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Tales of Xillia 2 producer report: character CG
posted on 10.01.12 at 07:02 PM EST by (@salromano)
Musha Masahiko talks creating the party's CG.

Famitsu.com has gone up with a special website for Tales of Xillia 2, where it plans to publish a series of articles for the game over the coming weeks, which will cover areas such as scenario, battle system, and more. This week’s report, written by Namco Bandai staffer Musha Masahiko, is on character CG.

Unlike Tales of Xillia, which featured more of a fantasy design, the goal of with Tales of Xillia 2‘s character CG was to create a more urban and stylish look.

Ludger’s CG, for example, was designed in close cooperation with character designer Daigo Okumura to make sure his body appeared well-shaped when standing. And when Ludger transforms into his Corpse Shell mode, they wanted to highlight the gap between him before and after the transformation. Another person on Masahiko’s team was responsible for creating Ludger’s CG, while Masahiko himself was only involved in the fine-tuning, but he has a strong emotional attachment to Ludger’s CG.

The character CG for Elle, the series’ youngest heroine, was handled by a staffer who specializes in small character modeling. She was made to have a small figure, plump cheeks, and round, changing facial expressions different from anime in favor for a feeling of unique cuteness. Masahiko believes the event scene where she first appears will undoubtedly delight everyone.

For Lulu’s CG, the not so much mascot, more so just a cat, the staff collected many pictures of actual cats from every angle in order to produce this cute and chubby animal. Masahiko has a cat himself, so he naturally put a lot of effort into Lulu. Unlike Tipo, Lulu does not talk or participate in battle. But his chubby presence makes event scenes unique. Even when Elle wants to play with him, he’ll put on a facial expression that reads, “it can’t be helped.”

Elise Lotus, who returns from the first Tales of Xillia, is probably the character most changed in Tales of Xillia 2. A year after the first game, she is now at age 13, and has matured both mentally and physically. Kosuke Fujishima, who is responsible for her character design, has requested several small, yet meticulous changes to her character during checks. She has undergone more changes than any other character.

In addition to Elise, Jude has also been given a more stylish look and Alvin has grown a beard. While these aren’t dramatic changes, you’ll feel greater change within their depth of character.

Every party member from Tales of Xillia will appear in Tales of Xillia 2, however, they don’t want them to outshine Ludger and Elle, and vice-versa. There is a feeling of co-existence in Tales of Xillia 2.

Masahiko signed off with a note, asking that players please enjoy the game’s story to their heart’s content, and to look forward to additional content, including costumes and attachments. “We are working on various things,” he closed.

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  • Xenovelgr

    The ties are a nice change for the Tales series. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the character designs of the past (except Asbel), but these are looking like the best. 

  • Kazziyan

    Elle and Elise! : D

  • PrinceHeir

    that tsundere thumbnail :D

    very excited for this game :)

    even though i haven’t gotten Grace F yet(SORRY T___T)

    definitely buying both games once this one get’s released here ^^