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Submit your questions for Tales series producer Hideo Baba and CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama
posted on 10.07.12 at 07:27 PM EST by (@salromano)
We'll be speaking with them this weekend.

At Comic-Con in New York this weekend, we’ll be speaking with two of our favorite Japanese game developers. And we want your questions!

Hideo Baba

Hideo Baba, producer of the Tales series, is currently working on the Japanese, November 1-due Tales of Xillia 2, and the 2013-due English localization for Tales of Xillia. Baba-san has previously said he has no intentions of designing a Tales game intended for western audiences, or one that offers character creation features. He also said that he hopes to speed up the localization process – “perhaps we could make the cinematic sequences in parallel with language translation to shorten the waiting time.”

While Baba-san will be at Comic-Con promoting Tales of Xillia, we encourage all Tales-related inquiries.

Hiroshi Matsuyama

Hiroshi Matsuyama, president and CEO of CyberConnect2, the studio behind the Naruto and .hack games, is currently working on Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle. Of the two, only Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 has been confirmed for localization. A recent trademark discovery for All Star Battle, however, could indicate a planned western release, but nothing has been announced.

Although Matsuyama-san will be in New York showcasing Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, we encourage all CyberConnect2-related questions.

Submit your questions for Baba-san and Matsuyama-san in the comments below. And please specify for whom of the pair your questions are for. We’ll choose the best of the best for our interview this weekend.

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  • Revorse

    Ask Matsuyama about any future dot hack series.

  • Ask Baba about why the hell he told us to play Tales of Hearts when it’s only in japan and DS is already ended AND why he told this internationally.

    • Bec66

      No he said he would like for fans to play it meaning he wishes western fans had the oppurtunity to play it.

  • Hiroshi Matsuyama: Do you still have continued interests to take over development of Mega Man Legends 3 with Capcom? Any talks?

  • DesmaX

    I would like to ask (For both of them) about HD Remasters.

    I’ve heard great thing about the hack//g.u. games, and Tales of Symphonia, but I’ve ended up missing both games. So I would like a chance to play them


  • For Hideo Baba

    – Tell him I’m glad he isnt giving in and trying to Westernize his games. With that said, is there any chance of the Tales of Vesperia PS3 version coming to the US? I know it’s a common question, but still. Im really to try my first couple Tales games with Graces F, Xillia, and Vesperia.

  • For Hideo Baba.

          If its not too much too ask when are we going to get an official “Tales of Xillia” release date for America announced cause i’m ready & stoked to get this game. I’m ready to Pre-Order for the American release Version right now.Please let him know he has my support and above all else I will continue to buy his Games.Keep up the good work, and “dont be Afraid to Innovate”. Please tell him to write that down, “Don’t be afraid to Innovate & be creative”

  • For Baba-san

    What if Tales of Vesperia for the PS3 for the Director Cut version? Lot of western gamer’s when Tales of Xillia comes next year if can have enough sales for localization? 

    • MrKappa

      If I could add to this could you probably ask them about a PSN version? People keep asking for ToV PS3 and it just isn’t gonna happen at this point in time anymore but just maybe a digital release would be more plausible.

  • For Hideo Baba

        One more Question will “Tales of Xillia” be dual Audio English & Japanese.Cause that’d be a nice option to Have.

  • Haru Akiyama

    TO Hideo Baba
    Will things be transfer over to Tales of Xillia if u hav saved file of Tales of Grace f?

  • Ask Hideo Baba if he can do anything in order to bring an “Original
    Japanese Voices” option for Tales of Xillia’s localization. A lot of
    fans would really (really) appreciate it.

  • Emiliano Ramos

    Please ask them if America will get the Code Geass DLC when Tales of Xillia 2 is realesed here, pls pls pretty pls I want them ;~;

  • Mura

    For Hideo Baba

    Does he have any plans to have a Tales of Xillia anime since ufotable has experience in the anime industry.

  • koulou

    for baba:
    1. will we finally get japanese voice in Tales?
    2. any plan for HD remaster of classic tales game especially the one that never made it to the west like rebirth, destiny 2, hearts etc..
    3. Can we get some free costume DLC to compensate long waiting of localization?
    4. and about Tales of Vesperia PS3:P

    for Matsuyama:
    1. any news for PS3.Hack RPG
    2. do you working on RPG right now or have plan to make new RPG in the future?

  • Hideo Baba:
    Are there any Tales characters you can really relate to? any you particularly love?

    Do the team try to actively appeal to the fans or do they just tell their own story and hope people will like it?

  • vertical09

    To Hideo Baba,

    Are there any plans for you guys to localize Tales of Xillia 2 as of now? 
    Or is that soley based on how well Tales of Xillia sales over here?

