Dragon Quest VII 3DS debut screenshots - Gematsu
Dragon Quest VII 3DS debut screenshots
posted on 11.14.12 at 11:08 AM EST by (@salromano)
Square Enix's upcoming 3DS remake due February.

Square Enix has released the first batch of screenshots for its upcoming 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden.

The screenshots depict the game’s full 3D graphics, removal of random encounters (you can now see monsters on the field), lithograph StreetPass features, characters, jobs, and more.

The game is due out in Japan on February 7, 2013. View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • MrRobbyM

    Doesn’t look nearly as good as I thought it would. Lots of big ol’ polys. But that’s not really important.

    Looking forward to this and hopefully we get another console, main DQ game soon.

  • Looks really nice.
    I hope Japanese devs would make more game that looked like this but is not remake like the PS2’s RPG.

  • DarthBrian

    I give them props for making the 3d models look like the character art from DQVII, but there’s just something off about it. Maybe I’m being selfish and expected a DQVII remake to look as good as DQVIII. Dunno.
    Regardless, I doubt we’ll get this over here. Too bad.

    •  ya sure about dat? Dragon Quest does rather well in da west, plus its for da 3DS.

      i fink da odds are in our favor.

      • DarthBrian

        Well, we did get the DQV and DQVI remakes on DS, but the Super Famicom ones never made it outside Japan, including the PS2 remake of DQV. We did get DQVII on PS1 though. So who knows?
        The main problem though is that DQVII is a really big game and the localization might be prohibitively expensive.
        I’d be happy to be wrong though.

        • kiri25

          We’ve gotten every main entry in the DQ series in the west except 10. I imagine we’ll get 10 for the Wii-U.

          As for DQV remake that was released in 2004 in Japan and sadly DQ was not a very well known game in the west at this time. It was not until DQVIII that it gained success in the west mainly due to its FFXII demo but even still I doubt it did as well as SE wanted hence the reason why the DQVIII spin-off focusing on Yangus never made it out of Japan.

          It’s also worth mentioning that Nintendo has greatly helped in making the series known even going so far as to being the distributor for DQVI on DS.


  • Square Enix’s if you need my money NOW,of course i will give you :D

  • Talbot

    It’s getting slightly disconcerting that we’ve heard nothing about a Bravely Default western localisation yet, let alone things like DQM: Terry’s Wonderland. I really want this one to make it. They especially owe Europe a release of this one because surprise, surprise, we’ve never played it before.

    I mean, Dragon Quest IX for a DQ game did alright here. It didn’t exactly bomb. So long as you market the game adequately enough, I don’t see a reason why we can’t see this and Bravely. 

  • I hope it gets localized.

  • Great! now do FF7 also even if its on 3DS we will take it.. will even take VSXIII on Vita or 3DS just make it!

  • PrinceHeir

    need to localize Bravely Default, FF Type-0 and this too!!!!!