out of retail is hilariously untrue. I have not once seen any shortage of WiiUs and I get out to a lot of places pretty often. Everywhere has been extremely well stocked. They just aren’t selling as fast as expected, but they aren’t going to tell you that so just tell people it’s the stock.

    • DrForbidden

      THIS is why I take official sales figures and trends with a grain of salt, be it from Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft.

    • fallen

      I have only seen one unit anywhere, and it was the “basic set”. It’s sold out at all the places I frequent.

      Edit: Please do not take this as a defense of the platform; it’s just what I’ve seen.

      • Sevyne

         No worries. Didn’t take it that way. I also am not bashing on the WiiU as I do intend to get one probably in February. I’m just calling it how I see it.

    • FlameEmperor

       You’re lucky where you live then e.e I can’t find any in the stores where I live.