  • dexter_lab

    To Hideo Baba,

    Are there any chance of see Tales of Innocence R and the other hypotetical NDS remakes in english?

  • Bukana

    To Hideo Baba:

    Any chance we see more Vita remakes or Tales Of Innocence R being localized in the future !?If not, what would convince you (besides Vita sales) ?!

  • Check_Mate

    To Mr.Baba

    Is there a chance in the near future, that a port of Tales of Symphonia would excite? Because the game is pretty expensive to be bought online.

  • ANY chance of a Tales game hitting the Vita. Ever?

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Matsuyama-san can you or Dimps please consider releasing an anime fighting game (exclusively for PlayStation 3) using cel-shading (cel-shading cos this technique represents a true feeling to the animes) featuring animes such as Inuyasha,Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin),Ranma 1/2,Dragon Ball Z,Bleach,Naruto,Ultimate Muscle (Kinnikuman),One Piece,Mew Mew Power (Tokyo Mew Mew),Sailor Moon,Pretty Cure,Fullmetal Alchemist,YuYu Hakusho & Saint Seiya.Gameplay should follow in the footsteps of Super Smash Bros. or even Rival Schools. 

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Matsuyama-san can you or Dimps please consider releasing an anime fighting game (exclusively for PlayStation 3) using cel-shading (cel-shading cos this technique represents a true feeling to the animes) featuring animes such as Inuyasha,Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin),Ranma 1/2,Dragon Ball Z,Bleach,Naruto,Ultimate Muscle (Kinnikuman),One Piece,Mew Mew Power (Tokyo Mew Mew),Sailor Moon,Pretty Cure,Fullmetal Alchemist,YuYu Hakusho & Saint Seiya.Gameplay should follow in the footsteps of Super Smash Bros. or even Rival Schools. 

  • An chan Yumi

    To Baba san:
    Please ask him if PSP’s Tales of can be release on the PSN store JP for the VITA =)

    Tales of Eternia
    Tales of Rebirth
    Tales of Phantasia
    Tales of Destiny 2

  • KurisuMakise

     For Baba-san:

    Will we see the DLC costumes for Tales of Graces F and Xillia 1 in the near future? Also, with word of the save files providing extra content in Xillia 2, is there a possibility for Tales of Vesperia PS3 (someone had to ask xD)

    For Matsuyama-san:

    What changes have been made for online battles in Ultimate Ninja Storm 3? Will older characters gain any new content  in terms of moves or costumes?

  • Sal, you should ask Baba-san if he is aware of the PS3 vesperia fan translation project, and what he thinks about it.

    I’d also love to hear his thoughts on a possible Tales of HD collection.

    For Matsuyama-san… hmmm… What does he think about a Naruto RPG? I’ve always thought a Naruto JRPG would be a cool idea, I’d be interested to read what he thinks about it.

    • LordKaiser

       About your first question I think it should not be asked. I don’t want that group to receive a C&D before their patch is released.

      I like your other 2 questions.

      • I didn’t say anything about providing all the information about the fan translation project to Baba-san. I only suggested… asking him if he was aware that some fans are willing to go that far to play PS3 Vesperia. I think he, and the Tales team, deserve to know how passionate the fans in the west are about the series.

        About C&D –

        I don’t really see that happening. If they wanted to shut it down, I think they would have already done so. It’s not like the project itself is hidden, the fan translation website comes up on the first page of a tales of vesperia google search.

        I’m not quite sure why they would want to shut it down. Even when the fan translation is complete, you still have to buy the game. The website does not promote piracy or anything like that, it doesn’t have download links for the game, or any hacking software. In the FAQ, it says that the patch will not work on backups, ISOs, or emulators. 

        Possibly tweaking to the PS3 firmware could possibly raise some red flags with Sony, but they don’t have anything hosted or even linked on the website. So long as they never do, there really isn’t anything to worry about.

        My point is, if western fans are going to import the game, that helps Namco-Bandai. (Money!) If they plan to localize Vesperia PS3, I’m sure the folks involved will drop the fan translation project, just like they did with Tales of Graces. (Not to mention the fans like us would be very happy.)

        These are just my thoughts on the project, I do understand the point you are trying to make, and it’s a fair one at that.

  • Alpha Prime

    To Baba:
    Can we have maybe more dynamic choices to be made in the story that has permanent effects on the story? An example of which is like in Tales of Symphonia, you could choose to have either Kratos or Zelos in the story, depending on your choices in game.

    To Matsuyama:Is it possible to have both Japanese and English audio on the game disc with an option to choose which we want to have the game use in the options menu?

