Tales of Xillia 2 at Machi Asobi: Code Geass and Madoka Magica DLC detailed, Ludger’s Voice, and more
posted on 10.06.12 at 08:30 AM EDT by (@salromano)
New details from Tokushima talk event.

Namco Bandai shared new details on Tales of Xillia 2 during a talk show event at Machi Asobi 9 in Tokushima today. Find the new information below. If you missed the Machi Asobi trailer, catch it here.

Code Geass Costumes

Download character costumes for Tales of Xillia 2‘s collaboration with Code Geass: Akito the Exiled have been revealed:

  • Ludger – Akito Hyuga
  • Gaius – Zero
  • Leia – Kallen Kozuki
  • Alvin – Gino Weinberg
  • Milla – Reila Malkal
  • Elise – Nunnally
  • Jude – Suzaku Kururugi (Pilot Suit ver.)
  • Muse – C.C.
  • Rowen – Jeremiah Gottwald

These will be released on November 1 for 500 yen each.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica Costumes

Download character costumes for the game’s Puella Magi Madoka Magica collaboration have also been revealed:

  • Milla – Homura Akemi
  • Elise – Madoka Kaname
  • Leia – Mami Tomoe

These will be released on November 15 for 500 yen each. Kyubey, the “Messenger of Magic,” will also be available as an attachment for 200 yen.

Ludger’s Voice and other bits

  • During the first playthrough of the game, Ludger’s voiced dialogue will be minimal. On your second playthrough, you will have the option to ‘turn on’ Ludger’s voice.
  • As previously announced, Tales of Xillia 2 includes a set of Tales of Xillia 1 story digest movies. These have been revealed to total at five in number, and can be chosen after the game’s opening movie.
  • Gaius and Muse have been officially confirmed as full party characters.

TV Spot, Episode 5

The fifth commercial in Tales of Xillia 2‘s series of weekly Japanese television spots has been released. Watch it below.

Thanks, Tokkurin, Famitsu.com.

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  • Lenne

    Gaius as Zero? Hnnnnnnnnnnggggg
    And Elise as Madoka is just so cute… >.<
    getting them for sure.. when it out in jp.

  • Lenne

    Gaius as Zero?! Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg <3
    And Madoka as Elise is just so cute, i be getting some of them when the game releases in a month. :P

  • Enigma_XIV

    It looks like Jude is in Suzakus clothes when he’s piloting his knightmare from R1.

  • Hatsuaki

    Ooooh man! All of these DLC costumes are SWEET. I love all of them, except for maybe one or two in the Geass category, but 500 yen each is really expensive… There goes my wallet for you, Tales of Xillia 2!

  • Lionel Lim

    i think jude is suzaku and alvin is the knight of 1 guy for the code geass DLC?

  • StaticWorld

    I think jude is suzaku and alvin is the knight of 1 guy bismarck for the Code geass DLC?

  • Haku_Luvs_You

    Madoka Magica! This game just keeps getting better. Especially Leia as Mami :) 

  • RyougaZell

    Leia is Kallen Kouzuki… Not Kanon Maldini

  • Kazziyan

    I dislike Code Geass and Madoka, but the costumes fit really well on the girls.

    • PrinceHeir

      agree :D

      really went well ^^

      hopefully we also get this costumes too if the game comes out outside of japan!

      • Luna Kazemaru

         Just thought I let you know I know where you post other then gaming sites  heh heh

        • PrinceHeir

          ahh i think i know what your talking about!!

          don’t tell me you visit that “site” too??? :P

          this is the first time i got caught though, then again i haven’t visiting that “site” for awhile now due to school etc.

          is that the site that gives you pretty much “unlimited” shares of certain “work”???

          i do check it as often as possible, but im not using my account as i used too.

          definitely gonna marathon this december to DL some of the work that i missed.

          Oliver..ring a bell??

          so that’s why i remember seeing you!!!

          i think i saw you too on that site too??

          • Luna Kazemaru

             Yeah I use to post there myself but not any longer because I just lurk now the work I like barely comes up anymore. :3

            • PrinceHeir

              ohh i see :P

              still there’s lots of new work that i just saw :)

              just click the “complete english manga” tags Oliver has tons of new and delicious work :P

              im guessing your avatar is from an original work too??

              what artist do you like??

