DmC Devil May Cry 'Home Truths' gameplay - Gematsu
DmC Devil May Cry ‘Home Truths’ gameplay
posted on 11.11.12 at 12:12 AM EST by (@salromano)
A return to gothic, hollow, and exploratory.

Capcom has posted a new gameplay video of its upcoming, Ninja Theory-developed DmC Devil May Cry.

The footage, dubbed “Home Truths,” shows a stage early in the game which, different from gameplay videos we’ve seen up until now, sees a return to the hollow, gothic, and “exploratory” environments generally associated with the series.

Watch the clip below, courtesy of Capcom Unity.

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  • Blaz

    I like the tune.

  • TwinbladeAlkaid

    It still confuses me greatly…
    I can’t like it but I don’t hate it either… it’s … just there…

    • new_tradition

      I’m pretty ambivalent to the game myself. I wanted something else, but I don’t really hate what it actually is.

      I got other games I’m looking forward to for debut releases. By the time I’m done with those, THEN I’ll look at this one, which hopefully will be cheaper too, lol

      • TwinbladeAlkaid

        That is probably the best and healthiest way to look at it.
        And it’s certainly good to know that there will be a lot of gaming possibilities in 2013 as well. ;)

  • Combos look amazing. Too bad I could never get that technical.

  • grumby

    my barber gave me the exact same haircut as dante this morning. now where to i buy demon/angel butt-kickin’ powers?

    •  I wouldn’t bother, the exchange rate from dollars to red orbs is ridiculous.

  • Dean Winchester

    We all know if Dante had white hair in the trailers NO ONE would be whining, pissing, bitching, moaning, or groaning.

    This game looks amazing. Far better than the regurgitated wash, rinse, repeat fest that was DMC4.

    Bring on adolescent boy band Dante. I care less about his hair and more about the gameplay and said gameplay looks fantastic.

    LOL at the haters.

    • MosquitoLemon

      Oh believe me, just wait for the comments – “It’s too easy, the enemies are too slow, this gonna be an easy platinum, why did they make sparda retarded, wahwahwahwah”

      • Gaara D.Dragon

        Still, people who desperately want to defend this game always bring up the looks. The matter is very simple, hack n slash games have gone downhill this gen and Ninja theory’s games (Heavenly Sword and Enslaved) didn’t help. Yes, they were rather good looking but objectively very mediocre gameplay wise compared to last gens gems Ninja Gaiden and DMC 3. I can accept that design is a matter of preference but gameplay wise I have no clue where you base your optimism.

        After the letdown that was (the visually equally impressive) Ninja Gaiden 3, I don’t see how I could trust another cash in.

        I have hopes for
        God of War Ascension
        Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
        Bayonetta 2

        • No love for Metal Gear Rising? Just curious.

          I’m quite aware you don’t like DmC, I get that. We have had this discussion before, as I said back then – I’m not someone that likes to judge a game until I get a chance to actually play it.

          It’s interesting to me that you call Ninja Gaiden and DMC 3 Hack and Slash games. Sure, they have combat that features hacking and slashing, but there is more to them then that. They have story, boss battles, some light platforming elements, intricate combo systems.

          I think I’d call a game like Dynasty Warriors a Hack and Slash game. Devil May Cry has always been a fast paced action game in my opinion.

          I wouldn’t really call Enslaved or Heavenly Sword fast paced action games, they are more Action-Adventure style. Those types of games tend to have more exploration, discovery, puzzles, lots of platforming. They are adding that type of gameplay to this new game, DmC, Yes, I don’t really consider it part of the existing cannon, if anything, it’s a spin-off title.

          So, while I understand that you don’t quite like what they are doing, You can’t deny that there is an audience for Action-Adventure games. (Would Zelda not be considered that type of game these days? Prince of Persia?) I do agree, this isn’t like Ninja Gaiden or the previous Devil May Cry games, those are, like I mentioned, more fast paced action combat games.

          I never really asked myself what a series like Devil May Cry would be like if they added Adventure style elements. I think Capcom did ask that question. I think it played a big role in the development of this game.

          I don’t think it’s fair to really blame Ninja Theory either. They are not trying to/never have been trying to make Devil May Cry 5, they are trying to make something different with DmC. I don’t think Capcom would have went to Ninja Theory if they wanted them to make Devil May Cry 5, why would they? That was not the goal with DmC.

          So, now that we have discussed why this game is quite a bit different from Devil May Cry, the question is, why? The fans didn’t ask for this. Which is true, I’ll agree with that. This was all Capcom, they wanted to do something different. If anyone should get the blame, it should be them.

          The thing is, this could turn out to be a good game. It won’t ever be Devil May Cry 5, but it still might be quite good in it’s own right.

          (Edit – To be clear, I’m not saying what they have shown us is completely void of Devil May Cry like gameplay. It has things that one would expect from the franchise, but it’s still being done differently. A new spin on things if you will.)

          • Gaara D.Dragon

            Capcom’s drive from the beginning was purely financial and not creative. They admittedly went for the huge God of war crowd.I doubt they ever had a vision to begin with since they never even knew if this was going to be a prequel, spin off, re boot or whatever, they have been driven by people’s reaction and trying to please as many as possible.

            You are a little more honest about what this game is trying to be than what they (NT, Capcom) want us to believe it will be. How this game “feels” is just vague PR nonsense. They are turning a fast paced arcade action game into a platforming one. I dragged together DMC, Ninja Gaiden, Heavenly Sword etc. to show how little experience NT has in this particular gameplay field and how demanding it actually is.