  • PrinceHeir

    For Hideo Baba:

    1. can we have japanese audio for Xillia and Xillia 2(in the future)??

    i know you said in an interview from PS blog, your thinking about it.

    would be awesome if you include it :)

    2. can we also have Vesperia also?? i mean if Mass Effect 1(almost 5 years) went to PS3. why not Vesperia too??

    not to mention the game is pretty much finish in japan. just make a complete edition with all dlc and dual audio(or just JPN dub) and will buy 3 copies for sure :P

    3. also a Tales HD Collection would be nice!!!!

    For Hiroshi Matsuyama

    1. yes as someone had said, what’s the status of the .Hack series??

    2. .Hack HD collection or .Hack GU HD Collection would be nice!!!

    3. for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure PS3 how many characters do you plan on using??

    can we get up to 60 characters like Tekken Tag 2??
    also can you still make the game 60 frames per second??

    i mean it look kinda slow to be honest :

    •  I like how u think and your right but they do have plan to  for  the older tales game that included  Vesp  most likely

  • DesmaX

    Oh hey, I have another question (This one for Hideo Baba)

    What about “Tales of” PSN Avatars?

  • MrKappa

    This one is a long shot question for Matsuyama but could you ask him if maybe he could talk with the other guys at Bamco about a Naruto Musuo game?
    After all they have worked with Koei Tecmo before with Gundam and One Piece.

  • Legit Questions to Hiroshi Matsuyama: 

    Do you have any plans to bring any of the recent .Hack stuff over to west?
    Example’s being “Beyond the World” or to that extent, the Blu-Ray Hybrid pack?

    The idea of playing .Hack Versus both locally and online seems fun, given if there’s willing Eng VA’s to voice the characters.

    Also do you intend to perhaps dub G.U Trilogy? Seems possible is all i’m saying.

    And Finally what of perhaps .Hack Link? Again I am aware the PSP life isn’t as alive as it is in Japan, but perhaps a Vita or 3DS Version with higher graphics and/or more content can appeal to outside audiences.

    *bonus or rather basically is what i’m asking is:* What do you and CC2 plan to do after UNS3 and JoJo?
    (and sincerest apologies to Hideo Baba for that earlier…’comment’ .___.)

  • LordKaiser

    Hideo Baba

    1- Why Graces f Code Geass costumes where not released? won’t it be good by Namco Bandai, Bandai Entertaiment and Sunrise?

    2- What’s Xillia’s release date (If they announce it there then forget this question).

    3- Will they remove the opening song from Xillia’s English release?

  • Oside

    Ask Hideo Baba how many copies Tales of Xillia has to sell in order to be considered “well enought” to bring Xillia 2 here and other tales games.

  • for Baba-san,
    is there any chance you might release Tales of Hearts on Nintendo eShop and possibly release it in english?

  • For Baba-san: Is there any possibility of localizing tales of hearts and the tales of vs along with the other two radiant mythology games, and release them on the Nintendo Eshop and the psn store for the west?

    For Matsuyama-san: is there any plans to localize the hybrid pack, and is there a release date for Guilty dragon yet?

  • margherita mastropaolo

    will you release xillia two in the west considering you are alredy decided to release the first episode?us western really look forward to both titles 
    keep up your fantastic work

  • Xenovelgr

    For Baba-san: Is there a chance of psn releases of Tales of Destiny (2006), Destiny 2 and Rebirth? 

  • Souji Tendou

    HD remaster of ToD(remake) on PS3 please? and better yet, localize it please? :p

  • z_merquise

    To Hiroshi Matsuyama:

    – Now that CyberConnect is developing the new JoJo Bizarre Adventure game, what other anime and/or manga properties they would like to work on when given the chance?

    – How many playable characters we can expect with their JoJo game?

    – What are your (and the staff’s) inspirations from all of the craziness in Asura’s Wrath?

    – Not a question but I’m hoping Namco-Bandai localize their new JoJo game.

  • mylesuncharted

    for Baba-san: is there a small possibility that you may want to remake Tales of Hearts and make it into Tales of Hearts R for the vita like you did with tales of innocence R? 

    for Matsuyama-san: regarding Naruto shippuden: Ultimate ninja storm 3, will the battle between naruto and sasuke be their final battle against each other in the series?

  • Michael Garling

    For Hideo Baba:

    With the increasing international recognition, has there ever been a point during development where aspects of a game have been made with Western audiences in mind?  

    Are international gamers considered more during development now, or do you simply make the best game you can, and then consider the potential for an international release later?

  • zakou

    To Hidea Baba:

    1. Please for the love of everything ask about Xenosaga trilogy HD. I know it’s irrelevant and that monolith owns the game but I’m sure that Namco can do something about it.

    2. Also please ask if there will be any tales of HD collections, this way Namco can do the right thing and let us Europeans play some of the US-only tales of games.