    • AuroraXIII

      Did you watch the full season for Madoka?

      • Kazziyan

        Indeed I did. It was viewed as some second coming where I went- It’s solid, but far from the best mahou shoujo anime.

        That crown sits with Card Captors Sakura and always will!

    • KurisuMakise

      Kazzirin, you must repent for your dislike of CG and Madoka! lol on a different note, how did Leia get costumes meant for busty girls when Milla is right there xD?

      • Kazziyan

        Noooo CG has Lelouch- that made the entire season just… ugh lol.

        Another overrated show D:

        Maybe if Lelouch didn’t exist- it would be good! (hates him so much)


  • Zuhri69

    Leia as Kallen. My god…

  • zakou

    2013 is going to be so awesome with ToX 1 but dunno if we will get this one(tox2), i really hope so! :D and i love Codea Geass, i don’t think i have got to know any better female personality than C.C, she is like the definition of Awesome/Mystery and weird.

  • Corrections:

    Leia’s costume is Karen Kouzuki.

    Jude’s is Suzaku Kururugi (pilot suit version)

    And yes, Musee is confirmed as CC. 

    • Thanks! I’m not very educated on Code Geass, myself, so I went by Tokkurin’s posting. =P Looks like a couple of the commenters are offering the same correction, though. Looked up their wiki pages, as well, and they looks about right. ;D

      • LordKaiser

         Doubt we get them. I’m still waiting for Graces f CG costumes.

        • MrKappa

          Very odd that we never got them for ToG and if we ever get around to getting this game I suspect we won’t get these costumes either.
          I don’t know why we don’t get the anime collaboration costumes, it’s not like there is a licensing problem.

  • Zuhri69

    Leia as Karen. Oh god, oh god….

  • Derpazu

    So what’s that about Ludger’s voice? He’ll be silent on the first playthrough and only talk on the second?

    That sounds dumb as hell.

  • LordKaiser

    BTW I’m a Tales fan but I’m avoiding all Xillia 2 threads just in case someone wonders.

    • I’m kinda trying to do the same thing myself. Obviously, I still haven’t played the first game.

    • Haruya

      Cool, I thought I was the only one. lol

  • Leia… your Mami cosplay is good… but you lacks certain “assets” lol. And isn’t tht costume is deliciuosly cursed?? (See wht I did there??)
    Elise Madoka cosplay and Milla Homura cosplay fits them though.

  • FaithlessMr

    A tales game with tons of DLC anime collabs? Must be tuesday :3

  • Budgiecat

    Why doesn’t Namco just make a Code Geass game?

  • Sovereign Gale

    I have to agree. Is there even a practical purpose for (mostly) omitting his voice for the first play-through and only leaving it an OPTION for the second?

  • All Hail Lelouch!

  • Lele Mett

    Why are they making us pay 4-6 dallors for a stupid costume?! Thats like 45 bucks. Not worth it. What happen to the good old days when they were FREE?! I hate the guy who invented dlcs. 

    • Duo Maxwell

      There were such days? I born in the 80s and I don’t remember such thing. Licensed costume from other show in the game is never free.

      • Lele Mett

        In TOA and TOS all the outfits were free. Besides that I dont care about seeing the chars cosplaying. I wish they’d just design other outfits for them like they use to on TOA and TOS and even TOV. So what he gets to dress like Lelouch! Lets see some more concept art. Outfits that would have been his or just new stuff they designed period. But i guess Namco needs money too and it seems like they are going coco in the head with anime now…but I guess Namco has always been that way.

  • Jackle

    I don’t like how they’re approaching Ludger’s voice. He’s feeling more and more like a side character. The costumes are nice. I didn’t like Code Geass (sorry) & never watched Madoka, but they work really well on the characters.

  • Jackle

    I don’t like how they’re approaching Ludger’s voice. He’s feeling more and more like a side character. The costumes are nice. I didn’t like Code Geass (sorry) & never watched Madoka, but they work really well on the characters.

  • tanto


  • Vampiric

    I want that here

  • AWSOME I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!