            I am just trying to reply to all these people who are simply happy that this fella can swing a weapon and call it DMC worthy. I mean with DmC the expectations have been lowered so dramatically, some people are  are prepared to clap for the new Ninja gaiden 3 and are just begging for any excuse to prove old school fans wrong.

            And with Metal Gear Rising I don’t hope it will be good, I know it will be good.

            • Dean Winchester

              If Capcom was making decisions based on peoples reactions then how the bloody feck does DMC exist in this current form when all you self entitled children have done nothing but cry and throw tantrums across the internet including but not limited to death threats on the developers since DmC was first announced.

          • PrinceHeir

            i would probably put Heavenly Sword and Enslave along the sides with Prince of Persia, and the likes.

            i think Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and Ninja Gaiden are what we call “Free Flow” games where you could do tons of combo’s and cancel to special moves like a fighting game but a more Free type of play.

            and yeah Dynasty Warrios and the Musou games are hack and slash games.

            i do like Hit and Evade games like Shinobi/Kunouichi PS2, Onimusha Series and Demon/Dark Souls.

        • MosquitoLemon

          I base my optimism on the gameplay footage, which none of you seem to be able to see. I never said anything about the visuals.

        • Dean Winchester

          You just compared Heavenly Sword and Enslaved to Ninja Gaiden. O_o

          First, Heavenly Swords gameplay has a bit in common with God of war and neither are anything close to just being a hack and slash like the soulless, lifeless, repetitive, storyless filth that is the Ninja Gaiden series.

          Truly you must know that there are far more people who dislike NG than like it?
          Yet you still compare every game where someone swings a weapon at someone else to what Tecmo and Team Ninja cant even do well themselves.

          And now onto Enslaved. A game that is as much hack and slash wannabe as Heavy Rain. I mean, if you think for one second that Enslaved was meant to be anything other than a scifi story based post appocalyptic action adventure with platforming elements you sir either have no idea what you are talking about, never played Enslaved and or both.

          • Locksus

            Oh, dear. Why people get this upset over a goddamn game is beyond me. Mind you, this is directed to all of you. Why do you act like your own opinion is the absolute truth which no one can disagree with or otherwise they are clueless and ignorant? 
            Now, I prefer the Ninja Gaiden series over DMC but I never insult, or at least I never try to insult someone who disagrees with me. I would be interested in discussing the matter and sharing my own opinions. Differing opinions are always good. It would, after all, be pretty dull if everyone agreed with one another. But when it gets to this point it’s not enjoyable in the least.

            I’d love to see the day when the whole userbase of Gematsu can discuss politely without insulting, trolling and having a raging flamewar going on. 

            • Same here buddy. I apologize about that type of stuff in advance, it’s something we continually deal with.

              I do my best to observe all the comments, I like to let people express themselves, but sometimes I do have to step in and edit a comment/post a warning. Thanks for your patience with this.

          • I understand you disagree, but let’s try and play nice. This applies to both of you.

            And please, let’s leave politics out of this. 

        • PrinceHeir

          you for got Fist of the North Star 2!!!!!!!


    • LordKaiser

      I disagree the looks where just the initial reaction. It’s about the Original Dante’s personality that din’t portrayed weakness. Only Ryudo and Yuri Hyuga compare to this type of personality .

  • Locksus

    In my opinion games like these should be 60fps in order to have fluid combat. That’s just my opinion, though. I haven’t played the game so I don’t know if it actually feels good. Someone else here might know better.

    I’ve never been a fan of DMC games and this, too, looks fairly boring and uninteresting. Bayonetta is one of the few hack n’ slash games I like and it’s quite an achievement as these games are not my favourite type. 

    To each his own, I suppose.

    • I’m actually going to wait for the PC version of DmC to come out, just because it will support 60 fps. Just my personal preference. Even though I don’t think this is a true fast paced action game, it’s no Bayonetta. I do think I’d enjoy it more running at 60fps.

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      They only fast thing about the game is how fast the enemies die and how fast the style meter goes up. 

      You don’t have the right to get an “S” unless your thumb is sore.

  • This game, is almost a case study between those who can tolerate difference, and those who are so ridden with hate they can’t even accept any other details EXCEPT that one visual difference.

    Yes, I too was once one of those people who screamed betrayal when this was announced, but after multiple watchings of the trailers and gameplays.

    It honestly isn’t bad, Sure Capcom hasn’t been doing the best as of late (I’ve said that more than once..)

    But hey, at least they’re keeping it very close to home in this one; even IF it has a different look.

  • This game, is almost a case study between those who can tolerate difference, and those who are so ridden with hate they can’t even accept any other details EXCEPT that one visual difference.

    Yes, I too was once one of those people who screamed betrayal when this was announced, but after multiple watchings of the trailers and gameplays.

    It honestly isn’t bad, Sure Capcom hasn’t been doing the best as of late (I’ve said that more than once..)

    But hey, at least they’re keeping it very close to home in this one; even IF it has a different look.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Looks good but still not sure if I want to buy it.

  • Milyc

    Looks amazing. This is a must-buy, and I am sure it will be a strong entry in the series.

  • This is a rebooth and a good one

  • PrinceHeir

    ehh im willing to give it a chance :