    3. Last but no least, we still want and can wait for Tales of Vesperia localization.

    • Michael Garling

      I second all of these – if possible, bring up HD collections, and whether the team has ever looked into them.  Surely, they’d be easy money, and a Symphonia/Abyss pack would be crazy-great, as of course would Xenosaga!

      Xenosaga’s rights are kind of locked up for memory, but with a little bit of grease-work I’m sure we can get it moving!

      And yeah, Vesperia would be nice, but unlikely at this point :(

    • I’m pretty sure Namco Bandai owns Xenosaga, not Monolith Soft. Monolith only developed the game under Namco Bandai, who weren’t owned by Nintendo at the time. Regardless, I don’t think that’s a question I could ask either Baba-san or Matsuyama-san, I’m sorry. And I’m sure it’s not something a Namco Bandai PR rep would be able to answer, either.

      • zakou

        Thanks anyways ^^

        I just have to accept the fact that i wont be playing Xenosaga 1 and 3 any time soon.

        Being young back then i didn’t think of things like importing Xenosaga US versions and play them on region free PS2 modded.

        Now when i look at the prices of Xenosaga games and shipping cost i automaticly give up, it would cost me about 200 dollars to play Xenosaga 1 and 3 xD.

  • Kazziyan

    Hideo Baba:

    Is there a chance for Namco Bandai to include Japanese Audio track with Tales of Xillia or future Tales releases? the fanbase for seiyuu’s (original voice actors) is fairly large.

  • Solomon_Kano

    For Matsuyama-san:

    Has CC2 considered an HD remake of either .Hack or //G.U.?

    What other anime series would CC2 like to make a game for if given the chance?

  • For Hideo Baba:

    We will see one more tales of in Xbox 360?

    port Xillia for xbox 360?

    why namco bandai abandon users of xbox 360?

    For Hiroshi Matsuyama:

    Why release JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle for xbox 360?

    • Andrew Arndt

       i dout the xbo will see Xillia is PS3 only…  TOV was not  even complete it  was missing alot  of stuff

    • The reason is that X360 does not sell in Japan.

      •  yep thats while idol master and  all the othere have move t the ps3 wear they  belonged in the rigthfull place  but its not a bad consel just it more for the FPS player that ply Muiplayer  shoot  stuff unless its borderland  good game there

  • For : baba-san

     will we see any tales game on the vita?

    What about PC ports of the older  Tales game?
    and what about Tales of Vesperia localization for the US and Euope?

     we all want this so bad

  • Hours

    For Hideo Baba:

    Is there any chance that we still might see the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia in North America? Even as just a digital download?


  • For Baba:

    Ask him about dual audio for Tales of Xillia please. And if it wouldn’t be possible to release it as DLC or start a Kickstarter project to see if the interest is there.

    • Michael Garling

      Kickstarter isn’t used for these kind of things… dual-audio is entirely up to the developer and/or publisher (whoever has already forked out the money for the localisation) – more money’s not needed.  It’s usually just to do with space constraints, so with Xillia being a PS3 exclusive, it’d be possible to do.

      Again, all up to the dev/pub.

      •  That’s not true… What was the space contraints with Graces f being for 90% a Wii port and not weighing more than 10% of what a BluRay can handle ?

        • Michael Garling

          Again though, this is all up to the dev/pub – Kickstarter and additional money won’t have any effect on this whatsoever is what I’m saying.

          Whoever publihed it in the US probably just couldn’t be bothered implenting dual language support, and figured that with the game’s childish disposition, most players would be inclined towards an English dub.

          Obviously this isn’t the case, as most fans will tell you, but publishers are usually morons.

  • Hideo Baba : nowadays, lots of Japanese RPG games come in the West with the original Japanese voice track. So, about Tales of Xillia and its anime influenced style, don’t you think he deserves dual audio? Why it seems so difficult to have the original dub in oversea releases of ‘Tales of’ games?

    Hiroshi Matsuyama : if we put aside your next mobile game, Guilty Dragon, do you plan to extend .hack story beyond the event of the Thanatos Report ?

    Thanks Gematsu for giving us the chance to talk with game developers!

  • Zappa

    For Hideo Baba:

    – Why all Namco games with the exception of Tales have dual audio? =(
    – When will be released Tales of Collection HD for PS3? o/

  • GreekGod88

    first i want you to thank him in my name for Tales of Graces F coming to EU.
    Was my first Tales Game and i love it will buy Xillia and Abyss for sure now ^^
    For Hideo Baba:
    Now my question:
    Will western Vita owners see Tales Games?
    and how much must Xillia sell in order for them to bring us Xillia 2 too?( were they satisfied with Graces F numbers?)

  • zangetsukakashi

    For Hideo:
    – Oh, please… can u ever imagine Tales of Xillia without Tomokazu Sugita?
    For Matsuyama:
    –  Would you ever think of doing anime versus games like the usually asked Bleach, OP, HxH, Inuyasha, and would u ever think of new shounen titles like the recent Toriko?

  • Jonathan Young

    @Matuyama: Have you even been approached to make a versus game for One Piece? I believe that capturing Eiichiro Oda’s style would be a challenge that your team would be more than able to handle.

  • For Baba:

    1. Do you plan on localizing portable games like Tales of the World: Tactics Union, and/or porting them on 3DS/PSV as downloadable games for eShop/PSN?

    2. Are there any plans for other Tales games on 3DS and/or WiiU?

    3. Will Tales of Xillia keep the original Japanese opening in the Western edition?

    4. Will the European version of Xillia have Italian subtitles?

    (dual-audio requests have already been made by many, so I won’t be repeating them)

    For Matsuyama:

    1. Will we ever see another .hack game on PS3?

    2. Is .hack//Versus going to be localized in America/Europe too?

  • go-go-boy

    For Matsuyama:

    Why did you decide to make .Hack//Versus instead of making of a RPG like previous games in the series. and also will we ever see a .Hack rpg for this generation of consoles?

  • blank

  • So many requests about japanese audio and Namco still ignoring us when the game will be released :

    • Baba said he do receive a lot of requests for the Japanese audio, but there seems to be problems with the recording company and the voice actors, that’s why it’s complicated. But he says he’s going to see if it’s feasible.

  • For Baba San :

  • Hi Mister Baba, I think it’s time for me to cook you some little questions…

    1) Japanese Audio is going to be a reality for Westerners fans of Tales right ?

    “Give a Recipe and all the ingredients for Perfect Localization Dish”

    2) Can we hope to see coming a Vita version of Rebirth and Destiny 2 that were made on PSP only in Japan for us Westerners ?

    “Give a Recipe and all the ingredients for Remember your Fans Dish”

    3) Last but not least, as Xillia 1 is coming to our continents, can we consider that Xillia 2 is coming too ? With Japanese Audio of course !

    “Give a Recipe and all the ingredients for Great Surprise of the Baba Chef”

    Bon appétit !

  • narukami

    Hideo Baba:

    1. Is there any chance of getting a hint at who your perfect voice cast would be for Xillia?
    2. How much will the DLC cost and when will it be released?

  • Wing Beelezemon

    (Sorry for my not very good english)
    For Hideo Baba:

    First of all, I would like to thank you for believe in “Tales of” western fans and bring us games like “Tales of the Abyss” “Tales of Vesperia”, “Tales of Grace”, and of course, the next “Tales of Xillia” that are so expecting. But of course, we know that are not all the games in the series, but we always appreciate the effort to bring us the ones you can.

    Whit this said, my questions are:
    1) Do you believe that in the future may bring us more games for the Nintendo 3DS as was the case of “Tales of the Abyss”? And if so, what game in your opinion would like that would fit in this console?

    2) I read once that you said that “Tales of Hearts” is one of your favorites, and you would like everyone to play it, but there were no plans to bring it to North America. This caught my interest in the game and I read about the plot, and what I saw left me a very good impression. Did not localize it is a final decision or there was any hope for the future even if far?, Not even a downloadable version of the 3DS eShop?

    3) I saw the anime series that made based on “Tales of the Abyss”, and honestly I loved it a lot, especially how well they were based on the events of the game. Are there any plans to make another animated series based in “Tales of”?, Maybe some more recent games as “Tales of Grace” or “Tales of Xillia” (the latter would be awesome!)? If not and there is nothing about, is there any game in the series in particular that you personally would like to see animated in the same way that “Tales of the Abyss”?

    4) Now comes the Wii U, with improvements in regard to the technical and seemingly more open to external games. Nintendo fans we’ve only been able to enjoy the “Tales of Symphonia” so far. With the new console, have you considered that most games of the series (current or future) have their place in the new console?, is it something you would like to see happen?

  • ShinobiMuramasa

    For Baba: What are your thoughts on localizing portable Tales games, such as Tales of Innocence R?

    For Matsuyama: Can we expect more games in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes and Impact series? Also, what are your thoughts on the PS Vita as a potential system for those series?

  • Say Hi to Hideo Baba san for me.. And how is his trip these days? I see that he has been traveling allot and I am glad that he has been interacting with the western fans these days..

    Well, I have a few questions though.. 

    For one, is he eating well? Hahaha.. I do hope he enjoys his meal everyday..

    Secondly, what do he think is the key that appeals both western and japanese gamers? 

    Third question will be what is his favorite place to go in search for inspiration? And does travelling to the west give him light on creating games or see how tales game will be for the west in the coming future? 

    Forth one will be will we be able to see story with solid interaction of different character’s families’ in the tales games?

    Lastly is that will there be any chances for them to collaborate with other studios?

    And, hope he has lots of fun… :D

    PS: Please do tell Baba how much I love tales game.. I really like the strong family like bond between the characters!! Keep those fantastic games coming!! Yeehaw!

  • fireemblembeast

    -.-; Gah, finally figured out how to post something. I check this site like every half hour so I could’ve had the first comment on this, and I had trouble making a gematsu account so I had to make a disqus account….but anyways…

    For Hideo Baba:
    (Not that I don’t enjoy games on ps3 because I do and it works nicely for Tales games)  For which other systems are you considering  making the next Tales games? Will there be any Tales games planned for the near future that will hit the 3ds or WiiU? If one was to be made for WiiU, then I’d finally have a reason to buy it. 
    Next question: Which artists are likely to work on characters in future games? Will there be more collaborations like in Xillia?
    Last question: Have you considered any other anime or video game series that costumes will come from? (I really like the idea for Madoka cameos)

  • Chris Hansen

    Will there be another game that exists in the same universe as a previous game (like how Symphonia and Phantasia are connected)?

  • LordKaiser

     I forgot to ask:

    Will there be a remaster HD edition of both Symphonia games to the WiiU?

  • Why no love for PC? I am  jrpg fan who has been locked into buying consoles just to play good JRPG’s like Tales and .hack. I literally bought a ps3 played tales of graces f 3 times then sold the ps3 on craigslist.

    • fireemblembeast

      XD I see your point, but let’s face it; most people who play jrpgs are used to consoles or handheld systems.  I know I’d prefer a d pad and/or joystick over keys and a mouse. I can barely think of games on pc that aren’t MMOs and western-aimed. And Hideo Baba already said he has no intentions to aim for a western audience or make character customization features, an element in MMOs.  A JRPG on PC is not very likely, and the only way I see this happening is if one Tales game is released for many platforms at once, but the series would go against its roots to do that…Since you are a JRPG fan, you should really look into owning and keeping a PS3. That’s where it’s at. ;) (Also 3DS if you don’t already have one)

    • fireemblembeast

      XD I see your point, but let’s face it; most people who play jrpgs are used to consoles or handheld systems.  I know I’d prefer a d pad and/or joystick over keys and a mouse. I can barely think of games on pc that aren’t MMOs and western-aimed. And Hideo Baba already said he has no intentions to aim for a western audience or make character customization features, an element in MMOs.  A JRPG on PC is not very likely, and the only way I see this happening is if one Tales game is released for many platforms at once, but the series would go against its roots to do that…Since you are a JRPG fan, you should really look into owning and keeping a PS3. That’s where it’s at. ;) (Also 3DS if you don’t already have one)

      •  agreed  :D  on that D pad and  anlog all the way keyboredd and mousr good for  shooter  but thats about it really so but there som good pc  jrgpgs type  game thoe

  • clouchan

    Hideo Baba-san :

    1.) I’m a big fangirl of Tales of Series and I can’t think my life without them, so when Tales of Xillia 2 main character become like that (that too many decisions and lack of voice) I’m very sad and I already asked some of other fangirls’ opinion and they also said that they feel the same. I don’t think the decision idea is bad, but as a fangirl I want to know more about Ludger’s character, will you at least show his character a bit in the game ?
    2.) Will Tales make something for PC ?
    3.) What Programming language you use to make Tales ? What interface you use or do you make your own interface ?
    4.) Will you accept programmer or illustrator from outside Japan ?

    Thank you. And thank you for making Tales games they change my life :D

  • reveirg

    My question(s):

    When are we getting…

    1) Tales of Phantasia PSP
    2) Tales of Eternia PSP
    3) Tales of Destiny 2
    4) Tales of Rebirth
    5) Tales of Hearts
    6) Tales of Innocence R



    • narukami

      1-5 Never? I wish though

  • Could they see about doing a new sequel to Tales of Symphonia? Those games have been pretty weak for the Tales name. Would like to see on more powerful hardware like PS3.

  • Why doesn’t Vesperia PS3 come to the West?

    Have you ever thought about making a Tales of Destiny HD Collection on PS3, with Tales of Destiny Director’s Cut and Tales of Destiny 2 in it? And what about Legendia on 3DS?

    I read that you’d like Western gamers can play Tales of Hearts. Are you planning to release it in the West in the future?

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    Baba-san It’s a hideous crime that you didn’t bring Tales of Vesperia (PlayStation 3) to the West you should be sent to the dungeons (RPG joke) any chance that you can do a Houdini and release Tales of Vesperia (PlayStation 3) to the West & yourself? Top quality title deserves praise (Oh mighty Lord release thy) also will you develop a Tales of VS. (Cel shaded) for the PlayStation 3 could play like a mixture of Soul Calibur (parrying system) and Inuyasha:Ougi Ranbu but 4 player simultaneously and having forward/back dash movements which drain the health bar.

  • Alright, guys. Final notice, as I’m compiling the questions tonight. Try to get anything else you might have in by 8:00 EST.

  • I would love it if you made an actual “TALES OF SYMPHONIA” Prequel where you play as Kratos, Yuan,Mithos and Martel 4,000 years in the past, and leads up to “Tales of Symphonia”. A Tales of Symphonia Prequel for PS3 is what i’d like to see. 

    Be sure to write this down as an idea. A “Tales of Symphonia Prequel”.

  • What does one have to do to get working for the Namco Tales studio. 
    I’m wondering. 

  • To Hideo Baba San:

    1. For the next Tales games, Is there any chance to see smooth cell shading in-game characters again just like Tales of Vesperia, but with in more real size just like Tales of Xillia?

    2. I want to see a world map again in the next Tales game.. with detailed and gorgeous environtment (like Ni No Kuni). Is it possible?

  • Another question for Baba:

    – Will we ever see another Tales with a female character as the main protagonist?

  • 8ing mii 8ing u

    [Names for Games]
    Battle Suit Armour (mech action game) 99?-05?
    Global Fight Encounter (2d fighter) 00?-05?
    Victory Beat (2d fighter) 98?
    Disciple Kings/Sage Kings (RPG based on Monkey Bruce Lee as Dragon,Hayato Tani as Tiger,Masaaki Sakai as Monkey) fight using a real-time battle system
    Geo Man (3rd person action game) as the elements of the earth fire,water etc. Geo Man was created from the earth’s core and is the sole protector (other than Superman,Kojak,Columbo & Miss Marple) of the was back in 1990 in a special edition magazine that they mentioned the meaning of neo geo meaning new world (if memory serves me right) and the rest is history.geo man wears a mask which has oval shape on his side of head and his lips are visible.
    Geo Man:The Birth
    Out of the negative energy Celsius was born overtime Celsius grew more powerful and gathered his energy shooting his energy into outer space trying to form UniMan.while the birth of UniMan was taking place (in outer space) the stars were sucked in then a huge beam was shot to earth placing UniStar onto planet earth.
    Geo Man:The Rebirth
    The demise of UniMan saw Geo Man vaporise into thin air and sent back into the earths core.UniMan’s molecules were scattered around the place.UniMan’s molecules sent a virus into the animals resulting in them becoming mutanted into huge beasts eliminating humans and releasing their spirits.The human spirits were sent into a ball which was the core of Celsius.Once Uniseases was formed Uniseases placed generators around the globe taking valuable energy from the earth and at the same time placing an infection into the earth.Guardians were set in place to protect the generators.Geo Man’s mission is to eliminate the guardians and destory the generators and put an end to Unisease’s reign.
    Grimson (servant of Celsius) it was ohm who broke into the seal of paradise (outer realms) and laid motionless on the ground waiting for celsius.
    Geo Matrix (Geo Man)
    Opeus / Magna Opeus (Geo Man)
    Vectron (Geo Man)
    Kaspearo (Geo Man)
    Xlylon (Geo Man)
    Racquet Smash (tennis game feat anime characters)
    Home World Home (Harvest Moon type game) the sequel imaginatively titled World Home World
    TeamSpirit(s part II) 89?-90? (RPG) initially this was a baseball game.
    Region Void this was a 2d shooter but now i’m thinking surival horror
    Tiger Storm ’90? or 92? this was thought of cos of the almighty Twin Cobra thank thy lord for Twin Cobra.Top Rotor Blades unleashes a storm (uses some health bar) where dodging extremely close range bullets will bulid up gauge bar and when unleashed by holding down the button will release tiger paw claw swipes.The helicopters are designed like a tiger.
    Destruction Wheels (Destruction Derby game)
    Generation Fight/Fighters (2d fighter) this was a fighting game that featured lookalikes of certain people like movie stars,musicians etc.
    OutMuscle (wrestling game)
    Quest Clan (RPG cel shaded based on digimon main characters)
    Infantary Arms (3rd person shooter arsenal in every part of body) this was originally a 1st person shooter fighting against robot soldiers.
    GunBlazer (cel shaded cowboy shooter)
    Baize Masters a.k.a Cue Masters (Billiards & Snooker)
    Contact Sport (3d fighter)
    Ruckuz Beatz (hip hop fighting)
    Pilot to the Rescue aka Ace Pilot (cel shaded vertical shooter)
    [Yen :( ] Wok Fu Man (2d platformer)
    Siren Arrest (you control a police vehicle chasing criminals in vehicles)
    Club Circuit (golf)
    Go Go Racer (kart racer feat anime characters Goku on cloud etc)
    Concrete Rumble (beat em up)
    Bullet for you (3rd person shooter)
    Careers Burn (Rival School clone) or emergency game Police etc.If you fail your mission you get the sack.
    Fantasy Fight (RPG fighter Final Fantasy characters vs other RPG characters)
    Grandshooter (1989 or 1990 idea horizontal shooter) your ship Grandeur is loaded with on board weapons which are switchable and drain (secondary weapons) when used over time the weapon gauge will regenerate but if you unleash the star (glowing star shape spinning around sent in a horizontal line) death bomb all weapons will be depleted.Enemy ships are based on Star Fleet X Bomber (which i used to watch saturday mornings 1982?) which you have to destory.And in 1999 (it really happened) the unbelievable happened i thought of a sequel which was called Grandshooter Duo which featured co-op play.
    Grandshooter Advance
    GranShooter the prequel officially announced in 2013 LOL in this your ship has two droids following you if you put the droids into the middle of your ship this will create a force field.putting the droids in front position will give you a blaster beam for limited time and will drain droids health.the droids get damaged if hit by bullets.put the droids together they will release two way missles.
    in this there is a separate weapon score which you have to reach to get each weapon workable (might be bad idea) or just have weapon gauge for each weapon.collect parts from destoryed ships colour plays an important factor for each weapon.
    SurfHawks (vertical shooter) your characters are on surf boards who are armed with weapons which you can rotate with the right analog stick like in Ikari Warriors.
    SunMoon Son (platform game one side moon face the other side sun face) you can turn the face around.
    Bullet Dodger 04?-05? 2d shooter i used to call this bullet eater (thought of after the famous stealth game) if memory serves me right
    Citizen X (rolling thunder type of game)
    Gloves Ring (boxing)
    Super Striker Force (Eleven) initially it was a futuristic football game then it was turned into a squad based shooter in my mad mind LOL
    Team Soccer (anime football 90’s game) initially i called the game Winning Goal which i thought of in the year of 1992?.
    The Gunner (horizontal shooter 1999 idea or it could be 1995?-99?) idea was your ship as a gun turret (secondary weapon) which you control with the Right Analog Stick.The gun turret is at the back of the spaceship which as a circle shape at the back of the ship were the gun turret is placed onto the side of the circle.
    The Gunners was the sequel which was two player simultaneously.I couldn’t think of a title for this game i was struggling i thought of Gun Arms but i wanted to differ from Capcom’s Side Arms but i found out a couple of years ago there is Wild Arms.Could name the title Cannon Twist Blaster sounds like one of the digimon characters would say when pulling a move off.
    Circle/Ring of Fire
    GunArms:The Gunner
    GunArms II:The Gunners
    World Kickers United name used i think [World Football Encounter] (slightly thick cel shaded football game) plays like mario soccer game when your character goes into aggression (you can execute a special power shot) the characters face glows red and horns (bull like) appear and half a circle appears by the ball (at this point the game pauses for a brief time) there are 4 marked points accuracy,power,height & curve the marked points are set out of the outer half circle and you must quickly press the button so that your meter gauge (within the inner half circle) matches the outer circle marked points during these events taking place the goal keeper will also have to play out the QTE.I got the cel shaded & the transformation idea from a football tv programme from the opening sequence.
    Motor Gear (driving game)
    Goal Hero
    Aqua Splash 04?-05? (water based racing game)
    Circuit Racer
    Puzzle Nation
    Hatch Batch Kids (Tamagotchi)
    Destruction Raver (2d scrolling shooter)
    World Wings/Planet Wings/Universal Wings (flight sim) trilogy lol
    Gun Army 98? (you control a robot soldier played like ikari)
    Artificial Life 00?-05? (you control a robot which looks human like but dosen’t have skin then over time the robot becomes human first growing hair on head etc)
    HuMech versus HuBot
    the humans can bolt on various parts.
    MechBot Fighters this is a fighting game that had robots from various animes battling it out.i can’t quite remember the name but it was something like the title i’ve wrote.
    Plague of Violence 1990?-1992? scrolling beat em up. this title featured a guard feature.
    Oriental Fight aka History Fighters 1992?-1994? scrolling beat em up
    Ancient Ages (strategy game)
    Grapple Ring
    Samurai Shogun
    Chequered Squares (chess)